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Check the voltage, amperage and dimensions of your battery and compare with the battery sizes we have listed.
But unlike a car battery, dead UPS batteries may remain unnoticed until a power failure occurs, the UPS fails, and critical equipment powers off. If your UPS is 3 or more years old, check the battery LED, press the self-test button, or try the 'plug pull' test on a non-critical load like a lamp.
Anyone able to use tape and able to plug the red wire into the red terminal can replace their UPS batteries and save money by buying individual batteries instead of costly cartridges. Finally, remember that UPS manufacturers do not make their own batteries -- they buy from UPS battery manufacturers. If you do not return your old SLA UPS batteries to Lex Tec for recycling then home users will have to take them to a household hazardous waste depot and business users will have to pay to recycle them. The NP7-12 UPS replacement battery is our most popular UPS battery and is widely used in many UPS brands and models (Incl. Valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRLA) design will not leak and is safe for shipping by air, sea, or ground.
The NP5-12 UPS replacement battery is used extensively in Exide and Powerware Prestige UPS systems.
The NP12-12 UPS replacement battery is used in many popular APC 1000VA UPS tower models as well as some 700VA Powerware, Exide, and Deltec UPS systems.
The NP18-12 is a high capacity SLA UPS replacement battery typical of APC 700-2200VA systems and XL extended runtime units.
3) Dimensions: Pick a SLA UPS battery that has the same height, width, and length as your old battery to ensure proper fit.
Our 12 Volt high-capacity UPS replacement batteries are popular for large UPSs, external battery cabinets, and extended runtime UPS systems. High-capacity batteries for large systems, external battery cabinets and extended runtime UPS systems. I usually don’t buy extra insurance or extended warranties on anything-cars, smartphones, computers, appliances….There seems to be no cost-benefit since the price of most insurance to extend your warranty for another couple years of coverage is at least 25% of the purchase price. Being a techy and never wanting that feeling of getting screwed I had hurriedly “slide to unlock” my iPhone to do some comparison shopping. The tech arrives in a pickup loaded with batteries, introduces himself and quizzes me on the problem.
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THE JUNOJUMPER is a sleek, lightweight portable power pack, which houses an impressive battery pack capable of jump starting a completely dead car battery in seconds. It also features a USB output allowing it to charge power hungry devices such as smartphones, cameras, and tablets. To enter the competition to win one of three JUNOJUMPER packs simply RT the competition on Twitter (from Sunday 8th October) Like the Sun Motors Facebook page, or enter your details on the form below. Cars today are so modern that it is difficult for the average driver to diagnose the problem. No reaction from the starter, engine does not turn including the windscreen wipers and the lights.
If you are not a mechanic and are reading this blog for some quick answers, chances are you are looking for some answers to be more familiar with the problem before taking your car to a quality mechanic in Harford county Maryland, perhaps to ease your fear that you will get burned by an unscrupulous mechanic. In that case it might be helpful to you to familiarize yourself with some common diagnosis to make sure you are getting your moneya€™s worth. Want to skip the hassle and get service from a quality automotive mechanic that knows your whole vehicle? You might have been wondering how to bring dead NiCad batteries back to life since your favorite appliance simply died out.

Now there are many ways to restore ni-cad batteries and we have put them all together in one place.
NOTE: Before we go any further, please remember we are talking about NiCad or nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries here. One of the most popular methods suggested by some DIYers is by zapping the battery with an arc welder. In case you don’t have a battery tender or welding machine, you can use any extra nickel-based battery you may have. Just like the other methods mentioned here, this homemade contraption is designed to give a much-needed jolt to your ni-cad battery.
Now you don’t have to dispose of nickel cadmium batteries and battery packs right away. The same nonspillable sealed lead acid CPU SLA replacement batteries are used in phone systems, security systems, emergency lighting and exit signs, golf carts, electric cars, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, lawn mowers, yard trimmers, e-bikes, electric mopeds, and more! Voltage must match exactly but Amp Hour (Ah) capacity can be larger if you want greater runtime.
Servers crash, cash registers lose transactions, phones go silent, and network links drop. If the battery LED is lit or the UPS fails to support the load then it's time for a new battery. A fresh UPS battery is a fraction of the cost of a new UPS battery back up, and will provide years of additional service life.
Cartridges may be a single battery with the UPS manufacturer label and part number on it, or several UPS batteries stuck together with double sided tape, plus spare wire leads, a fuse, or a battery tray.
You can pay extra for a brand name UPS battery pack, but the UPS batteries inside that pack were made by someone else.
The APC replacement batteries are usually installed in pairs, secured with double sided tape and connected in series with a 100 Amp fuse. I got the call to chauffeur her to work and put on my good husband cape to take care of the problem. The price at other auto parts stores for a high end battery was about $100 with a limited 18 month warranty and that was you picking it up and installing it yourself.
He jump starts the car and attaches gauges to the battery to affirm that it needs to be replaced. Users will never again have to worry about being stranded with a dead phone or car battery. It never fails that your car wont crank on the morning you are running late for work or for school. Ward automotive, a division of Bel Air Auto body is your go to source for automotive service and repair in Harford county Maryland. Once again, you will need to conjure your handyman skills, but these methods don’t really take rocket science to succeed. These methods cannot be applied to NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) or Lithium batteries, otherwise they will explode. While it may be true that this method is effective, most people would be afraid of using a machine with such high voltage output. However, compared to using a welding machine which can be large, heavy, expensive, risky and eat up a lot of power, a motorcycle battery tender is smaller, lighter, cheaper, more economical and far safer to use.
You will need two batteries connected in series so that the voltage will be enough to zap the cells. Fortunately new batteries are a fraction of the cost of a new UPS, and they can often be installed in minutes using just a screwdriver.
Plus UPS battery replacement generates less waste and takes less energy to manufacture -- making it a green alternative for the environment and your pocketbook.
If you buy batteries from Lex Tec you may return the old batteries to us for responsible recycling. Check our SLA UPS battery reference chart for the batteries required by your UPS make and model.
Check our UPS SLA battery reference charts for the replacement batteries required by your UPS make and model.

I’ve been a member since 1993 but have rarely used their roadside service, once to fix a flat tire and once to unlock my car (me being a nitwit).
Called AAA and a pleasant dispatcher, asked for my card number, location of vehicle and the important question “is the car off the road?” Knowing that I might get quicker service if I said it was in the middle of Times Square I hesitated but then honestly told the dispatcher that the car was in the garage.
His gauges say yes and at this point I have to go with trust since the values on his battery testometer (my word) mean nothing to me.
Every prepper and survivalist knows very well that there is always a workaround for almost anything that is broken and there is no need to run to the hardware store and spend hard-earned money to get a replacement. The risk of electric shock is very high with a welding machine, despite the fact that adjustments can be made to make the output lower and safer. The great thing about it is that you will have a device purpose-built to resurrect old ni-cad packs. A survivor of several natural disasters including a hurricanes and the heavy rainstorms and monsoons that are common in his country, he has learned that it's not just strength or fitness that can help you make it through. Before GPS I used their trip tix maps for navigating the highways and regularly take advantage of hotel and rental car discounts.
I described the symptoms, “damn thing won’t start-think it’s the battery, but I’m not a mechanic (understatement)”.
Considering that I needed a battery because the car was dead the AAA come-to-me obviously was the best option.
But even if the 5 year old battery had some life in it, I would have opted for the replacement since my policy, whenever possible, is to replace things before you reach the point of worrying about their reliability. Resourcefulness and improvisation are essential survival skills because when SHTF, we will have no one and nothing else to rely on but ourselves. Another danger is the possibility of the battery exploding as the inexperienced folks might zap the battery for too long. The discounts more than cover the cost of my membership without even using the roadside service. Besides this is my wife’s car and I don’t want her to get stranded and have the marriage rule kick in which automatically transfers car problems to me. In addition, welding machines are known to draw a lot of power which makes them the least economical option to bring dead nicad batteries back to life.
Since you’re building an electronic device, take all the safety precautions in order to avoid electrical shock. On Monday June 2, 2013, I pulled out my still shiny new looking AAA card to add to the worth of AAA-Why? My stubborn “I can do anything” attitude has passed with age and now I love turning over my problems to someone else. They test your battery and starting system, replace if necessary with a fresh battery, full 3 year warranty, and recycle the battery. The battery removal is more labor intense than I imagined requiring the removal of car parts. Your kid’s remote control car is set aside, leaving you wondering whether it is still worth keeping in the room. I am an illustrator and could draw the parts he is playing with, but you wouldn’t want me to actually touch them. The installation is completed quickly and I thank him thinking that both of us can go on with our lives. Not yet, he has to put testometer 2 on the car to make sure that the other parts of the car electrical system are working properly. He gives me info on the battery and contact numbers for service coast to coast if anything ever happens to the battery.

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