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Recently Launched on Kickstarter, Last Alert will monitor battery levels and will audibly notify the user when the charge level is low. If you have Last Alert installed on another iPhone the app will use the built in compass to help you navigate to the last known whereabouts of the iDevice. If you are interested in helping support the development of Last Alert the options and rewards are very entertaining. Last Alert is in the pre-development stage and, if Kickstarter funding is successful, it is slated to complete development in May of 2012. Connect the iPhone to the USB charger and connect it to a wall outlet for at least 15 minutes, or connect it through USB to a computer for at least 25 minutes, then try turning the iPhone on as usual while the device is still connected to a power source.
Wall outlets typically output more power than the USB ports on computers, thus it’s generally better to connect a device to the wall to charge.
If you see that screen after the iPhone has been charging for a while, that means the device needs to charge longer before it will be usable again because the battery was completely dead. Forcibly reboot the iPhone by holding down Power and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. The hard reboot solution works if iOS has crashed or is frozen, which can sometimes manifest as an unresponsive iPhone with a black screen that appears dead because it isn’t responsive to anything. Ok one question- may be stupid but here I go… Does the Force Reboot clear apps, photos, songs, etc.? If none of these tricks work you should contact Apple directly to fix your iPhone, it is probably broken. Tried factory reset but when I plug it into my laptop my laptop doesn’t even recognise that an iPhone is connected! You should read this great guide here to learn what to do if an iPhone won’t turn itself back on. I’ve tried everything and the Apple logo does show up but it has been on the Apple logo for 4 hours and plugged in all that time. My daughter has an iPhone4s and she told me, lastnight when she turned it off, it wouldn’t turn back on at all. I just experienced a dead iPhone and attempting the usual methods still exulted in the Apple screen showing for a minute or 2 then shutting down. Nothing works for me either, even though i have the 5s, it ran out of battery a couple of days ago, i was camping so there were no electrical sources for me to charge the phone, so i just said stuff it and i left in in my bag for three days until i got to an electrical source, its been charging for hours and nothing is happening, i must have tried force reboot over 50 times and im getting sick of it because this has happened before, (i dunno if its because i dropped it in the toilet, but that was months ago and it worked fine after id put it in a bowl of rice) but i think i might just go back to Tesco to see if they can do anything about it, ive also tried ITunes backup but it didnt recognize my phone so that was alot of help….not!
I phone suddenly went dead and I realized after reading your suggestions that I didn’t hold the Home button and the power button long enough. I went on a roadtrip with friends and my phone died I didn’t charge it for a few days and since being back at home I have tried to charge it, I even bought a new charger and still nothing. My iPhone works with the force reboot solution, but I don’t understand why it shut off to begin with. Yes the forced reboot worked great for me too but also I had to toggle the mute button a few times as I read on another post which worked fine aaaah relief!!!
Learning how to charge a car battery while connected to another car’s battery is not very difficult; though, precautions should be taken. Now connect each end of the positive jumper cable to the positive connection on each car battery.
Then connect one end of the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the car battery of the functioning car. Connect the other end of the negative jumper cable to the frame of the car that contains the dead battery.
If you want the convenience of charging your own battery, consider buying a car battery charger. Figuring out how to charge a car battery with a battery charger can save you the money of needing to take your battery to an auto body shop to get charged.
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Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved.
So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn. We’ve all been there before – the alarm clock didn’t go off, the coffee maker was on the fritz, and we couldn’t find the shirt that we absolutely know we laid out the night before. One of the most important things you absolutely must do as a smart and savvy vehicle owner is make sure your battery is holding a steady and constant charger – a mission critical component for all operations in your vehicle, charging your battery externally from time to time will boost performance. Keeping batteries charged to their maximum value is a critically important thing for vehicle owners to do from time to time, but the truth of the matter is that we too often don’t take care of this important component to maintenance. You also need to understand that charging your battery is not always enough – the modern battery is a complex piece of equipment, and making sure that you have conditioned the battery as well will prolong its life cycle and prevent you from having to make costly replacements. But keeping your battery all juiced up is not the be all end all of the battery maintenance – you should also be conditioning your battery to make sure that you are able to squeeze every bit of life out of your investment. The chargers are weatherproof, and you can permanently mount them in the engine compartment with the provided ring terminals, or just use the alligator clips.

For years, Android fans would insult the iPhone for its lack of widgets, outdated design, and small screen, but if you brought up battery life, they’d have nothing to say. Last year, Apple relinquished a little control of its OS, allowing apps to run in the background for the first time. All of this year’s hottest Android phones have batteries almost twice the size of the iPhone’s. The worst part, is that iPhones have been dying at the same time Android phones have finally made big leaps forward. Many iPhone 5S owners (including myself) permanently wrap their super-thin phones in a clunky, expensive battery cases just to make it through a day without fear.
Apple needs to make sure its iOS operating system and apps are using the new big batteries efficiently. That’s why we always do an alternator test to be sure that the alternator is putting out enough power to keep your battery charged.
Your battery provides required power to maintain the operation of accessories when the car engine is turned off. The battery also supplements the power from the charging system during periods of high demand – like when you’re stuck in traffic with your headlights, wipers and blower motor all running! The voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within the proper operating range of your car’s entire electrical system.
The starting system on your car includes the ignition switch, the starter relay or solenoid and the starter motor. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Dell inspiron 1720 battery charge (plugged , Dell inspiron 1720 battery will not charge (plugged in not dell inspiron 1720 which prevents the battery from charging properly.. The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? Like a dog with a treat, children will seek out a remote place to enjoy the pilfered iPad or iPhone until the battery is dead. An audio warning for a low battery is not revolutionary, however Last Alert goes far beyond just audio notification. This is done through both text "go twenty feet south" and a sonar ping sound which increases as you approach your target. However if you choose to donate $50 or more Shapley will literally bake and send you cookies and even brag about you to anyone you choose. Pressing the power button causes literally nothing to happen, the iPhone just displays a black screen. The other two issues are more challenging to troubleshoot or diagnose on your own unless the cause is obvious (like an iPhone with a bent case, cracked screen, rusted ports, and clear signs of severe damage), and it’s usually a good idea to take the less-obvious causes to the Genius Bar of an Apple Store to get it properly diagnosed.
Your best bet is to make an appointment, be honest, and be friendly, the folks at Apple very well may make your day. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! I dont know what they did but they plugged my iPhone into one of their computers, tapped a couple keys and it worked. Thought I’d have to drive 1hr to the nearest apple store… but the hard reboot solved my problem, since my phone had been plugged in all night! Because my phone is doing the same, I fell asleep and woke up and my phone wouldn’t turn on I tried to charge it for over one out on different chargers. This happened to me at least a year ago and I left it be for a week before it finally worked again.
It happend about 2 days ago as well, and when she plugs it into the charger it vibrates constantly, after a while that night it finally turned on. But whenever I plug it in the screen shows whether its charging or not but it wont cut back on. Charged it for a full day and the screen is still blank… tried everything you suggested and nothing worked. Is it normal for the phone to take so long to turn on after being off for so long or it Is something more serious? I thought my phone was dead, which would have been weird because it was at 75% when I left for work, and I only used it for music on the way there… I did the hard reboot and it worked perfectly. There is almost nothing worse than getting your car to go someplace or drive home from the grocery store, only to find that your car battery is dead. Before attempting to jump start your car, inspect the battery to ensure there is no damage or cracks. Some are even portable and can be used to jumpstart your car when you are stranded somewhere. Running more than a little but late but with just enough time to squeak in to work if we leave right now, we slide behind the wheel of our trusty vehicle. Understanding that running the car recharges the battery all on its own we kind of forget that we are dealing with a man-made product that will fail without proper upkeep – the kind of up keep that can only be performed perfectly when using the CTEK Smarter Charger.

There are a lot of battery chargers on the market, but none as technologically advanced and popular as the CTEK Smarter Charger – and none that are able to condition a battery to this level where you can count on it being useful for much longer than you would have expected. In August, the company launched a battery replacement program for select versions of the iPhone 5.
These types of accessories are great for special occasions, but we shouldn’t have to use them on a daily basis. Though Apple is still trying to make the two rumored models of the iPhone 6 as slim as possible, they will likely have larger batteries, according to recent reports.
If you constantly need to jump-start your car, especially when it’s cold, you probably need your car battery replaced.
These three components of the starting system consume more electrical power than any other system on your car. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is a measurement to assure that your car battery had sufficient energy to crank the engine over when it’s cold.
Graphic artist and IT professional, Dan Shapley, seeks to end this vexing problem by developing an app called Last Alert.
This would not be so bad if they did not simply discard the dead iDevice and then promptly forget where they left it. When the battery level is close to depletion Last Alert will send out an email with the iDevice's current coordinates and a link to a map.
Fortunately, this is usually just a simple problem to resolve, because either iOS has suffered an unusually severe crash and needs the device to be hard rebooted, or the iPhone is just dead and needs the battery to be charged for a while before it can be used again. I did the hard boot up as you suggested and in 15 seconds of holding down both the home button and the power button, my phone immediately came up.
I just left my phone upstairs (it was working well) and when I went upstairs again, It wouldn’t turn on.
I charged it for over 2 hours, I tried to hold the lock screen button and the home screen button at the same time for about 30 seconds.
I suggest anyone with this issue prints this thread to prove its happening to other people around the same time now.
Then  position the running car so that the engine is facing the front of the car with the dead battery. Positive will be indicated by a plus symbol, while the negative is represented with a minus symbol.
Connect the positive and then the negative connection to your car battery and then turn on the battery charger.
Wrestle around for the keys, stick them in the ignition and can’t control a tiny smile – she’s never let us down before, and we’re so lucky to have a reliable vehicle like this. Chosen by some of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers to make sure that all of their vehicles have a full and steady charge, you need to make sure your battery would pass inspection by leveraging the CTEK Smarter Charger system.
It was the Energizer Bunny of smartphones: It kept going as Galaxies, HTCs, and Motorolas ran out of juice.
We know that iOS 8 will have a settings menu that lets you see what apps are hogging the most battery life. Did you know that a bad alternator that’s not properly charging your car battery could cause this problem?
Drawing on your car battery, the starter motor turns the engine over or cranks it until your car starts. Since I hadn’t installed anything recently I determined that an app must have updated and placed my phone into the over capacity realm. Is this crash indicative of a problem with my software and thus, more likely to happen again in the future? You can either get a jump start from another car and let it charge for at least five minutes or connect your battery to a charger and let it it fully charge.
Turning the key, we start to adjust the rearview mirror and back out…but something is wrong. Something which I cannot do on the tabled without voiding my warranty.Anyone have any ideas? In the vast majority of seemingly dead iPhone problems, they will resolve the issue and the iPhone will become usable again.
If you are interested in learning how to charge a car battery, then take a look at these instructions.
Apple will need something bigger up its sleeve if it wants to make some actual progress on battery life.

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