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This changed when separate transmitters and receivers started to merge into a single transceiver—these often had a built-in power supply. Powerwerx supply rightsized for HF, with temperature sensitive fanHere’s something worth looking at, a very inexpensive power supply from Powerwerx that will give you ample power for your HF rig and has a temperature-sensitive fan.
I’ll mention here that power supplies are something you can pay as much or as little for as you want. This entry was posted in Ham Radio blog entries and tagged batteries for HF radio, ham radio, MFJ-4225MV, power supply.
John, in general, wall warts are designed to charge the batteries internal to the device they come with. I just bought a radio shack 19 amp power supply and its causing noises in my radio, should i take it back and buy a power supply from a local radio store that specifically made for radios ?
What connectors are used to connect a power supply to a mobile radio being used as a fixed station? Throw a buck in the tip jar!If you find this site particularly helpful, you can put some cash in the tip jar.
You can actually power your rig from an automobile battery, and there are lots of hams who do this. You may have an old charger laying around, but what you really want is a smart one because, after all, this battery is going to be in your house and you don’t want lots of acid haze everywhere. For that same $100, you can purchase a standard power supply built especially for radio use, meaning you won’t hear them in your receiver.
Now I’ve not used one of these, so if you get one, please comment on this post and tell everyone about your experience. You need to measure the supply’s output voltage and current across a variety of loads. I can only recommend that you discuss the matter with the store where you purchased the SCM 1235.

I prefer Anderson PowerPole connectors, which are quite common, but then you do have to add the connectors to the power cord supplied by the radio manufacturer. I have been trying to find some information to help me on selecting a power supply for an HF rig I am hoping to buy. One very popular book I publish for the local railroad museum is about historic narrow gauge railroads in the San Juans. You're now following 12v agm battery group in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings.
A supply you might find at a retail chain may create lots of RF hash which you’ll hear in your receiver.
Your mobile rig probably has a low power setting of around 5 watts, a medium setting of around 25 watts, and full power around 50 to 55 watts.
The dancing ammeter is nice, but the unit is so noisy that it gets relegated to a spot under the bench anyway. Another option is to consult with a local ham radio club—perhaps members there can help you.
Remember, most of the time your rig draws hardly any current, so keeping it charged is not hard. If you get satisfactory results with 25 watts, you may be able to use your rig very successfully with that.
I recommend getting a ham radio power supply from a ham radio source, such as MFJ or PowerWerx. Normally I use my photovoltaic system to power the rig, and I do have an analog voltmeter and ammeter for that.
Because auto batteries are designed for lots of current for short periods of time, whereas a deep cycle battery is designed for smaller amounts of current over longer periods of time.
Keeping it on 13.8 vdc will eventually cause damage to the battery and greatly shorten its life.

If you call Ham Radio Outlet or Amateur Electronic Supply, they have lots of models that work. BTW, if you’re powering a 100-watt HF radio with this power supply, you really should be looking for a 25-amp supply. The battery does offer the advantage of powering the rig if the utility service is disrupted. While 12vdc won’t cause harm if you happen to touch both terminals at the same time, if you happen to put a piece of metal across the two contacts at the same time, that battery can release several hundred amps all at once, which means over a kilowatt of power, which will pretty much vaporize the metal, not to mention the fire hazard.
I use it to power my APRS station, consisting of an old AEA (now Timewave) DSP-232 and an ICOM IC-2100 2-meter mobile rig. One thing that concerns me about the variable voltage supplies is how easy it is to accidentally kick up the voltage beyond what is safe for the rig. My experience is that these batteries have a useful life of about three years and then must be replaced. Plus, even though it might be a maintenance-free battery, it still emits some acid haze, which you don’t want getting on anything.
Most power supplies these days are of the switching type (the modern way), but the old linear (energy-inefficient) supplies are still available and work fine, though they’re rather heavy (not nearly as heavy as that battery, though!). Of course what you choose will be based on your personal preferences, so if you like the dancing ammeter, go for it!
Okay, looking at cost here, we’re up to about $120 or more, including the battery, charger, and box. If I had to put this into service for my main HF station, I’d turn it off when not in use and would use headphones when operating.

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