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I always wanted to find a good resort some place that had a lot of golf carts using these 6V batteries.
IMO, since solar is less demanding on a battery than regular off-grid doing 50-90s, the supposed benefit of T-105s over the Sam's 6v would not be realized.
ASSumes the solar gets the batteries higher in SOC with an operating range more like 85-97 than 50-90, where in each case you still do the 100% recharge every month or two. Twomed has confirmed that things have not changed since I was in the battery business over 20 years ago. While a person is at it, ASK THE GOLF CAR place or the pro, WHY they choose Trojan over slightly cheaper competitors. I had a heck of a time convincing some courses that the red and white case Trojan T-105's I picked up in Santa Fe Springs were genuine Trojans.
A local forklift shop owner that sells 6v batteries told me he prefers T-105s over other commercial 6v batteries because they don't break up inside from all that crashing around forklifts do where he has had trouble like that with the others.
BFL13 wrote:A local forklift shop owner that sells 6v batteries told me he prefers T-105s over other commercial 6v batteries because they don't break up inside from all that crashing around forklifts do where he has had trouble like that with the others. MEXICOWANDERER wrote:World of difference between Sam's and Costco when it comes to warranty SERVICE.
As I crabbed many times, when I return a battery with a bad cell or cells with smoky electrolyte and unfixable differences in gravity I don't want to sit there and argue if the battery is bad or not.
MEXICOWANDERER wrote:As I crabbed many times, when I return a battery with a bad cell or cells with smoky electrolyte and unfixable differences in gravity I don't want to sit there and argue if the battery is bad or not. Not defending Sam's in general, but when I returned a bad battery, the girl used a Midtronics conductance tester which is accurate and requires no thinking. I'm losing any kind of xenophobia after I opened my Ford pickup door and found most of the wiring and devices were made in Mexico.
I have 4 of the old style red top white case Costco 6v batteries in my rig since summer 2008. Even an excellent quality battery sags to mediocrity if it is not backed by excellent service (including warranty). The LED's will help and really I just need the juice for the heater (wifey likes a comfortable trailer at night).
I tossed all my battery notes when I got the Costco batteries a few months ago but Sams and Costco, here, have the same ratings. So you say you noticed a huge difference in power and how long your 6v lasted between the T-105 and Costo 6v?
Ya it seems like the Trojans are always recommended but really I go camping for about 4-6 weekend a year so I would assume with that limited use the Costco would be fine.
They are $86 at my local Costco, and the cheapest I can find Trojans locally is about $140, so I can almost buy 4 Costco GC2's for the price of 2 T-105's and nearly double the battery capacity.
The Trojans may give you (considerable) added lifespan and reliability rather than increased capacity. My opinion (and like Mex it's just opinion) the biggest killers of GC batteries (or any deep discharge flooded cell lead acid battery) are either not monitoring the water level or letting them get discharged and not getting them fully recharged in a reasonable time frame. I guess we should be thankfull for all those golfers to help support our camping with affordable deep cycle battery choices.
ATM, I'm doing my usual thing, building something complex that is usually found in simple form. Hook them up and charge them in series with the WFCO 8955 converter I have and just start using them?
Or charge them individually with my cheapo 10A automotive charger until they bubble for a bit and then hook them up to the WFCO?
This is just an FYI update on this thread -- I just came from my both my local Sams Club and my local Costco. So today I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Costco has the aH rating of their CG batteries posted on the tag. Wondering if they different 6v batteries at different areas and locations, of if maybe the store you are at has something newer. I believe that might be the same battery that I saw at my local Costco a few months ago, and IIRC, it was $79.99.
So it looks like the ones my area carries is the crappier one of the bunch with the 208 ah rating I guess.
Now I wonder if different stores may have the higher amp batteries.I find this to be true about batteries and other merchandise when shopping the discount outlets (Sams, Costco).
Well I have 3 Costcos in my town so hopefully one has something different and has the larger amp houred batteries. Fascinating: I just visited the Trojan T-105 site, and they list the T-105 as weighing 62 pounds. I would buy Trojans in a heartbeat for anywhere around $80 or $90, but don't hold your breath -- There has been a lot o inflation goin' on since the poster bought Trojans for $80 8 years ago.
And you'd think Fresno would have lots of golf car repair shops and golf pros to ask where to get Trojans. I am having to drop a bunch of coin to get this rig camping ready for this season and this months check is battery check. I haven't seen anyone list a benefit in daily usage from a Trojan over a costco battery just seems they last longer from what I gather. If you said I would get another days use from a Trojan as opposed to a Costco brand then I would easily find the money for that benefit.
Reminds me of the money crisis I had a couple of years ago and ended up settling for a tire that was a new brand.
But some experiences with a few dozen batteries on a public forum would not sway my opinion too much. Falconman, I'd check out your local golf course and see what they have to say and maybe find out where they buy their batteries too.

Among other weaknesses, the Volt’s rear seat didn’t seem any less cramped after a week with the car than it did initially. Objectively, the Volt’s number one strength is, of course, its ability to run on electricity.
The production Volt doesn’t look like the initial concept (which I personally never expected to happen, given GM’s propensity to create thoroughly impractical concepts). The bottom line: I wasn’t sad to see the Cruze ECO go at the end of the week—it’s a very well done appliance, but an appliance nonetheless—while I very much miss driving the Volt. Michael Karesh operates TrueDelta, an online source of automotive pricing and reliability data. If Ford manages to do well with the Focus hatch, then you can bet on Chevrolet reversing its earlier decision.
The Cruze 5 is a hatch back version its sold in europe and asia I am sure if you really wanted one you could have one custom shipped. A big unknown, given the new, massively complex powertrain: what it will cost to maintain a Volt out of warranty. More Results Related to golf carts vs deep cycle marine batteries cruisers Marine Battery Vs. These new batteries are being introduced through Duracella€™s business alliance with East Penn Manufacturing Co. Now have 2 Trojan T-105 which have been on solar usage for 4 years and before that, 2 years on converter use. Larger courses use computers to keep track of battery life, charging power consumed, and short cycle events (when battery capacity indicates the 6 batteries cannot cycle the course to their satisfaction.
The company ran out of their burgundy colored embossed jars and substituted the standard red and white jars. Of course at my age I have no patience whatsoever for arguing whether a battery is bad or not.
Hoping I can make it though a 3 day 2 night weekend camping trip boondocking on these 2 volters.
Some of the larger courses used to buy entire PALLETS of batteries from the distributor I was working for. When usage is limited (kWh transactions), price is important and knowledge is applied that despite the best efforts, acid eats lead over a period of time.
Looking around at other GC2 batteries, they have the same style cases (caps, top, terminals) as the US battery 2000 xc2's. Just like when I was rebuilding alternators, for an ear full I visited Los Angeles taxi companies.
We all agreed that it drives surprisingly well, but that aspects of the interior need work.
Some will claim that the roughly forty-mile range before the gas-powered “range extender” automatically kicks on isn’t sufficient.
I complained earlier that the Volt’s display doesn’t include a report for miles-per-kWh analogous to the trip computer’s miles-per-gallon report while running on gas. But it also doesn’t look like the Cruze or anything else, with the partial exception of the Prius. Love it—or not—the interior styling is certainly distinctive and effectively expresses the leading-edge technology packed into the car.
The suspension is firmer and more tightly damped than that in the Cruze ECO and there doesn’t seem to be as much road noise insulation. In twenty years the way the Volt drives will likely seem typical, but we’re not nearly there yet. Between that and Chevy bringing the diesel Cruze over, I have high hopes for the US small car market. I would think that a hatchback bodystyle would be much less of a risk (and cost) to bring to market in the US. It remind me a bit of the previous generation of European Fords, except with the bow-tie nose. In the States 5 door is a code for hatchback if you don’t want to call your vehicle a hatchback.
One time I had to spend 5 hours in Santa Fe Springs, convincing Trojan that the distributor I was contracted to was purchasing enough batteries to warrant a lower purchase price schedule which saved the distributor several thousand dollars a year.
The courses refused to purchase the red and white batteries thinking they were not Trojan T-105's. So, to be fair, I believe that if a person should chat with the battery department personnel at Wal-Mart and find someone reasonable, besides a pimple faced 22-year old know-it-all then my bias would have to change. The first time I raised the 5er with the landing gear I knew I screwed up by not going back to the t105 or napa. I need to make it through a weekend on 6 sixers if possible.You won't have a problem with those batts for that usage. I would rather save the cash for many other things I need for the camping season but really if I can get many more amps from the Trojans vs. I realize that some Costco's probably don't sell a lot of golf cart batteries and I'd get the newest ones I can. This seems to clean the positive plates of remaining production slag and clumps when the plates are formed in the greening room. This seems to clean the positive plates of remaining production slag and clumps when the plates are formed in the greening room.Thanks, Mex, I'll do that very thing. I know I will try and find 2 that have a current date but is that all I should be looking for? I know I will try and find 2 that have a current date but is that all I should be looking for?They typically only carry one size of 6V there (usually the largest amp-hour one's).
This is one of the downsides of these warehouse stores, they sell what's on the floor and have no interest in what's in inventory or any of the products attributes.

Fortunately some places here are set-up for signing an affadavit that if used on a solar system, you pay no sales tax.
In the nineties I got so bummed out with US, Johnson, GMB, and others I swore I would not look at another battery. I hadn’t been planning to review the Volt again, but was asked if I’d like to have one for a week following the Cruze ECO. And a run through TrueDelta’s car price comparison tool finds that the Volt includes about $2,300 in additional features. As is, even basic functions often require far too much conscious thought and time with one’s eyes off the road.
Well, in my case I had to take the car off life support in order to test it with the engine running. Any car beyond a basic transportation appliance is bought because it’s more pleasurable to look at, sit in, or drive. When pressed, the start button lights up blue while the car makes a video game-like “powering up” sound. Even if you floor the accelerator from a dead stop in “sport” mode there’s not a hint of a jerk. As a result, impacts are more sharply felt and heard, but body motions are also better controlled. In the here and now the Volt’s worth $10,000+ more than the Cruze the same way other $30,000+ cars are worth more than the Cruze: by providing a different, more desirable experience.
My Trojans laster 2 years because I didn't keep proper water level and I am sure I would still be running the T-105's had I maintained them properly.
The power was noticeably lower and the voltage drop after running a night with my bipap was even scarier.
Find a local golf course in your yellow pages, call and ask for The Golf Pro, or maintenance shop. They were close to 11.3 after 2 nights and I could easily go 3 nights with the napas and trojans. I'm sure they don't check the charge level of the batteries that are sitting around on the shelf.
The only maintenance is 2-3 times a year I top off the water with distilled water.I belive they cost me $80 each. Well, valid enough that even after a week in the car I find I have little to say that hasn’t been said before, save that the strengths noted earlier remain strengths and the weaknesses noted earlier remain weaknesses—neither significantly diminishes with experience. I never did figure out how to best operate the HVAC, as the AC and heating systems seemed to have minds of their own even in “comfort” mode. Until I did so all of my runs to Costco, the doctor (daughter broke a toe), and the kids’ school were accomplished entirely on battery power. Consequently, I had to do a little math, the upshot of which is that the Volt covers about four miles on each kilowatt-hour (when not running the air conditioning). Just looking at it I felt like I was driving something special, and not just because of the $995 “veridian joule” paint and $595 polished aluminum wheels that helped bump the pre-tax credit total to $46,165 (someone inside GM did their best to induce sticker shock in reviewers). The ride remains comfortable, and serious drivers will appreciate the chassis’s moderate level of feedback, which helps compensate for the incommunicative (if well-weighted) steering.
The terms "marine" and "deep cycle" often give marketing information for batteries rather than specifications for use.
So I added a solar panel and I don't have to worry anymore about having those crappy batteries.
If the $19,995 Cruze ECO is such a solid, comfortable, and efficient commuter, why spend twice as much for the $39,995 Volt? Instead, the car smoothly and almost silently builds speed much the way a high-speed elevator does (if not in the same direction). Now you are talking to someone that spent a fair chunk of change on some monster Trojan batts and I don't full or part time.
As is, you either have to turn the volume all the way down or use the mute button on the steering wheel. Even with no sales tax on batteries being used for solar systems in Arizona, makes Sams still cheaper even by paying the sales tax, since Sams has no affadavit deal to sign to show solar usage only. Go the latter route, and the music returns at the original volume the next time the car is started—the “mute” is forgotten when the car is shut off. The driving efficiency gauge, a ball the changes height and color, is the most intuitive I’ve yet experienced—though I wish it reported how much of the braking was being handled through the regenerative system. There’s also a driving efficiency report to surreptitiously test one’s “I’m not going to change the way I drive” spouse. Either way, the Volt never feels sluggish or strained the way a Prius (or Cruze ECO, for that matter) can. With the accelerator to the floor the car easily leaves traffic behind—if you’re in a hurry, sixty can happen in about nine seconds. Not a stellar time, but recall that this is with absolutely no sign of strain from the powertrain.
Run out of battery and the Volt’s 1.4-liter gas engine automatically cuts on, but usually remains a distant hum while roughly matching the MPG of the Cruze (high 20s to mid 40s, depending on driving style and conditions, with a suburban average around 35), and so 10-12 MPG short of a Prius. At its loudest the gas engine remains far quieter than the 1.8 recently sampled in the new Chevrolet Sonic. Braking is also smooth and silent in the Volt, with no evident transition between the regenerative system and the conventional brakes.

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