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Battery tub insert kit helps convert your car from 12-volt batteries (4) to standard 8-volt batteries (6). The Pro-Fill Single Point Watering system, by Flo-rite, is specifically designed for use with “golf car” style batteries commonly found in golf cars, sweepers, scrubbers, RV’s, pallet jacks, and small solar systems. Millennium SPW valves, our Pro-Fill system is compatible with all of our Millennium water supplies.
Delivered and installed four, 80lb 12 volt deep cycle batteries for a customer in Solana Beach, CA living near a golf course.

The Club Car’s symptoms leading to the decision to replace the batteries was decreased run time and slow top speed.
When the customer examined the original Club Car golf cart battery, he discovered that Trojan battery company was the OEM battery for Club Car and decided to replace with 150 amp hour Trojan T-1275. Kit comes with everything required to get the job done, except the batteries.
We have been selling this solution in two local golf cart shops for about eighteen months now with great success.

Custom BEEFED up #2 AWG gauge Battery cable set for your beefed up CART, A must for lifted carts andHigh Amp Controllers.

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