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Pictures claiming to show Apple's next iPhone continue to surface ahead of an expected Sept. The latest batch of pictures of the handset commonly referred to as the "iPhone 5" were published on Friday by, and once again show a new design with a slightly taller display that has been seen repeatedly in other leaks. The images again show a SIM card slot on the right side of the device, with volume buttons on the left along with a mute switch. Some concerns arose this week that availability of the new iPhone at launch could be constrained. And just this past weekend, several new images were posted to Chinese forum site WeiPhone showing what may be rear shells from the lower-cost iPhone in yellow, red, and green. Based on all of this recent information, we once again commissioned Ciccarese Design to produce some high-quality mockups intended to capture the lower-cost iPhone's size, shape, and texture given that it will mark a departure from the nearly all metal and glass bodies of recent iPhone models. Apple is expected to launch its iPhone 5S flagship device later this year, most likely around the same September-October timeframe seen the past two years. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more. Audio technology company Bose this week announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker aimed at creating a do-it-yourself workflow for kids interested in electronics. Nike today announced some changes to its board of directors, which will see Apple CEO Tim Cook serving as lead independent director going forward. Popular drawing and sketching app Procreate Pocket for the iPhone can be downloaded for free this week through Apple's Apple Store app.

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Every generation of new iPhone (and its iOS) has appeared to be aimed at erasing the top three (and only the top three) complaints of the previous model, changes which have also happened to be the top three advantages held by competing products.
Last year, Apple decided that the three weakest spots of iPhone 4 were its overall speed, camera and Voice Command.
Not included in Friday's latest shots is another picture of the bottom of the device, but one shot showing the rear casing of the handset from the inside with various parts shows the smaller dock connector and moved headphone jack. The mysterious addition has also been seen on leaked components claimed to be from Apple's "iPad mini" and next-generation iPod touch.
Also on Thursday, a very blurry picture purported to show a processor labeled "A6" on the next iPhone's logic board, though the quality of the image made its legitimacy questionable.
The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Friday that Apple's LCD manufacturing partner Sharp has hit delays and not yet begun shipping screens for the new iPhone.
That report was followed by leaked design drawings from a case maker showing the expected measurements and physical features of the device. The lower-cost iPhone is also slightly taller and wider than the iPhone 5 to account for the thicker plastic shell. It seems to have all the key features people want, but with the same old iPhone 3GS-like design.
It’s true that these cases are not for everyone, but we love how it changes the iPhone only slightly and still protects from drops etc.

It is hard to understand how a bumper case could cost so much, so take a look at the full features here and let us know what you think of the case and especially the price? Because this year, Apple didn't just give the iPhone a minor refresh upgrade with a primary cool new feature. However, it does so with a steady hand, cautious against changing the formula that has turned Apple from a freshman phone vendor in 2007 to the established global leader that everyone else in the mobile business is aiming to catch, just five years later. And promise that nothing will ever go wrong with your phone or phones for the rest of your life.
Besides, if I had money for this kind of case then I can just replace my phone every year a new one comes out.
Even if it could freaking drive my car, cook and go to work for me I wouldn’t buy it. It supports LTE in the limited areas that have launched it internationally, as well as the more widespread DC-HSPA that's similarly speedy for areas that lack LTE. Apple’s sixth iPhone will be unveiled during a press conference on September 12th and it is expected to launch a week later on September 21st. It has better cameras, better WiFi and better battery life when browsing data, despite introducing LTE and dual band WiFi and using the faster A6 application processor.

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