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Hi There I have been studying the proposed equations for the Battery discharge protection circuit, and would like to know what the variables Vomax and VREF are.
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The circuit monitors the voltage of a Li-Ion battery, disconnecting the load to protect the battery from deep discharge when the battery voltage drops below the lockout voltage. According o the drawings and the paper contents the values for VREF and VOMAX are not available. Can you suggest me which SW1 (PMOS) can be used here, because I guess it should have a low gate threshold voltage. During the discharged state, current to the protection circuitry also discharges the battery.

If the battery discharges below the recommended end-of-discharge voltage, the battery performance degrades, cycle life shortens, and the battery dies prematurely. In contrast, if the lockout voltage is set too high, the maximum battery capacity isn’t realized.
If the phone is misplaced in this condition and found months later, the protection circuitry shown in Figure 1 won’t over-drain and damage the battery. At this low current, the time taken by the Li-Ion battery to reach its end-of-discharge voltage is greatly extended.
Note that if the battery is allowed to self-discharge below the safe limit, the resulting capacity loss that occurs is unrecoverable. However, once the load is removed, the battery voltage rebounds and will cause node A to rise above the reference voltage.
The output of U1 will then switch low, reconnecting the load to the battery and causing the battery voltage to drop below 3.0 V again.

When the output of U1 swings high to shut off SW1, node B is bumped up to 42 mV above node A, preventing oscillation around the trip point.
Using the formula below, the amount of hysteresis for the circuit is calculated to be 92 mV.
Interestingly, the battery’s longevity and capacity are directly related to the depth of discharge. More cycles can be obtained by partially rather than fully discharging the Li-Ion battery, and, conversely, more use time can be obtained by fully discharging a Li-Ion battery. Cutting off the load at the perfect end-of-discharge voltage would ideally result in the best of both cases.

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