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Warren Winovich, Charter Member of the Electric Auto Association, Silicon Valley Chapter kindly presented an engineering analysis of the expected performance of this electric MG. The project comprised removal of engine and gearbox and mounting the electric motor on top of the back axle. The motor was supplied from High Performance Golf Cars in Ontario, California (east of LA).
I was worried about the canterlever effect of the motor hanging out on the framework away from the centerline of the axle. When I connected up the three cables from the controller to the motor I realized that the gap between the connectors was really small. It's funny how quickly wiring can look complicated but really it's all pretty straight-forward.
I found a copper guttering company (Kobett Metals) who fortunately had perfectly cut lengths of solid copper bar which I gratefully accepted (and paid for). Here is the Curtis controller, the 400Amp fuse, shunt for measuring the current flow, the 'contactor' (a relay) (the white cylinder unit) and a bunch of copper bar connections.
Here's the front of the car - you should have seen the expression on the face of the DMV inspector when I opened the hood:). You can see the motor support structure again here - also note the shims under the red motor frame. All Battery come direct from UK Car Breakers, Vehicle Dismantlers and Scrap Yards at discounted prices. We specialise on being the No1 online Car Spares Finder and Locator in the UK and are very confident in supplying you with used and refurbished Battery Spares at very cheap prices.
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The pack will probably last two years and then, hopefully, Lithium or better technologies will be affordable. The sprocket mounts to a 2 inch diameter shaft which bolts to the original flange which is the input to the original differential. I was worried, with the motor bouncing up and down with the wheels that the relative movement of the cables and the motor could cause a short. I might be putting a speaker in the hole to play standard gas engine sounds from am MP3 player.

The controller is the black box mounted to a piece of aluminum bolted to the panel behind the driver. Being a bit concerned about the proximity of the positive and negative cables, I covered negative supply with extra tubing. For those paying attention you'll notice that there are six chargers and only five batteries.
There are plenty of holes in the floor pans but this is a British car and they were probably manufactured with rusty metal in the first place:) I have no intention of driving this car in the wet.
I didn't like the fact that the cable was moving at the copper connector end on the controller. It was perfect to feed the thick cables through and past all the bits of moving metal comprising the motor mounting and the axle.
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Anyone interested in building (or converting) an electric powered car would do well to read this report. A considerable time was spent calculating the correct sprocket combination given the motor specification, weight of the car, acceleration profile required and hill climbing ability.
The motor and controller came as a matched pair in the sense that the controller was programmed to the characteristics of the motor. My speed-o is a hand-held GPS unit (honestly, officer!) and I have two safety items - a fire extinguisher and a pair of cable cutters.
The metal plate with the irregularly cut hole was going to be welded to the diff housing to act as a support for the weight of the motor but now it's really just cosmetic and acts as a fail-safe if the welds on the axle fail. The thinnest cable is for the instrumentation (measuring the voltage of the batteries, that is). Not only that but the terminals are floating meaning that they don't care what the voltage is on either the positive or negative terminal with respect to ground. My original plan was to place four batteries under the car in the transmission well (and hence the substantial support structure).
The diff does get warm when driving.) Note also the two 3x1 rectangular tube sections welded on to the axle. Our Network will deliver New Battery Parts at discounted prices, or even very cheap Used Battery Parts direct to your door.

The gearing of the final differential was left at the standard MG factory setting - namely 4:1. The back of the motor is supported with four bolts and the whole thing rests on two parallel 2x1 rectangular tubes with orthogonal slots cut to allow for adjustment, belt tensioning and alignment.
Note that the motor, mounted to the axle, is unsprung - meaning that the motor bounces up and down relative to the body of the car. The main reason for not welding it is that it's very difficult to successfully weld to cast iron. However, in the end I just put one down there but kept the frames as a useful support for all the cabling that needed to go from the front to the back of the car. Making AutoVillage your Number 1 online car portal for all Automotive Products and Services. All sorts of horrible spiderweb-like cracks can occur and a broken diff housing is not something I wanted. This is excellent news because I can charge all the batteries without having to disconnect anything and it's very much preferable to charge each battery individually rather than in series. This 6 and two arrangement made the ride height of the car pretty much the same as it was originally.
The two lower motor cable could hit the red metal frame so I covered those too with some old rubber hose. I wont be burning rubber off the line but I'll be able to get up to highway speeds without difficulty.
One really time-consuming task was to make sure that the shaft rotated perfectly concentrically with the diff input.
The batteries are secured at their base with metal brackets and then strapped down with roof-rack straps. The chargers are smart charges from Vector (bought at PepBoys) and are perfect because they offer a dedicated AGM charing profile and can supply three different charging currents - 2, 10 and 15 amps. Also, with these smart chargers, I do not have to disconnect the batteries from each other during charging: the negative charging contacts are not gounded so they will charge the battery regardless of the absolute potential of the terminals.

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