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Cooling Fan of Inverter.The Inverter is an electronic device which converts a low voltage DC input into a high voltage AC output.
The prices of fuel will always increase, but as production of solar panels increase the price of these panels shall decrease. Solar Energy is a Green Energy, its a Renewable Source of Energy and its good for our planet. They said they flipped the swatch to the power turning off the incoming power from the power company then cycled the power from the solar just by plugging it in, can this be done?

At the Makers Faire in San Mateo several years ago a gentlemen was selling plug in units the sold back power, but I was trying to see everything that day and didn't get enough info then either!!
I don't want solar on my roof I want it to hang from my back stone wall or from a shade structure like in the parking lots. Doing as you say, plugging the inverter into a outlet will send power to all the outlets, etc.
Nowadays I would I would use a charge controller that can handle higher voltages (they have them that can handle up to 600 Vdc) to simplify the wiring.

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