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12v GEL battery for deep cycle application,gel vrla batteryABS Container Low self-discharge 1500 times at 50% dod. Its built-in microprocessor chip constantly senses the condition of the battery during the whole charging process, and providing the accurate Amperage and Voltage to the battery basing on the 7 designated charging stages requirements. If it finds that the battery has failed after it has conducted the battery test, it will immediately start the reconditioning process where it introduces low constant current at high voltage (16V) to charge the battery for 4 hours before it begins another test.
Conventional battery chargers lack the additional specific low frequency high current pulse algorithm that pulses through the battery and specifically targets dense sulfate crystals that rapidly develop during the twenty second and twenty fourth month of the heavily used deep cycle battery at distribution centers and golf courses.A Batteries that are seldom used develop these sulfate crystals quite rapidly due to a process called acid stratification that occurs when the battery acid settles on the bottom of the battery while the water rises to the top. A uniquely programmed microprocessor chip makes intelligent decisions specifically designed to extend battery life. Where ever the sulfuric acid concentrates in the cell it will increase the natural production of these power robbing sulfate crystals. Simply plug the charger into a battery to automatically Pulse-Charge, de-sulfate and monitor the process.
The more populated the battery plate becomes with these sulfate crystals, otherwise known as sulfation build up, the less power the battery can receive from the battery charger and the less power the battery itself can store. Utilizing the charger’s Advanced “DEEP CYCLE” Circuitry, our products are capable of reviving weak or dead batteries by adding deep-cycle reconditioning to the charging process.

Our regular maintenance customers in Laguna Woods benefit greatly from this unique and effective service when they have golf cart batteries that "qualify" for reconditioning.A When you allowA us to serve you and provide your golf cart battery replacements and your golf cart general maintenance needs, we help you make your batteries work better and last longer with education, information, and top rated maintenance services.
In either instance, a heavily used electric vehicle, like a golf car or a forklift or an seldom used EV will develop sulfation on the plates that regular battery chargers cannot remove. The residents in Laguna Woods share Modern Battery Solutions as their #1 referral forA new battery purchases, battery reconditioningA services, and general golf cart maintenance. Sulfation allows the type of power theft from batteries that also causes other vehicle parts to wear out more quickly adding additional labor and repair costs to your forklifts, automobiles and golf cars.What makes our reconditioning process so effective?The battery restoration chargers that we offer are uniquely designed pulse chargers that contain both charging and pulse technology algorithms that target sulfate crystals on the lead plates. Once these pulses of current make contact with the crystallized sulfate deposits, the pulses of current shatter the deposits without damaging the plate itself and transforms the crystallized sulfation that was formerly attached to the battery plate back into liquid sulfuric acid. The sulfate deposits dissolve in with the lightly heated electrolyte generated by the charging properties of the technology which allows the sulfuric acid and water to properly remix in the battery. This leaves the battery plate in a renewed state with more available surface area to receive and store power for later use.These types of pulse technology have been widely used with tremendous success throughout the US Military and the Department of Defense for more than 12 years. In recent years many of our commercial clients in the golf and forklift industry have seen a€?tremendous benefitsa€? from the use of the combined technology and process. This emerging trend of reforming the standards of recharging batteries is not in the family of technology used by many of the pulse charger technologies on the market today that are high in frequency and high with current charging abilities.

Those high frequency high current chargers generate heat levels that cause damage to both the positive and negative plates. Nor are they like the conventional fast charging systems that are widely used for opportunity charging to compensate for poorly managed workflows or poor rotation practices.The specialized equipment we use and supply, coupled with our unique reconditioning process eliminates overheating the battery plates. This fact has been proven and accepted throughout the automotive, golf and forklift battery consumer industry. When the highly controlled pulses of current strike the sulfate crystals they are literally broken into tiny particles and dissolved into the water in the cells which transforms them back into active liquid electrolyte.
This reconditioning and restoration process is completed in a matter of hours with results that generally last up to fourteen months. The Modern Battery Solutions process is the fastest and most viable battery reconditioning program available for todaya€™s battery consumer.

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