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Ce mobile devrait disposer de la 3G ainsi que du WiFi mais garderait un ecran avec une resolution assez basse de 320 x 240 px.
Pour obtenir la meilleur experience de navigation possible sur notre site web, nous vous recommandons d'activer Javascript. The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is designed form impressive connectivity and includes dedicated music keys. With 3G connectivity being a major selling point, you would expect good results in this area, and the Curve 3G 9300 doesna€™t disappoint. The design is easy on the eye, but still fairly standard for BlackBerry, and the apps can be a little costly as well.

Those still preferring the hard-keys will get BlackBerrys ever-reliable QWERTY offering, boasting responsiveness and just the right sensitivity, making texting and composing emails effortless.
The problem is the lack of imagination; there is nothing to really suggest forward progression by BlackBerry, only the 3G connectivity which is pretty much expected on phones nowadays anyway. L’appareil semble disposer de 256Mo de memoire, ce qui est peu face aux nouveaux mobiles qui sortent ces temps-ci. We did like the dedicated music keys, proving that BlackBerry is not just a business brand, and email support is as efficient as ever. The phone needs more to impress, but it still offers a functional, reliable alternative to other top-range handsets, and it has good battery life which is becoming a rarity in the industry.

Vous pouvez vous tenir au courant des dernieres nouveautes publiees sur ce blog via le flux RSS et le compte Twitter. However, the phone lacks any other really impressive points, and the trackpad is particularly poor.

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