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I checked the whole car for any thing that could have been left on, but the only thing is the alarm light which goes on and off (Can I turn it off?).
I also checked the voltages after leaving the car idle for a while and they all checked out.
Also if you have a 2000Bazzillion Watt amp in your car, then you could actually have more current draw on the battery than the system can charge.
Place the meter in the AMP scale that is the ground is lead is in the same place but you have to move the positive lead to a new hole. To use the meter place the Ground black lead of the meter on the ground side of the disconnected battery lead of the car.
If you have added anything to the battery that isn't in the fuse box, then you will need to remove those connections from the battery positive cable to eliminate them as a issue.
After charging the battery to full, I completely disconnected the battery for two days and left it like that. Editor’s note: With plunging temperatures throughout the Northern Virginia region the next few days we have decided to dust off and tweak this story that we published previously since it could affect many of our Patch readers.

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Barney1212 wrote:or simple as driving my car more often and not let it stand for 6 daysWhy not start and idle(20min) the car every 2nd day to bring the battery back up to charge. At the end of the ride we switched and I kept messing up and stalled a good 6-8 times on one stop. The car turn on almost instantly if its well charged, but hours later you can tell its dimming away. It doesn't have any aftermarket parts and I made sure everything in the car is turned off (except for the alarm). Just checked the battery voltages after leaving it on idle and driving it around and they were fine. This would reduce battery life, though it still seems pretty early for a battery to die unless it was *really* dead. When the car is on, you should have 13.5+V at the battery, and with it off you should have 12+.

When I connected it up again, battery still had its charge and the car didn't even hesitate to turn on.
A bit above the 0.05 I was looking for but is this enough to drain a fully charged battery literally over night?
The charging system is extremely intelligent and will never allow full drainage of battery.
The The fact that the battery is in the car means that the temperature changes are minimal and happens very slowly.The battery is also HUGE (paired with a 180 Amp alternator) so it never works very hard. However, with the increase in electronics within vehicles the full life is moving a lot closer to 3 years,” explained Jack Reynolds, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Battery Program Manager. When your car is not running, the battery continues to supply power to the clock, the anti-theft system, and the other conveniences in modern cars.

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