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Why not hook the batteries to the Vehicle power system when you are not using them for charging? Basically I have to remember to add the ground last for parallel (charging Deep Cycles) and remove the ground 1st for Series (charging Lipos). I thought about trying to look for a high amperage DPDT Break before make switch so I could prevent goof ups. The optional equalizing phase is a controlled 5% overcharge, which equalizes and balances the voltage and specific gravity in each cell, the effect of increasing the charge voltage. The optional float phase is where the charge voltage is reduced, held constant and used indefinitely to maintain a fully charged battery. An excellent and easy to understand tutorial on battery charging basics can be found at by drilling down through Charging>Tutorials>Charging Basics. It is important to use the battery manufacturer's charging recommendations whenever possible for optimum performance and life.
Use an external constant current charger, which is set not to deliver more than 12% of the RC rating of the battery and monitor the state-of-charge. More expensive three stage microprocessor controlled chargers are available that will automatically provide bulk, absorption and float charging. If left unattended, a cheap, unregulated trickle battery charger can overcharge your battery because they can "boil off" the electrolyte.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Although most off-the-shelf 12v chargers today are designed to respect deep cycle battery charging rules, it always helps to know what to look for when buying a deep cycle battery charger. Ideally, the charger should also adjust its charging voltage with temperature in order to compensate for the battery. I reviewed several battery chargers that are available on for use as a deep cycle battery charger.
One of the features I like the best about this charger is that you can switch the display back and forth to monitor both battery voltage and charging current. This device is one of the few battery chargers that are truly temperature compensated – however keep in mind that it uses the ambient temperature and not the batteries internal temperature.
These deep cell marine batteries are electrically isolated from the starter batteries through a trail charger and are additionally protected by a low voltage disconnect, which some people call a 12v battery monitor.
Now that I have finished the lions share the structural repair work on the boat, I’ve begun work on a more permanent 12v marine battery system.

By moving the deep cell marine batteries below the floor, I better utilize space and save valuable floor real estate. I would like to say that you did an excellent job of presentation as well providing thorough enough to hit the key points of emphases with out losing me with an over abundance of personal thoughts and reasons about nonsense, all the while giving someone a great yet simple over view of what they are looking at (cost,knowledge and materials) to give that person enough to either per sure the project or not, for what ever that persons personal reasons may be to go forward with the project or not. This post will point out the important features to look for in a battery charger to ensure you get the longest life from your 12v deep cycle battery. You can also adjust initial charging current for 2, 6, or 10 amps, which makes it idea for charging even small deep cycle batteries.
If you have thought about the merits of Gel batteries for deep cycle applications and want to get your feet wet, this charger can do all types of lead acid.
It also explains how I’m expanding the system for charging deep cycle batteries from a wind turbine and solar panels as part of my solar off grid living plans. When we first purchased her, the 12 volt system was powered by two 8-D starter batteries in the engine compartment. This type of configuration is called a ‘hotel’ battery bank since it powers the ‘hotel’ loads (lights, music, water pumps, etc). The wind turbine and solar panels will accomplish the charging of deep cycle batteries while on the hook.
His parents were upgrading the inverter on their luxury yacht and he didn’t have any use for it himself. The idea goes like this: a computer will detect when the deep cell marine battery ‘hotel’ bank is fully charged from the wind turbine and solar panels.
However, it is possible to have flooded cell deep cycle batteries as well as AGM starting batteries. This is in contrast to flooded cell batteries in which oxygen is allowed to enter and exit the battery.
However, picking the right deep cycle battery charger is the only deep cycle battery maintenance that you need to do. For this reason, marine gel batteries (and other types of gel battery for that matter) need to have a special charger.
However, I found several application specific battery chargers that made me stop and go, “Wow! As the battery approaches full charge, this charger automatically tapers off the current and maintains the batteries at precisely 14.4 volts.
The manufacturer is also willing to put their money where their mouth is by offering a limited 10-year warranty. This is how the original electrical system was designed, and it’s a common setup for most boats.

I placed these deep cell marine batteries on the floor and made a simple wooden box to fit over the top. This means that powering my lights and other electronics will not drain my starter batteries. The inverter will have one job and one job only: charging deep cycle batteries, specifically the 48 volt ‘drive’ pack that powers the electric outboard. Weather your a solar enthusiast or not, a good, quality battery charger is an essential tool to have around the house. If a small deep cycle battery charger advertises temperature compensation, then check the details.
You can see for yourself (from looking at the display) that your batteries are being charged as fast as is healthy. When you store your vehicle, you simply plug the end into an extension cord to ensure that the battery is properly maintained during storage. However, the problem with this configuration is that a long weekend can leave you with a dead starter battery and no way to start your engines. This was less than ideal because it took up valuable floor space, but it also allowed easy debugging, rewiring, and servicing.
The 12v battery monitor will disconnect the batteries in the event that I am in danger of draining them to the point of deep discharge damage.
Once 20% of the energy has been removed from the hotel bank, the inverter will be turned off until the panels and turbine can fully recharge the hotel battery bank.
To be clear (and for the sake of this discussion), I want to point out that I am speaking of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.
The temperature inside the battery can be quite different than the ambient temperature, so bear that in mind. Over the last year and a half, this 12v marine battery system has withstood the test of time and performed excellently. An LVD (low voltage disconnect) can extend the life of your batteries by protecting against this single failure mode. In this way, I have enough charge in the hotel bank for use during the day and evening, but any extra power can be allowed to ‘trickle over’ into the drive bank. These are also known as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries or maintenance free batteries.

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