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But unfortunately, you’d be surprised just how many people fail to do it until it is too late. It’s a cold winter’s morning and your running late for work, you dash to the car to start it up only to find out – it won’t turn over.
If you don’t like the idea of your day coming to a grinding halt, then checking your car battery for corrosion is a must. If you head down to your local Halfords, you will find stacks of products available to help you clean your car battery.
Just the same way you can’t vacuum your living room properly without moving the perhaps the sofa, you can’t clean a battery post correctly without removing the car battery terminals connected. Depending on the type of car battery terminals, you will probably need to use one or two wrenches.
Take a look at the terminals, should find that they should either have a nut one side and a nut on the other, or a fixed large square on one side and a nut on the other.
However if you have a car battery terminal that has two nuts, grab one nut with something like a universal plier on one end, and use an open ended wrench or a small crescent wrench on the other – ideally a tool that fits snug will work best.
If your car battery connectors seem to be a touch stuck, take a flat head screwdriver and gently insert it into the gap above the bolt in an attempt to pry the car battery terminal open. If they’re still being stubborn, add a little brute strength perhaps using some pliers and they should loosen up.
So now you should be looking at the car battery, with the connector terminals fully separated.
There are always a number of ways to get a job done, and cleaning your car battery posts of corrosion is one of them. Now if you were on a desert island with a can of Coca Cola and your car (goodness knows how), an old adage will tell you that if you pour Coke over you battery posts it should remove the nasty white crusty stuff.
Ok, this method may work, but… the fact remains we are not on a desert island, so I would suggest using something a touch more… clean and effective to do the job. If you check out your local auto store, you will be stuck for choice with the number of anti corrosion fluids available to buy – but don’t get it twisted, they are pretty much all the same. With your battery terminals off, squirt the anti corrosion solution onto the car battery posts and the terminals, take particular care to target the inside of the terminal’s connectors. With a little brush (a toothbrush is great), start working the solution into the car battery posts and the terminals, especially those stubborn spots. Rinse the car battery solution off with a little water, install anti-corrosion discs if you’re using them (see next step), re-install the terminals, positive side first and you’re ready to rock and roll – job done!
NB: For those of you a touch cash strapped, these anti corrosion eating fluids are nothing but simple baking soda and water, so feel free to make your own! As a rookie, I personally like to take it back to the old school by using the tried and tested method of cleaning car battery connections.
Okay… so you will need to pick up I would say a medium stiffness wire brush and some eye protection. Put your eyewear on, and to be extra safe perhaps a dust mask– brushing corrosion can sometimes cause it to fly around. With the terminals off the battery posts, put some elbow grease into brushing the car battery parts. Work up a sweat until the corrosion has been completely removed, and you’re left looking at clean metal, and once clean, install anti-corrosion discs if you’re using them (see next step), re-install the terminals, positive side first, and you’re ready to roll. I’m guessing that you would prefer your battery posts and terminals to stay clean for as long as possible. That being the case, anti corrosion terminal protectors are specifically made for keeping corrosion away on car battery posts. But if you’re still not too sure, or would like a touch of assistance, feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to help.
Pour water and baking soda solution or a can of cola over the battery terminals as an alternate way for cleaning them.

Once cleaning has been done, the positive clamp has to be replaced first and then the negative clamp should be replaced. Now when a simple guide has been explained for cleaning battery terminals, it can be cleaned often. It is quite easy and simple to clean your car battery terminals and you can do it on your own. Similar to other parts of a car, its battery terminals cannot stay original or novel for long time as well.
During normal or usual operations, battery acid vapors runoff of your battery but its large amount on your engine build up caustic material on the terminals. You may require some tools to clean car battery terminals which make this cleaning procedure quite ease and simple as well. It is quite simple process to clean your car battery terminals although it requires some effort and exertion. First of all you must make it certain that you have protective equipment with you e.g. Next step is to turn off your car engine and also make certain that the engine cove is cool before you begin to clean battery terminals.
Now, separate the battery cables from terminals very cautiously by means of a pair of long nosed pliers. Toothpaste will be helpful for you as it breaks up the corroded material bring back the conductive outside of the terminals.
Clean the terminals with water and make them dry before you bring back all terminals and cables to their position. Short circuited batteries can show the way to stalls and also fires within your engine cove. Now you can see that cleaning your car’s battery terminals is a simple process and you have to just follow some easy steps for this course that will provide you with better car performance for a long time. The other day when checking the fluids on the car (1997 Mercury Cougar XR7, 4.6L, v8) I noticed some corrosion on the battery terminal.
Take the time to inspect the belt for cracks or fraying, idler pulley, and tensioner for bearing noise while you have the belt loose. The brushes are just screwed to the voltage regulator, here is what the new brushes from NAPA look like vs. Now I did an old school trick that an old car mechanic told me: solder the cable to the terminal. After you have a good mechanical connection, heat up the terminal to the point where you can melt solder on it without melting the lead terminal itself. I put some dielectric grease on the base of the terminals and then anti-corrosion felt pieces under under the terminals. In order to be able to post messages on the Hot Rod Forum : Hotrodders Bulletin Board forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name (usually not your first and last name), your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Wiki How has a lot of educational articles with matching pictures to help people either refresh or learn how to do everyday things. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions.
How to clean off and prevent corrosion on car battery terminals with felt washers and anti-corrosion grease. So take some time out to check your battery posts and cables to make sure you have no problems. The problem is, it only takes getting a touch of that crusty residue on your battery posts to prevent your “baby” from firing up.

Car battery corrosion therefore either needs to removed, or depending on the condition of your battery perhaps replaced altogether.
Depending on your end goal, now time to either clean the car battery components up, or replace the car battery altogether which would be a similar procedure of how you took the old battery out – with a few additions. You probably notice that foaming will start to occur – it’s ok, as it’s the anti corrosion solution doing its job and it’s good to leave it on for a few minutes. I like to think of it as the authentic way to get your battery posts and terminals clean, involving a touch of the good ‘ole elbow grease and a wire brush.
The rule of thumb is, if you can bend the bristles back and forth easily, that’s medium enough. In particular, pay attention to the inside of the car battery connector terminals, if you have a smaller sized wire brush this should help make it little easier for you.
However with cars prone to car battery corrosion they didn’t work so great, so the choice is yours.
With the terminals removed; put the discs over the post, placing the red disc on the positive post and the green on the negative.
Or on the contrary, the problem could be simple like the battery failing to properly initialize. If the terminals are scraped properly, then a clean and shiny metal will be seen instead of a corrosive material. If the sheathing of the copper wire has corrosion in form of whitish or greenish powder, then this also has to be cleaned.
The solution of water and baking soda and the acid in the cola eats the corroded material near the battery terminals allowing a better connection between the battery terminals and the battery. Any of the part if not functioning properly, causes problems and complexities accordingly and may possibly affect car’s performance.
Most common among these particles are soot and carbon particles that become the reason for dirty battery terminals. Make certain not to work the steel wool excessively firm on the terminals, for the reason that you could risk breaking off the metal from the terminal.
Numerous drivers and car Vendors don not put concentration to their car battery terminals, and simply think about them when they are damaged to stubs.
When your battery cables and terminals are rotten, the battery cannot send out the essential power to your car’s electrical parts. To make certain the highest performance, you require cleaning your battery terminals every three months. Cleaning your battery terminals is very essential to keep your car and your passengers secure.
Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. At this point if you’re lucky, a slight twist will pull the car battery terminal connectors right off, but it might not be that simple.
By knowing how battery terminals are cleaned, the gunk build-up can be easily seen around the terminals which is affecting the performance of the car. The most common or usual car performance problem arises when its battery terminals get grimy or filthy.
Use a wire-bristle brush for scrubbing off any visible corrosion around and inside the ring terminal and out.
The inside of the ring terminal would have to be scraped with a screwdriver in case the wire-bristled brush is not effective. Any corroded wire should be removed and leave enough wire that can easily reach the terminal.

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