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Interstate batteries have replaced the Kirkland branded car batteries at your local Costco.
Based upon 25 data points provided by ConsumerPete readers, a Kirkland car battery on average will last approximately 3.5 years. Costco Interstate car battery failures are replaced for free within 42 months of the purchase date.
DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU WHEN YOU PURCHASE A BATTERY FROM COSTCO!I replaced my Costco battery with a Costco Interstate battery for a 2005 Honda Odyssey that was starting to have problems starting this vehicle.
In 2009, I purchased a new Kirkland series 78 (800 CCA) 100 month battery from Costco for my K1500 GMC suburban.
I've put three Kirkland Signature batteries in my Infiniti G37 and all have died after two years. Bought the Kirkland battery April 2006, just went bad in December 2015, that is 9 years and 8 months, that is 116 months, which included 3 winters in Alaska, with temp as low as - 35 deg F, car was in open in winter, not driven for 5 or 6 months of the winter there. My Kirkland brand Group 58 battery in my 99 Escort lasted just shy of 3 years before it suddenly stopped holding a charge.
I just read the posted reviews and decided to make one of my own.1) One of my Kirtland batteries dropped a little on the cca so I took it back at less than 36 mo and got a completely free replacement including the sales tax refund. My friend has been an auto mechanic for 40 years (now owned his own shop) and told me the best batteries are always Interstate or Die Hard and to stay away from Exide (economy chain store brand). Kirkland battery is still (barely?) going after almost 6.5 years in our Subaru, in the long winters of Anchorage, AK. Interstate has always been a premium brand, I have not had one, so I can't testify to that.
Kirkland battery installed in a 2002 Toyota Tundra in October of 2010 and it just died yesterday. Costco batteries used to cost $38.95 and I still have one I bought in Santa Barbara back in 2008. My Kirkland battery died after 5 years, I still got a 40% due to the 100 month warranty which was awesome. Beware that Costco does not merely replace the battery if it fails within the warranty period. After charging battery twice I took it back to Costco on July 3, 2013 and they replaced it.
I had my Kirkland for about 5 years and 2 months with no worries and its starting to fail now with a low crank. I just found my Costco battery manufactured in May of 2004, some 11 years ago, is still running!
Costco Kirkland Car Battery Review (Acura TSX) The Costco battery started giving me issues after 16 months of use.
Do not assume that your rental car company's affiliation with the Auto Club or AARP or Costco, for example, is going to get you the best rate. The oil companies are soon going to feel the full effect of more fuel efficient cars, especially the hybrids.
Articles, charts, lists, photographs and illustrations to help you eliminate confusion and uncertainty about topics such as stocking your kitchen, talking about your health, straightening up your home office, taking, editing, storing and sharing digital photos, doing laundry, preparing a home emergency kit and buying electronic gadgets for you car. BEGINNING AND INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA: CONNECTING CONCEPTS THROUGH APPLICATIONS, shows students how to apply traditional mathematical skills in real-world contexts. By 2006, Costco had installed 90 chargers at 64 stores, mostly in California but also some in Arizona, New York and Georgia. Standard Bionic Dock In Car Navigation Dock Extra Battery Battery Charger In order to get this deal, you’ll need to be a Costco Member, which costs $50 a year.
Something about the DROID Bionic that has caught your eye over the Galaxy Nexus , DROID RAZR, and HTC Rezound? Car Battery Costco - The Best Batteries The Kirkland Signature line of batteries at Costco will get your car up and going, no matter the temperature. Car Battery Costco Costco, one of the most popular stores has the best deals on car batteries. Deltran’s Battery Tender Plus 12V Battery Charger is designed to full charge your vehicle battery then maintain the charge level. We’re wondering if this is better than the Powerstation PSX3 for charging car battery?
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To my surprise, I found that on my visit today, Costco had switched from my standing favorite Kirkland Signature brand batteries to Interstate car batteries.
For automotive applications the warranty seems to be a bit less, as I believe the Kirkland Signature batteries had a 36 month full replacement  warranty, where the Interstate batteries have only a 30 month full replacement.
Over the years, I have put many Kirkland Signature car batteries in my vehicles and they have done well, especially considering how the Arizona summer is notorious for killing batteries.
I went to Purchase a new Batt at Costco SanJose Almaden,they didn’t have any for My Yukon. I found this while searching for info, so I thought I’d post an update (four years later).
When I make a Costco Auto Battery purchase, I only have the Auto Battery purchase on my Costco receipt to keep it clean, short and simple. The kirkland signature batteries are manufactured by interstate, they are the same batteries. Evan, I agree with you may not seem like 6 months makes a big difference but in the sweltering heat, batteries tend to poop out near the 36 month mark. Don’t you hate it when you’ve been camping for a few days and your ice chest is a mess of soggy food containers and yukky water? I built a mounting rack for the solar panel out of steel 1 inch square tubing painted with Rustoleum Aluminum colored paint.

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) charge controllers are a lot better than Shunt charge controllers.
After doing my research, I bought a Genasun MPPT charge controller, made in USA and designed for the size system I’m using. The Genasun charge controller is mounted to a hinge so it gets out of the way when you need to put the battery in or out. The cardboard model looked pretty good, and let me try out several sizes & adjust some details. 3rd coat of paint after a lot of rough treatment while figuring out & fitting the box panels.
Blue tape marks edge of fridge after closing door, This was easy to do with the bulkhead removed. Includes a LED light inside the fridge, digital temperature display, push button interface, adjustable low voltage cutoff. It would be smart to drill a hole in the tray just under the fridge’s drain plug hole. According to an article published by the Instore Marketing Institute on their website this past month Costco featured their Private Brand Kirkland Signature as part of a strong value message throughout the store. Costco last month delivered a strong value message to promote its Kirkland Signature private-label brand throughout the store. The warehouse club chain positioned shopping carts filled with products at store entrances to greet members with a side-by-side comparison of the price difference between national brands and Kirkland Signature equivalents.
From IGA to Food Lion, retailers use private brands as community ambassadors to help worthy causes throughout the year.
ABOUT USMy Private Brand was launched by Christopher Durham in late 2009 the site is the most widely read daily publication on Private Brands in the world. The new battery seemed to be working fine in my Versa for the few weeks I had it, but the dimensions were significantly smaller than the original battery. Honda dealership recorded 374 CCF left on it and advised a replacement done for $125 around mid 2015. Walmart retested the battery and I think recorded around 405 CCF and said the battery should still be fine and they would do a free recharge if I would leave the car with them for a few hours. The refund on the old battery covered the price of a new Interstate battery plus a little extra.
After a couple years they'll go back to Kirkland brand and how easy will it be getting a adjustment on the interstate?
A lead-acid battery *used* to be a tough SOB that would last forever; now they puke in 2 or 3 years like clockwork. It cost me about $80 or $90 because of the high cranking amps my dodge ram pickup needed according to the recommendation of the Costco sales rep that I dealt with at time of purchase.It has 100 month warranty printed decal on the battery itself. Batteries Plus Bulbs won't open for Thanksgiving Day, but from Black Friday through the end of the year, LeBlanc said, prices of all car and truck batteries will be reduced by $10. The emphasis on skill building and applications engages students as they master algebraic concepts, problem solving, and communication skills.
Even after General Motors crushed its EV1 battery cars, the Costco chargers stayed in place.
Our old car has had trouble restarting after each vacation and we’re thinking of getting the Battery Tender Plus or the Powerstation PSX3. The warranty exchange was always hassle free, and I drove with confidence knowing I had Kirkland under my hood. In my Costco in southern Ohio they sell only Interstate batteries and do not sell Kirkland Signature anymore (this may be true across the board). The outside edges (red arrows) were an after-thought, but a good one because I grab them all the time when stepping up on the tire to look around and wipe off the solar panel. I used the recommended solar wire which is a pair of 1 conductor stiff cables with a MC4 connector. You definitely want a Deep Cycle battery that won’t be (so) damaged by deep draining. Basically its job is to connect the solar panel to the battery while preventing battery damage or over charging. If you choose flooded batteries as I did, open the Genesun GV10 and install the little jumper to use the charge settings for flooded batteries, as per the Genasun GV-10 manual. After trying several metal boxes & ammo cans, I had to build one mysefl that would be the right size, and sturdy enough to take the off-road pounding. It is going back in, but the cabin will be 4 or 5 inches shorter so the galley can be bigger. By the time I got to building the slide out tray to hold the fridge, I was in such a hurry to finish before the camping trip, I didn’t take a lot of photos. He is the author of “Fifty2: The My Private Brand Project,” a consultant, strategist and retailer who has worked with the world’s largest retailers to build, manage and grow compelling billion dollar brands.
Despite the number of times this battery has gone dead from doors being left ajar etc, this battery just stopped holding a charge in April 2016! Instead I bought a Battery Tender recharger from Costco during the Christmas sale and recharged my Battery with it. Kirkland car batteries have been serving me very well with long life and much better warranty. It is still good at this time (May 23, 2014) but I am replacing it with the same make as it may die any time soon. From what I gathered from the store employee, whether you get reimbursed the full amount or the amount of the original battery seems to depend on who you're dealing with that day.
Any trolling motor battery has a very short life span, between one to two years and that's because you drain it almost to dead then go home and put them on a quick charger and do it about 30 times a year.
There are only about 3 battery makers in this country and interstate does not make their own batteries, just a brand.

Students develop sound mathematical skills by learning how to solve problems generated from realistic applications, instead of learning techniques without conceptual understanding. The Costco employee told me that it’s 100% the same battery just without the KS stickers. The places we really love to camp don’t have any place to buy ice, or buy anything at all. In addition there are AGM & Gel batteries which are both sealed meaning that it is OK to mount them in the cabin area.
You’ll need a charge controller that is matched to the amount of power your solar panel(s) generate. However you may find that cheap PWM controllers are in fact just a shunt controller with a fancy label. The little round green colored sticker says 07 which sounds about right for the purchase year. A state pilot program lets fishermen younger than 12 use car batteries and nets to catch trout at certain locations.
The warranty is now 42 months 100% replacement and then prorated for an additional 18 months I think (thought it could be a bit longer).
My neighbor Paul has been through several solar panels (one was stolen, others were upgrades), and helped me with the math to select the right size solar panel.
Bought an ammo can that was really too big, and considered bolting it to the side of the trailer.
So inefficient that they waste most of your solar energy before it can get to charge your battery. Heavy Duty Full Extension Drawer Slides For Toolboxes and Cabinets – 3320-18 Available many places, but in Sept 2014. These batteries are missing something that would give you the life of a more premium battery.
The new battery is now at 15 months and it has left me stranded three times in the past three months. In any case, the full warranty on the Costco-sold Interstate batteries is now longer than the KS batteries had been. Both neighbor Paul & my camping buddy Brian have the same 100 watt Renogy solar panel, and since they were both happy with it, (and neither has broken) I knew I would be happy too. That is because Paul’s solar panel was unscrewed from this trailer while he was having dinner in a Mojave roadhouse. Bought a solar wire extension with those MC4 connectors and chopped in half to get 2 half size wires with the correct connectors.
Next considered buying a battery box – most are designed for racers to mount inside the car. Testing shows that they spend much of their time preventing your battery from being charged.
I’m not a fan of white wine, but it was brought up as an important point by John at Expedition Exchange in Torrance CA who says the Engel MT45 is by far the most popular size. Preserving the life of the battery instead of saving the Popsicles & frozen food on a camping trip is not MY priorities, I tell ya! Yes, the full free replacement is 6 months more than the Kirkland, but the auto shop guy told me that there's no proration period.
We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. But MPPT controllers will take that excess voltage and convert it into current so your battery can charge up faster at the correct voltage. When I asked to refund the sales tax, they said they informed me that Costco keeps the sales tax on the core.I had to speak with the Costco Tire Center Manager to resolve the matter.
Because our TD trailer has sturdy walls of 1″ thick plywood, I ran bolts through the TD walls to secure the solar panel. Ran it from the panel through a hole in the roof, slightly under the panel and covered by a clam shell vent cover then gooped up with clear silicone sealer. What is interesting is that the deep cycle Flooded batteries contain about twice the power of AGM or Gel batteries of the same size, AND are about half the cost. Note that all prices are as of Sept 2014, and the very best I could find after extensive shopping. Wire path is from Solar Panel to Charge Controller, then out from Charge controller to fuse block, then to the fridge & other loads. The surprise here was that the battery box turned out to be the most time intensive part of the whole project.
I chose to get the biggest deep cycle battery that Costco had; 115 amp hours for about $85.
Some of my friends have actually bought a 2nd solar panel because their crummy shunt controller was wasting so much of their power. Both Interstate batteries and the old Kirkland batteries are made by Johnson Controls, I don't know if they were made to the same specs. The reason I believe this practice is illegal, is when your purchase other items from an automotive parts store and charge you a core charge, there is no tax involved.Also, I have ask about this practice to a Bureau of Automotive Repair rep. He replied "they shouldn't have".I would like to know if others have had the same experience at their local Costco locations, and what they did.

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