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To qualify for FREE shipping the parts on an individual order must meet a combined total value of $49 or more. Superior cranking power is triple that of equally sized batteries and incorporates a tremendous deep cycle capability as well. Customer must select Standard Shipping in the checkout and ship to an address in the contiguous 48 United States.

We are not affiliated with DaimlerChrysler or any other companies whose products or part numbers are shown here as a reference. Some parts require additional handling charges due to their large size or weight: including wheels, tires, full suspension lift kits, oversized bumpers, tire carriers, body tubs, hard tops, cargo racks, winches and hitches. Trucks with winches, cars with high-demand audio systems, commercial trucks and equipment all rely on this battery to provide ultimate starting and deep cycle power.

Oversized items, items that are delivered by truck freight, prior purchases and returns do not qualify for free shipping.

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