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When you need a long lasting battery that can withstand the tough Australian conditions, deep cycle AGM batteries are a great choice. Deep cycle AGM Batteries are perfect for applications that require either frequent cycling or renewable power storage. Giant Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC (77oF) and then a freshening charge is required.
Please note: we do not provide warranty for batteries used in golf buggies or mobile scooters. You've read and agreed to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. If you change your mind and want an exchange or refund item must be returned in as brand new condition. AGM Batteries use glass mat technology within the battery to absorb the acid, as opposed to standard flooded batteries where the acid is free flowing. Common uses include running appliances when camping away from power, using with a solar panel for charging, running in a dual battery system in a vehicle, or providing safe power on a boat.
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This provides several key advantages over standard batteries, such as allowing the batteries to be 100% sealed, non-gassing and maintenance free (batteries will never leak acid, even if damaged), and providing a significantly longer service and cyclic life (up to 2-3x longer than standard batteries). Unrivalled in its field, the THUMPER EXTREME takes the idea of a dual battery to a new level with all the features now available! Measuring the same physical dimensions as its sister unit (Thumper 105AH), the 110 AH has extra features which leaves the standard range for dead. Don’t be concerned though; the Thumper Extreme still uses the genuine Blue Apple battery design. Providing the charging system is fitted to the vehicle, the Thumper Extreme will recharge from 10.5Volts (FLAT) back to 100% within 2 – 3 hours of drive time. The Thumper Extreme is now fitted with a combination volt and amp meter; using a bi-direction shunt rated to 50Amps, the LED gauge will now read both the input charge rate and discharge rate in amps from any of the outlets in the Thumper Battery (excluding the 175Amp Anderson connector). The charging system that comes included with the Thumper Extreme consists of all automatic reset circuit breakers.
If the Thumper Battery charging system is installed in vehicle, the Thumper Extreme will provide an additional 100Amps through to the main starting battery in order to boost vehicle starting.
If for any reason the main battery requires additional Amps to start, the Thumper Batteries system will automatically disconnect the Thumper Battery in order to protect any internal wiring from overloading. All Thumper Batteries are made in South Australia, fully serviceable and come with a massive 2 year warranty Weight: 33 Kg Dimensions: Length 350 x Width 255 x Height 310mm PO BOXES NOT ACCEPTED!

In order to expedite the processing and shipment of your order, please provide a current valid Australian street address. Most items are sent via courier and require a current valid Australian street address and current valid contact phone number for delivery purposes. The Thumper Battery range is designed to take the place of, or even work alongside a dual battery system in the vehicle, boat etc.
They are the perfect option for those who either have no space for a traditional dual battery system or would like to have the freedom of a portable dual battery system that can be easily separated from the vehicle with a massive spike protected jumpstarting capability. Most commonly used for powering 12 volt refrigerators & lighting although the applications stretch only as far as your imagination. Each Thumper Battery unit consists of multiple 12 Volt AGM cells (Absorbed Glass Matt) linked together in parallel for the super fast recharge time.
The batteries are 100% maintenance free and will not leak or gas when charging; perfect for use inside the vehicle or enclosed areas. The AGM batteries allow for not only deep cycling but they additionally allow for the massive cranking ability. The cells like to charge at a voltage rate between 13 - 14 Volts, which means that they are fully capable of charging via the supplied vehicle charging kit.
The condition of the cells can be checked by pressing the push button on the front of the unit to illuminate the blue LCD display gauge. Cross-reference the gauge against the voltage readings on the sticker above to determine the remaining voltage available. The gauge has an extremely low power draw and can be left on if require to monitor the Thumper Batteries condition.
The AGM batteries completely sealed batterys, meaning that you will not have to worry about the cells leaking acid, fuses, gases or any nasty odours.
Due to the fact the batteries are completely sealed, it allows for the batteries to be stored on any one of their sides even upside-down while working to full efficiency! Considering that the batteries are completely sealed it means that the batteries do not require a ventilated area for storage.
This results in the perfect battery to have stored in an out of the way area such as under a bed in a caravan or under a vehicle's seat, even in a draw in the back of 4WD! Unlike many batteries on the market, the Thumper Battery does not hold a "memory", which means that at any stage, regardless of the state of charge the Thumper Battery may be recharged or discharged, without affecting the life of the unit which is approximately 5-7 years after which the units can be re-packed and given a brand new 2 year warranty. All units are supplied with a Complete Charging System for the vehicle or boat, which when installed correctly, will allow for a recharge time of 2 a?? 3 hours and never let your vehicles starting battery go flat as it automatically separates the Thumper Battery from the starting battery when the motor is not running. The charging kit is designed to be hard mounted into the vehicle and when installed correctly; this kit will provide a charge rate of up to 20 Amps depending on the unita??s requirements and the vehiclea??s alternator.
Your Thumper Battery can be continuously connected to the vehicle charging kit without risk whilst simultaneously providing power for on-board accessories (for example a?? car fridge) if desired. Charging from a 240v Source Your Thumper Battery can be charged from 240 Volt; however, the charger MUST be regulated or automatic to ensure that the cells are not damaged if accidentally left for extended periods. Chargers should not exceed 14.8 volts as this will result in damage to the cells and will void the warranty of your Thumper Battery Pack. A 240volt to 12 volt power supply to run your fridge is not a suitable device for charging. Simply connect the alligator clamps of your regulated or automatic charger to the Thumper Battery via the 175Amp Anderson connector (Positive to the positive terminal, negative to the negative terminal).
When recharging via 240Volt, the charger should have the ability to fully recharge the unit within 25-30 hours. Longer periods of charging will not result in better performance and may result in damage to the cells, which will affect your warranty. For an accurate reading of your Thumper Batteries state of charge, wait for 30 minutes after disconnecting from the charger as this will allow time for any a??surface chargea?? to fade.
We recommend putting a regulated battery charger between the generator and your unit for a faster recharge and to protect you batteries from the spikes that can occur with Generators charge outputsl Can I use Solar Panels to charge my unit?
Keep in mind that solar panels that are rated at 10 watts or higher must be regulated when connected to any type of battery.
This will prevent the solar panel from over-charging the battery and potentially causing damage.

As the batteries are deep cycle it allows for the running of accessories even while the battery is charging through vehicle charging, Solar or even 240 Volt!
We do not recommend running gas fridges for prolonged durations due to the high power draw (approx 12 + Amps per hour).
We now offer a range of Inverters which allows the units 12 Volt power to be converted into 240 Volts for the running of 240Volt appliances. Inverters come in a variety of sizes ranging from 150 watts at 240 Volts through to 3000 watts or more.
These units will allow for the running of appliances such a laptop computers, recharging phone and camera batteries to even running TV's, DVD players or even powering tools such as drills and 4 inch angle grinders!
The duration of time that the Thumper Battery will last with running accessories such as a fridge largely depends on the amp draw of the appliance in question. If a unit holds 60 AH and you discharged the unit using a fluorescent light that draws 1 Amp per hour the unit would last for a duration of 60 hours before needing recharging.
To work out the size you need simply multiply the average amp per hour draw of your fridge by the amount of hours you want your fridge to run for.
Take into account that if you are driving a little every day your unit will be recharging i.e 1 hour of driving you will have put 25% charge back into your Thumper Battery. The AGM cells used in the Thumper Battery range have a life expectancy between 5 - 9 years. The life of the Thumper Battery range largely depends on the method in which the unit is charged.Over 10 years on the market has proved that the life expectancy of the units increase when the units are charged via the provided In car charging kit. When the unit is not in use (discharged regularly), the best method of maintaining the Thumper Battery is leaving the unit connected to its In Car kit. This maintains the battery and aids in prolonging the life of the cells used in the battery pack. Although the Thumper Battery range offers a 2 year warranty and has a life expectancy between 5 - 9 years.
We offer our customers the chance to have their unit repacked when the cells do eventually die out!Once a customer has paid for a repack we offer our customers a new 2-year manufacturer warranty on the unit from the date of repack. Each unit is hand made from start to finish to produce the best portable dual battery system. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your product please contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will credit you 100% of the purchase price minus our shipping costs.
Once the item has been received at our warehouse, we will credit you minus our shipping costs. Damaged Items: All items that leave our warehouse are adequately packed and sent in good working condition. However, if you receive an item that has been damaged during transit, you must promptly advise 4WD Caravan Camping within 24 hours of receipt. If you would like to exchange your item after you have purchased it, please contact us within 24 hours. The BLACK wire goes to the accessories switch or wire, this is the one that makes your radio etc, turn on when you switch on the ignition. Run the long run of cable to the back of your vehicle or wherever you want the Thumper Battery mount the socket & plug your Thumper Battery into the hella socket.
Delivery Destinations If you live in a Rural Area,Northern Territories, Western Australia or Tasmania some delays can occur due to a variety of factors beyond our control, we ask that you please try to understand this. Shipping Times Items are generally dispatched within 2-3 business days after payment is cleared, unless otherwise notified.
The usual delivery time once your order has been shipped is 3-7 days to most metropolitan areas but has taken up to two weeks for regional areas. It is the Buyers responsibility to provide a correct delivery address, and ensure someone is available to accept delivery, Please call us if you have any special needs. Items are generally not available for pick-up except for special cases please contact us if you have an inquiry on pick-ups.

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