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With Einstein's Extended Courtesy you can have any of your fluids (or tires) checked and filled FREE of charge within 3 months of 3,000 miles of your last Einstein's service! Einstein's Oilery provides oil changes and a full array of other automotive maintenance services. However, once you have read and understand your manual, you will then need to line up both vehicles and try to get them close enough so the jumper cables will reach.
Another person must enter the good-battery car and do the same (turning everything off in the good-battery car ensures that more power is being generated to the dead battery).
You may also want to try adjusting the cables, trying another set of cables or cleaning off any corrosion more thoroughly.
One can eliminate a lot of apprehension by simply doing a little research—and reading your owners manual is the best place to start. It is important to note that if at any point in this process you feel unsure about what you’re doing, then stop immediately. Einstein's Oilery is a homegrown, Idaho company with locations in Boise, Meridian, Garden City, and Nampa Idaho.

This can be a challenge depending on where the car with the dead battery is parked and may require some car pushing. Generally speaking, red or orange are positive and black is negative; however, always double check.
After a few moments, the person in the dead-battery car should be able to ignite the engine.
You will first disconnect the negative cable from the engine block or battery of the car that was being jump-started. If it starts successfully, you will know your charging system is operational and you’re probably good to go. Car batteries do not have to be intimidating, but they are no laughing matter, either, as they can potentially be dangerous. Surf our website to find oil change coupons, details on all the maintenance services we offer, news, promotions, location information, and more! Dead batteries can usually be attributed to leaving your lights on, improper maintenance of the battery or a battery that was ready to bite the dust.

Also, make sure there are no tears or frays in the cables and clean off any corrosion that may have accumulated around either battery. However, if it does not start, you will have to redo the entire process, jump it again and have someone follow you to your destination.
The best way to do this is with a brush or a file, some people claim using a Coca-Cola works, as well. After the negative ends have been disconnected, you will then disconnect the positive cable from the jump-starting car followed by disconnecting the positive cable from the car that was jump-started. Idaho location information: Meridian-1210 E Fairview Avenue (208) 846-9188, Boise-8488 W Overland Road (208) 429-1169, Garden City-5601 N Glenwood Street (208) 336-2150, Eagle Road (Behind Taco Bell) 13648 W Baldcypress Street (208) 577-6018, Nampa-16586 N Midland Boulvard (208) 546-0735, South Nampa-720 12th Avenue Road (208) 546-0412.

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