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When a lead acid battery is charged it turns some of the water back to Hydrogen and Oxygen.
The battery in the smart fortwo has a pipe leading from the battery to the outside of the car. Some battery chargers have a desulfation setting that attempts to break down the crystals on the plates. As I have previously said, batteries contain acid and it won't do you any favours if you get it on your skin or in your eyes so be careful and any safety wear like goggles or gloves would be a bonus. Once you have unscrewed the lids, look inside and you should see a maximum level indicator.

It goes without saying that you should take it to the dump so it will be dealt with properly. This is only really effective on newly flattened batteries and even after desulfation, it will never hold the same charge.
So surely it makes more sense to look after what you have, save yourself money and not fill your municipal dump with acid filled boxes. The lead sulfate turns into crystals on the lead plates which reduces the amount of surface area in contact with the acid. Luckily enough it is only the water that is used and not the acid so you can top up the fluid to maintain the battery.

A battery that has been flattened will only hold about 50% of the amperage yet the voltage will remain the same and it will seem to charge OK.

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