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Repair and reuse experts iFixit flew to Australia to get one of the first available iPhone 5s, and then immediately tore it to pieces.
Despite the tiny increase in overall power capacity, the iPhone 5 still contains improved internals.
The power efficiency is due in large part to the move to smaller process nodes for some of the important chips.
Other notable improvements include an integrated metal support bracket for the iPhone 5's home button. For more about the major silicon components inside the iPhone 5, or just to get a gander inside the device, head over to iFixit and check out the full teardown. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
E39 (1997 - 2003) The BMW 5-Series (E39 chassis) was introduced in the United States as a 1997 model year car and lasted until the 2004 when the E60 chassis was released.
Let's see if we can list, describe, locate, and show a photo of every fuse and relay in the BMW E39, so that we all benefit.

Below, (from this quest to locate a parasite), is as far as I've been able to get detailing every single fuse in my 2002 525i. It turns out (later in this thread) that EF1 is the left-most fuse (left being defined by being able to read the MOTOR-SICHERUNGEN (aka "engine security measures") printing on the fuse cover itself). Note: There is a black or white cap enshrouding the five ebox fuses EF1 to EF5, which needs to be removed as explained by RDL in this thread.
Neither of these huge fuses is easy to remove or put back (due to the cramped location), but luckily the yellow one is the one aft, which is easier than the red to remove. Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders. Let's annotate the pictures (in the end, we should clean this section up to have only a few pictures with all the relays labeled). To the next person who opens up the ebox, would you kindly look at the wire colors going into one end of the five-set fuse block?
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The A6 processor promises twice the compute and graphics performance, the Qualcomm MDM9615 baseband delivers LTE compatibility, updated WiFi works on faster 5GHz channels, and improved TI and Broadcom chips power the larger 4" touchscreen's multitouch input. The A6 processor is built on a 32nm high K process by Samsung, while the Qualcomm baseband is etched using a 28nm process by TSMC.
Many of us in the Ars Orbiting HQ have suffered from a deteriorating home button on the iPhone 4 and 4S, which tends to fail after about a year or so. But the "slate" anodized coating on the black iPhone model may show signs of wear after extended use.
The updated unibody-style construction of the case also means that it's relatively easy to remove and replace the front LCD touchscreen panel—a common iPhone repair, according to iFixit. Other power improvements derive from the A6's custom ARM core design as well as targeted power management in iOS 6.

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