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Please Read - We are working on updating our website and we want to make sure you get the correct battery for your classic car. 1) Send us an e-mail with the following information and we will send you the price and availability on your battery. 3) You know this is your battery and you want us to just send it after you place your order and that is what we will do.
Here’s a great way to clean up your engine compartment and add some additional weight in the truck. The old Nanorex cluster and my Al Foster-phase Pearl Prestige Session kit.  Click on either for a larger image.
If you lost this card, print and shove into the glove box.  You will eventually find it handy. Mainland UK only, no Northern Ireland For further details, please see our Delivery Information. Our 12v Rolls Royce Style Classic Battery Powered Ride-on Car will bring many hours of fun to your kids or grandkids.
This kids battery powered 12v car features the aforementioned remote control system and pedal option - meaning the the car can be operated in two different functions; 1.
It has got EN71 EN61125 EU toy safety certificate, giving you peace of mind that it is a safe toy for you and your kid to enjoy for ages 3+.

Battery digital capacity indicator (a new and unique feature, other kids cars do not have) meaning it is easy to know when the car needs to be charged.
Since 2009 Kids Electric Cars has focused solely on the sale of battery powered ride-on toys . Hi, I'm Hagen Durant, General Manager of Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, TX - I am a huge car and truck enthusiast and love talking cars. This is this years very latest model which now features the parental safety remote control system as well.
As 'ride-on toy specialists' we are always first to sell the brand new 'must-have' cars, offering the largest range of ride-ons in Europe, at the best prices. A no-start situation could be for just about any reason; however, the first thing you should check is the charging system.
Touch the red lead to the positive battery terminal and the black lead to the negative battery terminal. With the vehicle running, touch the red lead to the positive battery terminal and the black lead to the negative battery terminal. Leaving the leads on the terminals, have someone start the vehicle while you are watching the voltmeter. If the battery had to work too hard because the alternator was not charging, you could have drained the battery so that it will never recover.

If the voltage is less than 13.5, the alternator is most likely not charging well, though the battery could have a low charge.
If the battery voltage drops to 10 volts or less, the battery is bad and will not hold a charge. If you need a new battery, alternator or both, call the service department at Classic Chevy to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle repaired. I look forward to giving you great information about cars and trucks, driving tips, maintenance and so much more.
Our 12v Rolls Royce Style Classic Battery Powered Ride-on Car is constructed from toughened and very durable plastic with a beautifully crafted gloss finish. This battery toy car has mp3 input with cable included, front working lights, music and horn buttons, digital battery capacity time therefore making easy to know when the car needs to be charged-up, leather seat pads, extra spare wheel so you can replace any over worn tyre and a safety seat belt. If you are sure the battery is completely charged, you’ll need to replace the alternator.

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