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Battery tub insert kit helps convert your car from 12-volt batteries (4) to standard 8-volt batteries (6).
BGW Sponsored Links __________________ This advertising will not be shown in this way to registered members. Originally Posted by subby44 We have talked about changing to the 6 8 volts however, the price on the battery tray is hard to swallow. The new battery will have a shorter life because its being teamed with 3 other older batteries.

Kit comes with everything required to get the job done, except the batteries. If they are over three and a half years I'd consider replacement, maybe convert to 6 8v batteries because 4 12's don't nearly last as long as the 8's.
I'm assuming it was because the deep cycle batt did not have near the AH rating as the remaining 3. If the battery tub has a plastic wall dividing the tray into 2 sections, the cart is an early 2008 and will require some modification to battery tub for conversion.

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