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BGW Sponsored Links __________________ This advertising will not be shown in this way to registered members. Re: 1982 DS battery drain A welded solenoid means that it is stuck in the closed position, and always drawing voltage. I need to figure out what is energizing the cart and now is doing so without the key being on. Re: 1982 DS battery drain I think yellowclubcar is dead on about the micro switch engaging the solenoid.
Re: 1982 DS battery drain Temporarily disconnect the two wires to the lights and see if the problem goes away. Re: 1982 DS battery drain It wouldn't be like stepping on the gas necessarily if it was that middle switch - the cart won't move until the master solenoid (driver's side in the bank) is activated. Re: 1982 DS battery drain Did some testing over the weekend, using crash test dummy's diagrams and the service manual. Similar Threads Thread Forum Battery drain Electric Yamaha Battery drain (why?) Electric Club Car Battery drain problem Gas Yamaha Battery Pack Drain Electric EZGO battery drain Gas Club Car All times are GMT -5.
THE LINCOLN MARK VII CLUB exists to restore, preserve, maintain, and promote interest in Lincoln Mark VIIs, to educate owners and the public on their legacy, beauty, usefulness, and uniqueness.
Discussion of STOCK anti-theft system, charging system, connections, fuses, grounds, ignition system, lighting system, relays, sensors, switches, wiring systems.
I suggest that with a charged battery, you disconnect the voltage regulator and see if the battery dies again. I don't doubt that a rear interior light was not left on, except that in ONE INSTANCE I somehow managed to turn a rear lamp on when nobody had been in the back seat. AdBlock Warning Parts of this website do not function properly with AdBlock enabled on your device. Does anybody know, or has anybody had experience of the following:Lexus 430SC - Battery drain - after only a few days the battery is dead. Club Car DS, Carry All, and Precedent are registered trademarks of the Ingersoll Rand company.
Please forgive the following, going to be thorough, as electric systems arent a stong suit for me.Anyway, I went to replace my mark's battery, been over 4 years since I've had the car, who knows how much longer with the previous owner.

If it does NOT, it is quite likely that the alternator or voltage regulator may have gone out. Securely fastened the new voltage regulator to the chassis before I even put in the new battery. To get the best user experience on our website, please disable Adblock for this website (domain) on your browser. We lead the golf cart industry in retail, providing our customers with high quality replacement parts at extremely low prices. We do carry aftermarket golf cart parts and accessories that fit these models that meet or exceed OEM quality. I picked up a Duralast Gold battery, about 3 weeks ago.Go to start her up after a couple of days sitting - dead as a doornail.
We get in the habit of walking away from the car expecting the lamps to turn off automatically, and don't look back. It is held in with two hex screws.IT IS IMPORTANT to disconnect the battery until the regulator has been completely replaced and securely bolted to he chassis.
We give our customers the best information pertaining to customizing their EZGO, Club Car, or Yamaha model golf cart. You can also remove the under hood bulb and likewise the trunk bulb to see if one of them is staying on.My money is on the voltage regulator, though. No smoking allowed either (yeah, I'm a stickler ), so it wouldn't be a coin in the lighter either.I don't have a battery charger.
Then the following day, we return to the car only to not notice the lamp on, or find the battery dead. Whether you are looking for lift kits, tires, wheels, seat kits, and accessories or want improved golf cart performance, we have the parts and golf cart accessories you need.
Autozone will charge a battery for free, so I figured I'd go there and get it done & maybe take out 2 birds with one stone.
All manufacturers names, numbers, descriptions, and symbols are used for reference purposes only, and it is implied that parts or accessories listed are the product of the manufacturers or approved by any of these manufacturers listed below. You have a switch or wiring problem that is holding that solenoid closed when the pack is connected.

I figured if it didn't start again and I needed a jump, I have cables and Im at a station, no problem. Long story short, the worker told me that it wouldn't charge, and gave me a warranty replacement new battery. Of course she wont start again, so I get another jump and take her for a more brisk 60+mph drive for 20 mins. I don't think it is the latter, because it worked fine for the first 3 weeks, and now was dead.
Something had to kill it, right?I will connect it tomorrow and disconnect the voltage regulator, and see what happens. PERMANENTLY.In the case of a relatively new battery, that will still allow it to function without a noticeable difference for possibly years, BUT, the life of the battery will be shortened and the battery will have much lower reserve. The lights were turned off and the battery was promptly charged at a slow rate for several hours. Slow charging of approximately 2 amps for 24 or more hours is recommended when recharging a completely dead battery. If the battery goes completely dead, look at it as a set of tires with 50% of the tread left.
They are still serviceable but can come back to bite you early.Battery checking is also misleading.
When the battery is charged and then checked with a diagnostic tester, the test only checks for decay of output for a short time. I'm not suggesting that you are not fastidious about your car, but it does require a bit more attention than your newer (or older) cars.This aint your dad's Chevy Nova.

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