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It is Monday morning, you are late for work and as you try to start your vehicle nothing happens. While you’re in a car care mode, print out an oil change coupon and get a good price on an oil change service as well. This scenario has happened to many of us, and in most instances it is due to a dead battery.
If the battery suddenly dies before then, it’s most likely user-based and caused by improper maintenance and lack of care.
Even though accessories such as lights, radio and air-conditioning are utilizing the battery power during this time, the recharging of the battery is quicker than the draining. Jiffy Lube will visually inspect the battery cables, clean them and finish up with a protective spray coating.
Your on your way to an important meeting, job interview or even a date and your car won't start.

In this article Jiffy Lube would like to share some tips for battery maintenance and ways to prevent battery meltdowns.
One common issue is corrosion of the cables that connects the battery to the engine, but other factors, like extreme weather conditions or having left the lights on in the vehicle can also be the culprit. If your battery does not charge while your vehicle is on, it will most likely be due to problems with the alternator or a bad cable connection (either not properly attached or corroded) to the battery. Under-usage can be another factor for a dead battery, especially in cold weather climates.  However, be aware of your battery’s age and recognize that  that it may old and in need of retirement. Unfortunately, restarting a battery is not a one-man job so you won't be able to lone wolf it. They can take your car to a location where the battery can be recharged or replaced if it is really kaput. Another good tip is to ensure that the towing company is aware of the type of vehicle you have.

Do not let them tow an all-wheel drive car with the rear wheels dragging — instead make sure to ask for a flat-bed on the phone. Pretty nifty right?Manufacturer's Roadside AssistanceIf you drive a newer vehicle that's still under warranty, chances are quite high that you qualify for roadside assistance provided by the manufacturer. All you need to jump-start a car is a set of jumper cables and another car (aka the "rescue" car) with a functional battery. Remember, never try to jump-start a car if its battery is cracked and is visibly leaking acid.
Now connect one end of the positive cables to the positive terminal on the "rescue" car's battery, and the other end to the positive terminal on the dead battery.

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