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Though we rarely get to see international legends tread on Indian roads, India's automobile market has been home to several cars, whose tales are told across the globe. Intex Aqua Ace Review: Specifications Aren't Everything Intex Aqua Specifications Aren't Everything Intex Aqua. Though we rarely get to see international legends tread on Indian roads, our automobile market has been home to several cars, whose stories are told across the globe. It started its journey in 1957 with a price tag of about 16,000, that grew up to an average 5,22,000 by 2014.
It was relatively inexpensive, convenient, easy to maintain, and economical in terms of running costs, that led it to achieve a cult status soon after its arrival 31 years ago. The tallboy car's popularity led Hyundai Motor India Limited to claim the title of 'the second largest automobile manufacturer' in India by 1999. But it wasn't all smooth sailing for the car, and had to wade through rough seas when it suffered a drop in sales, fueled by the lack of a diesel engine.
More often than not, the cult status of these cars failed to translate into sales figures, leading many of them to fade into oblivion. So join us, as we, just like the great Shah of Blah, reminisce about the top five trendsetting cars in India that also managed to garner good sales figures while they had the time.

Hindustan Motors Ambassador: The King of Indian Roads, Ambassador, or Amby, the names have been many.
In the 1980s, 24,000 units of the car were sold every year, whereas the annual sales trickled down to an average of 6,000 units in the 2000s.
Maruti Suzuki 800: Every once in a few years, comes along a revolution in the guise of a car that changes the way people travel, as an individual or family. The Maruti 800 had the second longest production run, and also sold over 2,950,000 units in India. Hindustan Contessa: Modeled after the GM Vauxhall Victor FE, Hindustan Motors rolled out the first Contessa in 1984 to offer a rather upmarket product along with the almost three decade old Ambassador. Hyundai Santro: What was first introduced as Hyundai Atos in 1997 in various global markets, arrived in India as the Santro.
It had sold over 100,000 units by June, 2000, and crossed the 1 million mark by the end of 2006. Honda City: India's first generation of the Honda City was really the car's third generation in global markets, and arrived here way back in 1998.
However, Honda wasn't the one to concede and brought in a diesel-powered City in India in January, 2014.

Its extravagant history and importance is no secret, such is the respect commanded by the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. Even though its production has been suspended temporarily, we are of the firm belief that the Amby will continue to be fondly remembered by everyone alike. The Maruti Suzuki 800 was one such car, for it transformed the Indian automotive industry for good. The South Korean manufacturer's first offering in the country's automobile market was an instant hit, primarily due to its competitive price and all the features that came along with it. The car has now been replaced by the Hyundai i10 in most markets except in India, where it continues to sell as the Hyundai Santro Xing. It went on to become the undisputed king of the mid-size sedan segment, consequently solidifying Honda's claim of a fair share in the domestic market.

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