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After two years of building, the undersea cable Google built between the US and Japan is now live. Put all the interior back in, and got the RHS headers in, and just made the connector pipe for the right side headers to cats ready for for my mate to TIG weld.
Well the advice I have from the supplier seen here in this video is that the filler wire is o.k for tacks and finishing off to avoid crater cracking.
Yeah I turned the amps down after I blew through on the flange bit, but tried to put minimal tacks on to make it easier for my mate to TIG. I'll definitely do the first one again, or even just take it to an exhaust shop to do, but just so I can get this motor started and get the car on the road, I'm going to put some exhaust cement around the joins and wrap with exhaust wrap so I can drive it to the shop.
TIG welding is 90% and my mate is going to try and clean up the first attempt a bit where he can. Should have them on the car by tomorrow afternoon and then I can wire up the last bits and hopefully start this thing! Transmission lines are on, now I just have to put the accessory brackets on if I can remember how they all bolted up, and can then finish off the wiring and kick the bastard over!
My build is slowly getting closer to completion, but as with every other step in this project so far, nothing is working as it should.
I'm trying to find out exactly what pulleys I need to finish off the motor, and what brackets. I had a 350tpi motor that i sold, and with it went the crank and pump pulleys of my v-belt pulleys.
First problem, I lost my alternator bracket somewhere, and have heard its specific to 85MAF TPI? I also can't remember which groove the alternator is supposed to go on, and whether the old crank pulley had 3 equal diameters, or a large and two smaller like the current one.
Next, and hopefully not my biggest problem, my AFR heads mounting bolt holes look different on each side, like 5-6mm less meat between the base of the head and the bolt hole. The bigger problem is the water pump is now too close to the bottom head accessory bolt, so i can't actually put a bolt or stud with nut on there to secure anything, which is also the power steering anchor, so i had to grind it as well, but still can't fasten it to the head.
I was about to grind the shit out of the water pump section where the bolt goes, but thought maybe someone here has a better idea? Eventually I'll try and track down an online wrecker from the states that can send me the tpi serp bracket without costing an arm and a leg, but until my budget allows for that, I'm stuck trying to macgyver what I got. Somehow going from serpentine back to vbelt made me realise it wasn't that hard to mod the serp brackets to fit properly, a little angle change here, a brace there and elonge a bolt hole there, and Woalah!

Oh yeah, and finding a serpentine belt 3.4 inches longer than the stock one, but apparently, ve commodore to the rescue. I need to tidy it up and give the accessories, pulleys and brackets a good clean, but it fits!!!!
Alternator harness is made, but after plugging in the body harness and battery only one headlight wanted to pop up.
Instead of sitting there for hours trying to find out where the problem is (Actually I did that for 2 hours, then decided), I'll pull the whole harness and make a new one to save having to go through the fault finding again later. Then the cabin is going to take a bit longer, I looked at the tumbleweed of wires and decided I'm going to completely clean it up, buy some terminal blocks and cut each wire one by one and rejoin after routing it exactly where I want it to go. Wiring is mostly sorted, but still a few random wires i don't know what they do, and a few missing, mainly coolant temp wire and oil pressure wire for the gauges, but should be able to just splice those from the PCM.
And doing a bit of tidying of the tumbleweed in the dash, cutting re-routing and soldering, removing some potential loose connections and future problems from occuring.
Almost had the fuel pressure dialed up to 47psi before the battery went dead, but no leaks which is good.
Being inside a sex doll factory and watching all that plastic nakedness get shaped is much more haunting than it is titillating. Funny thing is that more often than not, the car warns you that it is rocking a dying battery but most either put off the maintenance, replacement or simply never bother. I bought a (69-75?) high mount driver side bracket and cut the intake mount bit off to fit it, so it still mounts to the water pump bolt hole, will this be ok, or will I need to shim it? I had the heads prepped and assembled by a shop and they didn't mention anything, so I'm hoping some idiot hasn't milled the shit out of one head, or maybe they have different mounting hole positions depending on the direction they face? This problem I solved by just grinding out the hole so it clamps to the stud nut, but isn't the primary force holding it. It gets unsettling, like if you were trapped inside a scene from a horror movie and couldn't get out. But it's also somewhat intriguing, just to see the mixture of products and body parts that they put together in a puzzle to shape a doll. You may have a dead battery if the cara€™s lights were left on for an extended period, or from improper maintenance of the battery, sometimes it is total battery failure.
A robotic submersible captured the first-ever footage of a great white taking a nap, and you can see it innocently catch some zzzs with its mouth hanging wide open. Jump starting a manual and an auto are quite drastically different but both trying to achieve the same thing.Before you try jump-starting a car, you need to determine that the battery is the reason the car is not starting up.

If you turn the key and hear the engine cranking, a dead battery is not your problem and jump-starting it will not do a thing. However, if you turn the key and the car does absolutely nothing or you hear a cracking sound, then there is a good chance you have a dead battery on your hands and jump starting may be your ticket to getting back on the road.With a manual car you can start it without even turning the ignition.
Unfortunately, this will not work on a car with an automatic transmission.Automatic transmission Now with an automatic, it is a bit more a€?complicateda€?, not in difficulty of accomplishing a jump-start but the fact that 90 per cent of all drivers with autos do not have jumper cables on them. However, if you have got them, here is the process.Park a good battery car close to the one that needs to be jumped, but not so close that the cars are touching in any way.
As you are hooking up the cables, make sure they do not dangle into either engine compartment where they could get caught on moving parts (belts, fan, etc.). Turn off the ignition of both cars, set the parking brakes, and make sure that they are in either a€?Parka€? or a€?Neutrala€? depending on whether the cars have an automatic or manual transmission. Connect one end of the red (positive) jumper cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery. Then connect the other red (positive) cable clamp to the positive terminal of the good battery.
Connect one end of the black (negative) jumper cable to the negative terminal of the good battery.
Then connect the other black (negative) cable to a clean, unpainted metal surface under the disabled cara€™s bonnet. This last connection seems odd but it is really for safety reasons there could be sparks flying when you connect the negative cable to the negative terminal of the dead battery. Start the car that is doing the jumping, and allow it to run for about two to three minutes before starting the dead car. If there is the possibility of additional problems, like a lack of fuel or faulty starter, do not continue trying to start the dead car until the other problems are solved. Remove cables in reverse order and keep the jumped car running for at least 30 minutes to give the battery sufficient time to recharge if it is not completely dead.Many of us have been in panic mode where the car does not start 100 per cent so we try it once again and it finally starts. It is not hard to find someone after misery of finding cables wondering if he is about to make a wrong move and see electrical sparks flying around, let alone short circuit the cara€™s electrical or burn themselves.

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