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Safer than you thinkThe Hyundai production start-up preceded by just a couple weeks the (possibly) final word on what brought down the Hindenburg in 1937: a jolt of static electricity when the tethering lines grounded themselves to the earth in Lakehurst, NJ.
The best way to reduce your carbon footprint — stop buying a new car every few years. Fact is that the potential benefits of hydrogen outweigh the current costs of inefficiency. Fact is that the laws of thermodynamics prove that hydrogen will always be less efficient than other alternatives. Electric cars work fine but if I had a choice between liquid hydrogen internal combustion vehicles like the BMW H7 or a Tesla plug in – liquid hydrogen would still be preferable to me for the unchanged driving characteristics.
Because if the device worked as specified, it would violate both the first and second laws of thermodynamics, allowing operation as a perpetual motion machine.
Banks and oil companies may run the world but neither they nor Stanley Meyer can break the *laws* of thermodynamics. On a serious note, I find your replies to someone who actually have an account here, quite arrogant, spam and nonsense. Count on accidents because of hydrogen fuel-cells, but even if the worst happens and the thing blows up it will produce water vapor only.
Because they cannot monopolize the fuel, there effort is more to ridicule the Stanley Meyers types since using their solution would mean you could get your fuel source, water, salt-water, pee, from places that they can’t charges you money for it. Hyundais are pretty nice vehicles now, and the reliability is at least as good as the American car companies.
Hyundai is just the same car makers but in Korea where they don’t have the legacy contracts with unions and the more expensive labor terms. Virtually guaranteed to cost less than and be more efficient overall than all the monkeying around with water, hydrogen and expensive fuel cells. Dear , batteries are costly and many are required so these involve a huge amount of weight to run the car for 300-400 km, also a large amount of time is required to charge all the batteries which may take more than a day to charge them all (may be a week). Actually no, it won’t require batters, because in the next few years super conductors will forever replace batters, and I would also like to point out that while fuel cell tec is still in it infancy in the global eye, it actually has far more power then any other power system on the planet, don’t think so? I liked your comment, but it does not mention geothermal, which I think is missing from the mainstream discussion.
I agree with you that the electric motor is the muscle in the car, powered by a battery or a hydrogen fuel-cell.
Seems like you’re stuck with the expense of a hydrogen fuel cell, the armor for a hydrogen fuel cell, and a battery big enough for an electric vehicle all in one package. Basically, hydrogen is about the worst of all possible alternatives … and yet we persist. The energy to produce a hydrogen car must eventually come from geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and even solar that are friendly to the atmosphere. Yes, if you see the Honda hydrogen car you can actually see a home refueling station that you connect to the power outlet to get hydrogen. I guess burning natural gas is not as bad as burning coal or oil, but my guess we can go into geothermal in a big way for the bulk of electricity (drill for heat, turn water into vapor to move a generator), electricity stored in high water dams, hydrogen.
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See real-world hyundai elantra electrical problems and repair histories as reported by other hyundai elantra owners. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Gas-electric hybrid cars have been on our roads in significant numbers for almost a decade now, and if there's one thing about them that seems pretty trouble-free, it's the battery packs. Hyundai Motor Group has succesfully developed a core fuel cell electric vehicle part, accelerating its efforts to develop and commercialize clean cars, the company said this Monday. After a decade of research, the South Korea’s largest carmaker has developed its own membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which has been imported from overseas manufacturers until they achieve its final development.

The Hyundai Eco Friendly Vehicle R&D Center successfully manufactured for the first time the MEA in August, which can generate electricity by using oxygen and hydrogen.
Currently, the fuel cell battery costs 40 percent of the overall vehicle price and the MEA is 40 percent of the battery cost. The Hyundai-developed MEA has a better performance and price competitiveness, compared with its rivals.
The Tucson’s 100 kilowatt fuel cell battery needs about 400 MEAs. The Hyundai research center in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, produces MEAs which are sufficient for one fuel cell car every day. The company is testing a second production facility in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, which is seven times larger than the one in Yongin. The fuel cell EVs, which have difficulty in attracting customers because of their prohibitive prices, can expect further price cuts in the future. The application of fuel cells has been expanding, from vehicles to power generation for homes and buildings. Hyundai will deliver three Tucson ix35 fuel cell SUVs, mounting the new localized MEA, to the Chungnam Provincial Government on Sept.
Passion about Korean cars Kia & Hyundai, I prefer Kia than Hyundai, but the mother brand has amazing models like the Genesis, since I was a child.
Maximizing electric-only driving results in high fuel efficiency, which is the leading factor consumers look for in a hybrid vehicle.  Hyundai engineers aimed to increase the overall amount of available electric drive power and improve the efficiency of the Hybrid Blue Drive operating system in the new model. The Hyundai Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty ensures that if the Sonata Lithium-Polymer battery ever needs replacement, Hyundai will replace the battery and cover recycling cost for the old battery pack for free to the original owner.
Even though the Sonata Limited is a hybrid vehicle it is still fun and easy to drive with the latest in contemporary mechanical and interior features to make the ride even more enjoyable.
Hyundai is currently working on a fuel cell version of its Tucson crossover, which will go on sale in the U.S. Hyundai is placing more emphasis on fuel-cell powered vehicles, since it sees future limitations with battery powered EVs.
According to Kwon the lithium-ion batteries that power today's electric cars are too expensive and there are few chances that the costs will drop. The biggest problem that hydrogen vehicles face is the lack of infrastructure to refuel them. The next post in this blog is Honda FCEV Concept Previews Honda's Next-Gen Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle . Hyundai just advanced the timetable as the first production Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell crossovers rolled off the production line in Ulsan, Korea, earlier this year.
The phase changes required to produce and then burn hydrogen will always waste more energy than simply using electricity directly. I liked the hydrogen fuel-cell better thinking it lasts longer than a battery and that it’s less poison to discard.
Produce hydrogen using geothermal or hydroelectric electric power, and you will produce no air pollution.
If the same solution is mass-produced cars, hydrogen stations, hydrogen price would drop significantly.
Hydrogen vehicles are the only vehicle that can turly claim Zero Emissions, fueled with water and produces only water. Geothermal I insist as the Earth is inside a cosmic-size energy reservoir, a ball of magma.
It's funny because when the Prius first came out, the big "gotcha" from columnists everywhere was about how the batteries would need to be replaced after a few years at a cost of thousands of dollars, etc. With the new MEA technology, we now have localized all the parts manufacturing technologies required for fuel cell vehicles,” said a company spokesman. In the long term, the technology will make a new industrial ecosystem in the hydrogen energy sector and emerge as a new growth engine,” said Kim Sae-hoon, a researcher at the center said. Hyundai joins a list of automakers that are going to release hydrogen-powered vehicles in the near future. The polymer membrane only allows protons to pass, while the electrons flow through a battery to the electric motor. Hydrogen yes, for perfectly pure air; generating Hydrogen with geothermal, hydroelectric, solar or wind. Hydrogen gas vents up and out of the way in a crash where the gasoline that isn’t in the car caused a fire. A gasoline tank can explode too, but we’ve accepted the risk and they were made acceptably safe. Whereas hydrogen produced from water can be instantly used as fuel for the fuel cell which have high efficiency too.

Geothermal be used though to get the bulk of electricity, or hydroelectric, solar or wind, not coal, nat gas or oil. We'll also install your new battery for you at no charge and even recycle your old battery for you. But as it turned out, even hybrid taxis that have driven hundreds of thousands of miles have done pretty well (there's normal wear & tear to be expected, but it hasn't been the problem that it was predicted to be).
Hyundai plans to produce 1,000 hydrogen-powered Tucsons, which will go on sale worldwide by 2015.
GM and Honda recently joined forces to develop a fuel cell system and Toyota plans to release its own fuel cell electric vehicle in 2015. At the cathode, the hydrogen electrons and protons are reunited and combine with oxygen (outside air) to form water (H2O).We hear Hyundai may also market a model that converts the components into H2O2, or hydrogen peroxide, for Swedish motorists who are not naturally blonde and wish to fit in. At one point he had a meeting with an accredited Engineer to examine his invention to see if it was legit but he made some lame excuse and backed out at the last minute.
Either way, the only emission is water vapor.Hyundai says it will produce 1,000 ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles by 2015. To add insult to injury his patents expired and are all free for anyone to see yet no one has been able to build a running fuel cel using said patents. The coverage applies to all 2012 model year Sonata Hybrid models over the life expectancy of the vehicle and thousands of miles beyond the average duration of new-car ownership. Initial production will be for municipal fleets in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in Skane, Sweden.
Locomotion for the ix35 Fuel Cell comes from a 136hp (100kW) electric motor that tops out at 100 mph (160 kph). Early hydrogen vehicle deployments are limited to locations with a refueling infrastucture.
The energy is buffered by a 24kW lithium-ion polymer battery developed by LG Chemical and Hyundai.Want one of your own? With a Hyundai-reported driving range of 370 miles (594 km), there would be no need to refuel until the vehicle returns to the main garage at night. By the time Hyundai shifts from fleet sales to individual buyers, around 2015, the price might fall to $50,000.The cost of being greenWhile the only emission from the vehicle is water vapor, there are concerns about how hydrogen gets to be hydrogen in the tank.
Will they do the same for fully electric cars?Via HyundaiMore from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.
Right now, a common conversion process takes natural gas, applies energy, and leaves behind a carbon footprint worse than any environmentalist would hope for. What needs to happen is a redesign of the current electric motor, because all that copper has a high rotating mass, and is very heavy. You could fare better in the short run just going with a natural gas vehicle such as the Honda Civic Natural Gas. If they switched to tubing and super cooled helium, then we would have super electric fuel cell cars.. Researchers are working on extracting hydrogen from other sources, whether sea water or the sludge in a waste treatment plant. Another hydrogen backer is BMW, which showed a series of hydrogen-powered BMW 7 Series vehicles as limited production prototypes. BMW used liquified hydrogen, which requires different equipment at a hydrogen refueling station.
It’s just a matter of time before all the inventors start flooding the market with alliterative energy means. But BMW burns the hydrogen in an engine that also burns gasoline, so just like a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t strand you when the battery charge runs down, this one is suitable as a long-distance tourer.

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