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This specialized kit provides the essential supplies to neutralize, absorb, and clean up incidental battery acid spills. In addition to the best products we also have the best prices for all your first aid needs.
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A while ago, I was a victim of a leaking battery and the first thing I’ve done was to call professional London cleaners. Keep in mind that leaking batteries are really dangerous to keep around, so if you don’t want to threaten yourself or someone else or search for the services of professional cleaning London companies, be more careful! Order Tracking Please enter your Cintas order number and the zip code of the ship-to address on your order. My Company Store Enter your Cintas-provided MyCintas ID, Account Number or Work Email Address. If the stains are only on the surface and have not eaten through the fabric, you may be able to remove them with ammonia.

If the stain persists, mix a small amount of either laundry or dish detergent with one cup of water.
If there is a brown stain on the fabric after it has dried (looks like a rust stain), continue with the following application.
Always test a small hidden area of the fabric to ensure there are no adverse effects to the fibers or coloring. Some rust removers are available in the laundry aisle and are also effective in removing battery acid stains. If the acid has eaten through the fabric, it will be impossible to remove the stain and return the fabric to its original state.
I’m not entirely certain what was on my new favorite shirt, it is turquoise blue and had a large spot with some sort of YELLOW DISCOLORING. The longer the battery acid sits on the carpeting, the more difficult it will be to remove. If the stain is still there, add ? tablespoon of dish washing detergent into a cup of warm water and press down with a moistened rug on the stain very gently.

If after a few minutes, the stain turns brown, mix two parts lukewarm water and one part white vinegar and blot again only once.
As you see the stain transferring to the cloth, continue reapplying and blot with a clean portion of the cloth until no more stain can be removed. Either blot the solution onto the stain or place the stained area in the solution and allow it to soak.
After attempting to remove it with cold water immediately upon discovering it failed, I rechecked my steps to find that I had leaned against a LEAKY CAR BATTERY.
I grabbed the BAKING SODA from the fridge and started following the instructions; I gave it maybe 45 MINUTES to work, and threw it into the WASHER, baking soda and all, and used a normal amount of detergent along with probably 2 cups of AMMONIA, and presto all was fixed.

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