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Said to borrow styling cues from the new Corvette Stingray (let us know if you see any similarities between the two cars), the redesigned Volt features an edgier design than its predecessor, thanks in large part to a front fascia with slimmer headlights, vertical LED fog-lamps, and sharper upper and lower grilles. The attractive interior does away with the touch-sensitive, iPod-like dashboard for a more conventional layout with actual buttons and knobs. In response to critics, General Motors equipped the car with enough seating for up to five people, one more than before, and gave it more room. Whereas the first Volt was based on the Chevrolet Cruze, the new model is built around its own unique electric vehicle architecture that is 100 pounds (45 kg) lighter.
The four-cylinder makes 101 horsepower, while the electric motor develops an extra 149 hp (111 kW) and 294 lb-ft. Despite the improved efficiency, the new Volt is faster than the first-gen because both its petrol engine and electric motor operate together in more driving scenarios. The all-new, 2016 Chevrolet Volt debuted at the Detroit Auto Show and goes on sale in the second half of 2015. GET THE HOTTEST CAR NEWSJoin a growing list of car enthusiasts who receive our newsletter to stay up to date with the ever-changing automotive industry.
It is not clear yet if Chevrolet is going to let their European branch, Opel, use the new Volt as the basis for a new Ampera electric car. The Opel Ampera X-Tomi has come up with is based on the pictures of the 2016 Chevy Volt, unveiled at NAIAS a few days ago, and it is a job well done.
Should GM decide to let Opel have another crack at the EV market, chances are the new Opel Ampera will get the same exact mechanicals and electronics as the Volt. Of course, the point of the Volt (compared to the Nissan LEAF, for example), is to give you that boost via a conventional gas tank in the event that you do need to drive more than 53 miles between charges. Overall, the new Volt is definitely much improved compared to the award-winning and customer-loved first-gen Volt.
Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time. In most major cities, EV and PHEV owners convene occasional gatherings on Saturdays to show off their vehicles and talk about plug-in automobile ownership. If the 2016 Volt is compared to the original 2011 Volt, AER has increased 50%, gasoline MPG increased 13% and the MSRP has decreased by $7000. Er, no, today’s Prius is rated 50 MPG, so would beat the Volt if driven on gas alone (or mostly on gas, like on long trips).
Done that way, its like a long range EV like the Tesla, with charging that might even take more time.
I meant that one way long distance driving over 300 miles needs a relatively long charge if you want to get about 50 mpg equiv. If it was me, I think I would stop someplace and get lunch and rest break every 300 miles and maybe charge up. L2 charging takes 4.5 hours and no fast charging is available, but the total range for the 2016 is increased to 420 miles.
Practically speaking, for any cross country drives of long hours, its going to fill up with gas rather than charge along the way.

The real significance and advantage is that as a PHEV it spend almost all its time in EV mode. I think so, but the first couple model years came with a 5-year subscription to OnStar if I recall correctly.
Given how conservative Chevy was with the electric range on the 2015, I’m curious to hear what real world figures are for the 2016. Yes, let us hear more from real volt users about the true meaning of 38 miles electric and then we can extrapolate to the true meaning of 53, for the skillful driver.
If that was the case, they could offer a model without the ICE, and a little more battery and call it the GM Beaf or something. I suppose they assume you use the car to commute back and forth from your garage to the mailbox. I don’t know how they compute 106 mpg but it apparently going to be a very conservative number. Thanks, but the average car buyer is going to be like I was (until you and others explained it) and will not immediately understand that.
We need a clever way for people to quickly understand how much a PHEV (or EV) could save them per year via gas savings. I can see using a simple touch screen display that lets one input their annual mileage, the number of days a year they typically drive further than the Volt range, and what they expect the cost of gas to be over the next few years.
Maybe to sell Volts and other electrics there needs to be a tablet affixed to the car in the dealer’s showroom? And most people could think back to the number of longer trips they took over the last couple of years. 2016 chevrolet volt (chevy) review, ratings, specs, prices, Get the latest reviews of the 2016 chevrolet volt.
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2016 chevrolet volt models, trims, information, , Research the 2016 chevrolet volt and read an overview describing the different models in the line-up. 2016 chevrolet volt (chevy) review, ratings, specs, prices, Get latest reviews 2016 chevrolet volt. Not only is GM’s latest electric hybrid car more stylish than the first-gen model, but it’s also faster, roomier, has better electric range and gas mileage, and no longer requires premium fuel. Some will miss the old futuristic vibe, but I quite like the no-nonsense look of this new cockpit. It also filled it to the brim with tech, including Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system and blue ambient lighting. The designer has successfully integrated all the required Opel features into the Volt and created what can easily pass as a production Ampera. As we have reported a bunch of times, the new Volt comes with a bigger capacity battery pack and a more efficient drivetrain. The original Volt had a fuel economy of 37 MPG on gas and 98 MPGe on electricity, and an electric range of 38 miles.

These people tend to be relatively affluent, very tech savvy and typically own a second ICE vehicle they use for extended trips.
If the Leaf goes to the 250 or 185 mile ranges that I have been reading about, I’ll change my position, all things being equal. Since the first 53 miles uses no gas it’s going to be tough to beat, until the next gen Prius. Start with a full charge and take 300 mile trip one way to stay, or 150 miles each way = 51 MPG, sans electricity, and no additional charging.
They said 38 for the 2015, but I’m usually at 46 to 49 estimated electric miles on start up.
It would be much more honest if we had calculators to do take into account our personal lifestyles and geography rather than making invalid assumptions. Zero optimistic numbers, invalid assumptions, accounting for lifestyles or geography necessary. The national average cost of gasoline and electricity are used to convert electric usage to gasoline usage.
This virtual car is a damnsight better than what Opel themselves did with the first-gen Ampera, which was a Volt with the Chevy badge removed and Opel put in its place. It promises a range of 400 miles and the ability to drive solely on electricity for up to 50 miles. Honestly, just about anyone considering a Prius should at the very least consider a Volt, imho. It also had only 4 seats compared to the new Volt’s 5, and many other small improvements have been made as well. Hoping to see you become a serious competitor in the 100% electric category with the Chevy Bolt as well. A growing number of these drivers also have rooftop solar arrays which significantly lowers the long-term environmental impact and cost of recharging vs. Seems like a lot of limitations, exclusions, made up constraints to force the Volt into a situation that equals the Prius – excuses.
That essentially made my decision for me, and with the additional minor points that I thought the Volt might end up being more of a pain to maintain (both gas AND electric drive trains, and all the problems that could happen to either), and that it had less interior space than the Leaf, I chose Leaf. For example a 300 mile trip, with 53 miles using no gas at 42MPG nets 51.MPG, exclusive of the electricity. When driving on electricity, the 2016 Chevy Volt is rated at 106 MPGe, and the operational savings compared to a conventional car are certainly huge (but they vary a great deal depending on how much you drive, gas prices in your area, gas price fluctuation over time, etc).
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