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I used Blink's online app to locate the network's Quick Charge spots in Redwood City, Calif.
Such was the case last Thursday morning when I had to commute from Berkeley to Sunnyvale—a 45 mile one-way trip that I make several times a month.
After checking the online map, and confirming that all systems are go by phone, I decide to stop in Redwood City to charge because there are two different Quick Charge locations close together: Evernote and Silver Springs. We left work at 7 pm, going from Sunnyvale to Redwood City (adding about 15 miles to the trip).
Four miles of remaining range is not necessarily a problem, unless the reliability of the charging station at your destination is questionable.
So I call Blink for the fourth time that day and, lo and behold, this Quick Charger is indeed broken. Blink's failure to maintain proper notification systems and customer service reverberates with negative EV comments on Facebook. What Blink needs to do is very straightforward: improve their own monitoring capabilities so that they get push notifications when a unit is down, and set it up so that consumers like me can get those push notifications on their mobile phones.
Blink already knows all of the chargers I use because they are tracking everything as part of the government-sponsored EV Project. IN the '60's Jetson's cartoon the running gag was that everything is futuristic, but Nothing Works. You'd think that if their billing module died, they would default to free charging until they got fixed.
More importantly, its silly products like these that we in the EV world have to tolerate, and such poor reliability of what should be dirt simple equipment is another reason for the gas driving public to shy away still longer. Who would tolerate a gas pump where it told you it can't communicate with your car to find out what octane is required and whether the tank is empty enough?
That’s finding out the hard way why avoiding a micro range extender in an EV is actually playing against the EV. Remember, the oilies aren’t afraid of 1 % pure electrics, but they are of 99 % almost all electrics. Ironically you were about 4 miles from a Nissan dealer with 2 240V chargers when you were at the second station. But as a Leaf leaser in a part of the country (Colorado, and not Denver area) with few public charging stations we just don't use our Leaf for those kind of trips. I said many times to skip this impossible battery recharging infrastructure and release hydrogen cars with an hydrogen electrolyzer inside the car for unlimited mpg without pollution. IN this instance hard to argue with you other than my slant on it is when Corporate Welfare is involved, this is the kind of thing that happens.. I use chargepoint in Illinois and they are equally bad.There is one charger at Gurnee Mills that has been broken for more than a year.
Ecotality is a company that will continue to milk the taxpayer for cash, and off shore money is salivating to get this whole network for pennies on the taxpayer dollar. That is why Volt makes sense now and it is the "bridge" technology that will get us to the future. According to PlugShare there is a new Blink QC online in Sunnyvale this week at Spirient Communications on Borregas. I've myself been almost left stranded last month, same chargers, under very much the same circumstances, being directed to first then a second already-known-dead unit by Blink's very friendly but staggeringly clueless reps. While this is unacceptable, I still need to give Blink credit for merely getting some quick-chargers installed. 350Green imploded after having installed only one charger (an otherwise rock-solid Efacec unit). Blink QCs are wicked fast, plus they're dual-ported, allowing for continuous back-to-back quick-charges even if people take their sweet time moving their vehicles when ready -- an awesome idea.
Charging anxiety, now, yes, at times -- until Blink accurately reports status, or some other QCs get installed. I understand that the quick charger has to play games with the Lithium Ion Cell 'Charging Charcteristic', but the fact remains it still only operates in Quadrant One. In the OP's case even though there might of been 30-50% left on the meter, I would of L3'd earlier (15mins i guess) and never had this issue. Do people suffer from "grocery anxiety", constantly wondering whether their fridge contains enough milk for the day?
And, if needed, one can just go get more at the local store anyway; sure it's more time-consuming than the morning delivery at the door, but it's totally doable. Now if the stores aka QCs start closing at random times, this safety net all falls apart -- unpredictability sucks, and that's exactly Remy's point. I'm not excusing Blink for not getting it right, as apparently other companies have no problem; I was merely pointing out that those systems wind up being more complex than just the PSU part. What I learned is a bit different than you, and goes more like: "If there is any doubt, keep going, it'll be fine. It has been my experience that Ecotality has been the most reported problem company (compared to the others out there) in the industry. I too rely on QC occasionally but currently only have two AV units in my area but soon to have 4 Blinks and hoping that they do well.
I think Nissan and Tesla's decision to implement their own national QC network is a very valid business decision and one that i feel will help push EVs over the top. But this overexamination of minutia cloaks the fact that this supposedly "highly reliable" equipment apparently (from these distant eyes) is failing all the time. Thanks for the block diagram of the Ecotality ( I think you gave it to me, or else I stumbled onto it on their Website).
As soon as I mentioned MG set in the last post I'm surprised GORR didn't chime in with a Natural Gas powered engine MG set fast charger for EV's, hehe.
If that weren't bad enough, to ensure this hardcore policy, many Nissan dealers actually leave the chargers turned off and only turn them on when requested and it can be proven that the Leaf was bought at that dealership, as well as positioning the chargers in the most inaccessible locations imaginable. Because the Blink app is known to be unreliable and often contains incorrect information, I figured that most reliable source of information would be a Blink tech support specialist – a reasonable assumption – and they are the folks who pointed me in the wrong direction multiple times. I never received any email or other message from Blink telling me I had to re-register my Blink card (not that it would have prevented the problem from happening).
If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two). How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot?

If it is not, then you will have to take the battery off the car, so watch the video below to see how easy it is. Once you have taken off the battery, take it to a safe area with plenty of ventilation and away from kids, pets, naked flames and sparks. Over the course of the last year, wea€™ve seen a radical shift in how phone manufacturers have scrutinized the low-end of the market. Right from the get-go, even before handling phones, the design of a phone has the power to attract people. This too has been a common theme amongst premium phones, theya€™re normally found having larger, higher resolution displays than their low-end mates.
Not all phones abide by this rule, seeing that many just strive to meet the specs requirement for high-end phones. When youa€™re remarked as high-end, you know that the internal hardware is going to impress a€“ so thata€™s why all high-end phones sport the latest and greatest chipsets. Following up on the previous reason, the hardware in high-end phones make them ideal for gaming a€“ they wona€™t stutter with their performances. This one mainly pertains to Android phones, seeing that the platform is greeted with a vast amount of custom skins. Due to how todaya€™s contemporary smartphones are fashioned with large displays, manufacturers endow them with equally beefy sized batteries. All of the aforementioned reasons converge together to classify todaya€™s collection of high-end phone, so ita€™s no surprise that theya€™re more expensive.
I learned this the hard way last April, when I was stranded in my LEAF at a broken Blink Quick Charger in Belmont, Calif. Unlike many Silicon Valley office parks, my employer doesn’t have chargers—so I always stop at a DC fast charger on the way home. It's 45 degrees, so I play it safe by leaving the heat off, and only using the heated seats. Why did the Blink technician not know that the chargers were broken until I plugged in and they failed? So I should be able to turn on mobile notifications so that if any charger I have ever used breaks, I get notified by the Blink mobile app, a text or email, or even an automated call. Ha, yeah in their rush to market Ecotality didn't spend much time thinking though the name of their brand-to-be. Heck, EcoTality might even make more money by billing we taxpayers for fixing their ON THE BLINK equipment. Of course, this doesn't absolve Blink from blame, but the current state of the charging network is so fragmented and uncertain that it is too risky.
After I reported it for the second time I was accidentally copied on an e-mail from a chargepoint engineer saying that it would be great if one day they could get out there and fix all those broken chargers.
Because public charging is not reliable people don't use it and because people don't use it there is no money to fix the chargers. After being criticized for showing so many down charging stations on their Blink website, it appears now it just shows everything is OK by default, no matter what the facts are (that they know).
They fall way shorter than what they were supposed to deliver, but at least they've got a few here in NorCal, something, sadly, no other company can claim.
The Leaf's range estimator (aka guess-o-meter) goes from optimistic when full, to very pessimistic. I'm sad to say that they were really good at getting in line for the Fed handouts when it came time to acquiring money (and they got a tremendous amount of money form the government) but thy have failed in building a reliable system and customer service program. In the Seattle area, I hear about blinks "on the blink" EVERY week so their reliability around here is just as poor and worse, now getting signs of vandalism adding to the problems. They've taken quite a hardling approach to their chargers and have gotten quite a reputation of refusing to let not only non-Leaf vehicles charge there, but even Leafs that weren't purchased from that specific dealership.
Nissan actually corporate supports this policy (I actually emailed and asked about it since the chargers are listed as 'free' on many websites). The report on the Silver Springs charger clearly states it is only available during working hours. There will be EIGHT new CHAdeMO chargers in the Sacramento area by the end of this year, not to mention dozens of new J-plugs.
You're points that I could have better educated myself and possibly avoided what happened are well taken, and I think they will be helpful for people reading this post. I've had that card for 1.5 years (I have successfully used the network plenty of times), so if I need to go through a new reg process the burden, again, is on them to tell me BEFORE I get a disturbing message in flashing red. It only cost me 80p for a bottle, and I got it from my local corner hardware shop.  That 80p saved me the cost of a new battery. However, there are two segments, in particular, that dominate and cover the majority of the landscape a€“ the high-end and low-end.
We know that there are several obvious differences, which we explain below, but there are also subjective reasons that vouch otherwise. Consumers look at the $500+ sticker tags attached to most high-end phones and instantly have a conundrum about it, more so when many folks have been used to paying roughly $200 for one with a 2-year contract. In general, higher end phones receive more attention to detail to their designs a€“ so ita€™s not all that surprising that theya€™re accompanied with premium materials and better constructions. Quad-HD resolution has become the standard, while 720p is the customary resolution nowadays in most basic phones.
Theya€™re necessary in giving them the tight responses we crave when it comes handling some of our intensive tasks. This is a particularly glaring reason why we refrain from running games on low-end phones, since theya€™re just not equipped to handle hardcore gaming.
For iOS and Windows-running devices, their experiences are uniform, as lower end models have identical software experiences.
Yes, a phone with a higher megapixel camera isna€™t automatically predisposed to being superior to those with a lower count one, but high-end phones house larger sensors and other internal goodies that enable them to produce better looking photos. This is a common practice amongst them, and when theya€™re combined with optimizations in their processors and software, high-end phones post longer battery life results than lower-end ones with smaller battery capacities. In fact, most high-end phones occupy the $500+ space a€“ while low-end stuff can be bought for under $200 at times.
So now, I always not only check the Blink Network map, but also call them, when I'm planning a trip that relies on one of their chargers—especially if it’s a Quick Charger. I know the car well enough that I'm confident we’ll reach with miles to spare, but it gets hairy for Jared: as we limp into the Redwood City parking lot where the Silver Springs Quick Charger resides, with only 7 miles of estimated range left.

I still have Blink on the phone, so I check if the Evernote facility is still up and running. Jared took photos and made critical (but admittedly funny) comments about EVs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, vowing to never rely on one again. When he learned that one Quick Charger at Evernote was down, why was he clueless about the Level 2 units also being down? If you confine yourself to trips of 20 miles or less and recharge at home or at an employer, the Leaf is a fine car: economical, quiet, comfortable, fun to drive (in contrast with the Prius which drives like a brick), and super low maintenance. Another time I used a chargepoint charger at a Walgreens and the unit did not work but even worse refused to disengage from my car. ChargePoint may do even worse, calling "quick" (and billing accordingly) some underpowered half-speed Fuji units they have yet to deploy. They have not responded or taken and steps to work with the parties involved to address the issue despite several offers. I always check the online map plus my Blink smartphone app to see the status of the stations. A report on the Evernote station on December 29th indicates it is not working and the Blink network map shows it as unavailable.
And this doesn't count the recent commitment by Nissan to install CHAdeMO chargers at their dealerships. I called blink to report it and the tech told me there was an open case and they were waiting for someone else to report it before sending out a tech. For the longest of time, most consumers perceived low-end phones as those being sold by carriers for a€?freea€? with a 2-year agreement. While ita€™s almost our natural inclination to believe that all high-end phones are superior to their low-end counterparts right from the get-go, there are exceptions to the rule. Phones adorned in leather, metal, and glass usually consist of high-end phones, while plastic continues to be the choice amongst low-end ones.
However, the game is always evolving, as some competitively priced smartphones have donned 1080p resolution as well.
Sure, low-end phones can handle the easy and fluffy stuff, but when youa€™re trying to multi-task or juggle between multiple apps, their performances are usually riddled with delayed and sluggish responses.
When you start to get frame rates of 15 FPS or lower, you know that a phone just wona€™t cut it, which is what we see in the majority of low-end phones. When looking at two Android phones from the same maker, those in the upper echelon have vastly superior, more comprehensive experiences.
Lighting plays a key source in everything, seeing that most phones nowadays are capable of snapping pleasant looking photos in sunny outdoor settings, but under low light, we see a huge disparity.
Our own battery benchmark test is indicative of this, as most of the phones at the top of the list are those in the upper-end.
It was his first day on the job for a three-week consulting gig, and his first ride in an EV.
Yes, both Redwood City DC Quick Chargers are online and open to the public, with no restrictions.
And, as he searches his database, there's more: this charger has been down since December 21.
You need another car for going out of town (we have a 2008 Prius which I had converted to a plugin hybrid using the A123 system) so if you are single you probably would do better with a Volt.
At those prices you would expect the gas station to be pretty reliable and open when you need it. I drove to the Santa Rosa Nissan dealership a few weeks ago, where they already have a Blink CHAdeMO charger.
To the credit of devices in the low-end, their biggest selling point has to be arguably their savings a€“ therea€™s just no comparison there.
In comparison, these $200 and under a€?affordablya€™ priced smartphones pose some intriguing propositions, especially from a monetary standpoint, which make them extremely attractive.We can go on and on, but before we spoil too much right now, make sure to go through the listing below to uncover exactly what makes a high-end phone different from a low-end. Sure, some low-end phones attempt to follow a premium path with some sort of metal body, but usually they still come off a a€?cheapa€™ feeling.
They might not be diehard features sought out by everyone, but nonetheless, high-end phones are accustomed to seeing unique technologies in them.
From one-handed modes, to true side-by-side apps multi-tasking, and much more, theya€™re true workhorses for power users. The camera performance of most low-end phones in this situation come out unfavorable, due to noise inundating the shot, softer details, and a generally washed out composition.
At the same time, these high-end phones offer rapid charging technology of some sort to complement them. That, and the neighbors coming outside when we arrived home with the LEAF being lowered off the tow truck. There are existing mature technologies, not related to EVs and charging infrastructure, that can solve this problem. But the biggest thing I learned was, If there is any doubt you may come up short, Find the closest L2 (or L3) and stay for 45-60mins to gain a few extra miles (just a small buffer). However, I checked the Blink network map myself and the first quick charger you went to at Silver Springs Network is clearly marked, "Available 7AM to 6PM M-F only for free public charging." Also, did you ever register your Blink network card through the Blink website? After a quick lunch at the restaurant across the street from the dealership I was fully charged and on my way. With the recent movement in the wireless industry, phones are now sold either in full without any subsidies, or placed on some sort of installation payment.
Also, dona€™t forget about the video as well, seeing that we take a deeper dive into the whole thing. Low-end phone, on the other hand, still employ the same fundamental features, but all the secondary stuff are omitted. Oppositely, high-end phones deliver the goods with their brighter exposures and crisper details. This means that Blink only learns about a broken unit when a customer finds out it’s not working—in other words, when someone is already stranded.

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