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In our garage equipment range you will see our new range of sos booster packs and battery jump starters. Saab610 10 mm? car battery booster leads 2.5 metres long colour coded leads with fully insulated steel clips.
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Not to be snide, but I would think that the owner's manual would have some valuable advice about this. Having spent the better part of this morning and yesterday afternoon on the phone with them trying to get an answer to this question, and having waited 2 hours for a tow truck they said was coming but which they never dispatched, let me assure you, Honda's roadside assistance is contracted out, handles lots of makes, and sucks, hard. How to Jump Start your car (dead battery)This is a discussion on How to Jump Start your car (dead battery) within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; Guide: How to jump start your car!
The problem happens when the battery has drained out and there is not enough power to turn the starter motor in which case we have the two options of push start & jump start.
In push start what we are doing is to bypass the starter motor and get the piston to move by brute force, i.e push the car in gear. The second method is to get the starter motor itself to run by using an external power source for example another car. This procedure is exactly like starting the car normally so it CANNOT be done with the engine in gear. View My Garage There are two ways you could start a car that has a dead battery. Buy a GOOD set of Jump Cables min 6 gauge - 4 gauge is better (weak wires get hot and are useless for jump start) make sure the wire runs through the clamp and connected to the jaw. Get the front of the car as close as you can to the front of the car with weak battery make sure u do not let the cars touch.
Shut engine of car dont let the negative (ALWAYS BLACK IN CIOLOR) hang around touching any car part, when u begin - Now FIRST connect the positive (+) i.e. Next, connect the negative (Black) clamp to the negative terminal on the good battery (i.e.

Now start the bad car - if it dont start means wrong connection somewhere or not properly connected.
I just did this 2 days back when i had my lights on the full night the procedure seems lengthy but requires some basic care requires just 2 minutes otherwise. View My Garage Well, in theory, yes, any car can be push started, even I believed so. Originally Posted by DRC Well, in theory, yes, any car can be push started, even I believed so.
Originally Posted by mithun Why does the Jump Starting works only in the Carburettor models ? It's said that it's wise not to use the 1st gear to do Jump Starting, as this will definitely cause harm to the gears. I've heard that vehicles equipped with electronic fuel injection system will not start by pushing or towing as the fuel pump will not work in this condition.
After all, a catalytic converter's job is to greatly reduce the level of harmful emissions in a car's exhaust.
Will there be any other damages to the engine components other than the catalytic converter ? Jump Starting would normally not damage the Catalytic Converter as in this case the good battery of the other car is supplying power to the dead battery.
However Push Starting may cause problems if the battery is Good as in this case the engine is turning and supplying fuel but not firing as unburnt fuel is getting on to it and the cat has some high priced alloys inbuilt.
Originally Posted by viper To the best of my knowledge you can jump start almost any vehicle except a automatic transmission one. Originally Posted by nitinbhag Samurai-san, these links ask for a US zip code to go ahead !!!
I got an "emergency battery charger" kit for my regular car - the kind you plug into the cigarette lighter when you're miles from nowhere with a dead car battery. Now to start the car we need power to push the piston up to get compression and we need power for the spark.

The reason that it is better to do it in 2nd gear rather than in 1st, is that because of the gear ratio it is easier to push in 2nd. Of course you can hold in the clutch and then start, but the point is that the gear in which the car is when it is started has nothing to do with the procedure.
And catalytic converters contain a catalyst made from a noble metal such as platinum, palladium or rhodium.
A sysytem which transmits power right so obviously its dependent on the speed of the vehicle when you want to engage a gear while jump starting. To do this initially the starter motor draws power from the battery and forces the piston to move. Theoretically it can be done in all the gears, and the effort required will reduced as we go up the gears. This will work for all types of cars since the drained battery is charged up a little and all the engine sub systems that need power will get before the starter cranks the engine.
If you have a friend's car with a charged battery, you can connect his battery to yours using the jump leads (in a particular configuration, with proper earthing) so as to draw power from his battery and start your car. After a couple of rotations the alternator builds up enough voltage to cause a spark and get the engine going. But the hitch is that the engine RPM also reduces and to get it to an RPM where it can fire, the car has to pushed at a much higher speed which may not be practical. But in the newer cars the above two functions are performed by Fuel injection systems & Electronic Ignition. Depending on the manufacturer these two units will draw power either from the battery or directly from the alternator.
So if none of the engine sub systems need to be powered from a battery then this system will work.

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