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I'm a part time blogger and a full time car enthusiast and found this site to help people find quality used cars for the lowest price. One of the tempting things when you are student is “thought of buying a very cheap car of $500 or $1000”. Students get carried away by the deals that are posted online or offers from others posted in bulletin boards. If it is a used car, you have other things like battery issues, timing belt issues, tires worn out, brake pads, Muffler – Cannot put a cost on these as it all varies. Just imagine you spending all the money and buying a cheap car that lasts for a week or month…some may be lucky…but never trust luck if you know you are buying Junk ! In next posts, I will write about what would be decent used car to buy for a student or professional who is starting career.
Manufacturers recognize that everyone’s vehicle requirements are different and produce fast cheep cars, luxury cheap cars and practical supermini cars. The best cheap cars enjoy popularity, as they are small and easy to park, especially for town-dwellers, as sometimes it seems easier to fly to the Moon than to find a parking place in big cities. Manufacturers of the cheap cars are concerned about people in developing countries who can’t afford expensive new cars and produce economy vehicles. The largest producers and exporters of cheap cars are such Asian countries as China, India, South Korea and Thailand.
The Chery QQ has been manufactured by Chinese company Chery Automotive since 2003 in China and it is also produced in Iran and Sri Lanka. Initially the QQ gained popularity and became the cheapest vehicle, but later it was replaced by other models. Maruti Suzuki is an Indian-based company which produces a range of cars, one of them is a cheap city car Maruti 800. The i10 was presented in New Delhi, India by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai in 2007. All cheap cars in that list cost less than $10,000 and there are some more cars which can also be named cheap, among them are Tata Indica, Geely HQ SRV, Daewoo Matiz and Daewoo Nexia, Hyundai Getz. The only place this car can call home is in Manhattan where it’s impossible to go over 40 mph.
NO Need for Agent.GI on H1B Visa 2017 – News, Quota, Cap, Predictions, Lottery, FAQsKumar on When should you do MBA ? Manufacturers want to satisfy needs of cost-conscious drivers and produce inexpensive cars, using fast-moving technologies.

A cool cheap car is a wonderful idea for those who don’t want to buy used vehicles and that is one more reason, which attracts drivers.
Due to implemented modern technologies cheap cars send less exhaust gases to the atmosphere. Original Chery QQ was renamed into QQ3 in China, after a new sport model QQ6 was launched in 2006. It is a city car, which gained populaiuty and was modernized, and since 2014 a new generation was launched.
It was produced in Brazil and since then built in Poland, India, Morocco, Turkey, South Africa China and Russia and Latin American countries.
The abovementioned cars have different body types and engine variations, depending on the countries, where the cars are manufactured. It is hard to get groceries or go to any movie, mall, etc without having transportation like car.
Although Japanese old cars from Toyota, Honda and Nissan have been pretty reliable, you can never really count on a car. So nowadays the average car buyer can find a combination of dependent reliability, practicality, decent fuel consumption in nice-looking cheap cars. It was aimed at Indian motorcycle drivers, who were expected to replace their motorcycles with Tata Nano. It can accelerate up to 60 km in 30 seconds and reach a speed of a hundred kilometres per hour. Anyway that ‘perpetually smiling’ 4-door city hatchback remains popular in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. Initial version of the i10 had 1.1-liter, 68-horsepower engine, later other variants were produced. The prices vary depending on the countries, newer generations are more expensive, but initially the Logan was engineered as a cheap car and still remains cheap. You will have to depend on seniors or other services provided by University to get groceries too. It was designed to slow down air pollution in India, as that is a very serious ecological problem in the country, and replace three-wheel auto rickshaws. Among its specific features is its trunk, which is accessible from inside the car not from the rear hatch, it has only one windscreen wiper, three lug nuts on the wheels (usually cars have four), there are no airbags, in the basic models there are no radio or CD player, no air conditioning and one wing mirror. Through its thirty-year history Maruti 800 was popular not only in India but in other South Asian countries.

Depending on the countries the Fiat Palio can be equipped with diesel or petrol powerplants, with different capability. Most of us drive alone in our gas guzzling SUVs, so this car fits in well with our lifestyle. People buy these cars to make a statement and I have yet to figure out what that statement is. All the abovementioned cost-cutting features, reduced amount of steel in its construction and low cost Indian labour make the car affordable for unpretentious drivers. In 2007 its production began in India and since then it is produced in Morocco, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Colombia, Iran, India and South Africa. Just imagine, you do not have proper insurance to tow the car, you will have to spend at least $200 dollars to tow the car to mechanic.
The Indian company Bajaj Auto announced that their quadricycle has a fuel efficiency of 35 kilometres per litre and that mileage makes RE60 a good decision for such developing country as India.
It was modernized several times, seriously changed in 1986 but faced a decline after 2010 when emission norms Euro IV were introduced. Comfortable and Luxury have CD player with USB port, electric windows, power steering and trip computer.
The mechanic after he looks at an old car, he gives you a long list of faults to correct and puts a big fat bill. With 220cc engine it can’t reach the speed of 90 km per hour though it was created not for fast driving but for practicality.
The Nano was launched with Euro III compliant emissions and it was expected to offer Euro IV compliance.
You look at the big bill and say, it is more expensive than car and you give up.  So, your investment on the car is $700 already and you get nothing. Overall, your loss is $1000 dollars and you go nothing.  Although, sometimes people get away with old cars and move around. Maruti 800 proved itself as a very popular 5-door hatchback, almost 2.9 million cars were produced throughout its 30-year life. It might look cool to think of you as a Car owner to move around and may be attract some Indian girls to ask you for ride or help.

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