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In hindsight, it’s not surprising the Mitsubishi MiEV EV I drove barely made it to 50 miles rather than its rated 62 miles (100 km). Cold weather is also the reason to consider ordering the extended range battery pack, even if it adds $10,000 or more to the price of your EV. That is true what you said about air-cooled vehicles, but my old VW bus would get so hot inside that on one trip home during Christmas I actually had to strip down to my boxers while driving – and it was snowing outside.
This article just tells me that electric vehicles are still a long way off being practical for most people. Sometimes we take trips to visit family in neighboring states, so we take the ’03 Prius.
The majority of people in the US live in large metro areas (more than half the US population lives in metro areas of 1 million people or more). I agree, But the HFC (hydrogen fuel cell) cars coming out in the next 2-3 years are VERY interesting and the only real drawback still is filling station locations.
People buy cars for a variety of reasons, but I agree, EV does not give you the best value in going from point A to point B, yet.
The gas station in your garage doesn’t do you much good if you have to go away from home does it?
If you could fill up with a gas pump in your garage every night, would you ever even go to the station? Multiply that half hour by every time you need to recharge and you are giving up a good part of your life waiting around for your car to charge. This is a 1% of the time concern for most people and basically all EV owners have a gas car back-up right now for exactly this circumstance. Early adopters are being rewarded with massive gains in stock value in one of the biggest growth industries.
1) gas engines also suffer a 10-20% decline in efficiency (and range) during the cold, anyone who cares to measure this can. Thus gas engine suffer less to produce cabin heat, but only because they are already wasting more than half their energy.
You could start with the fact that cold air is 15% more dense than warm air, so all cars get at least 15% worse mileage.
Factors in mileage include internal friction losses (the engine and drivetrain), road wheel friction with the road, and air resistance.
Except for the purchase PRICE, a Tesla model S would meet at least 90% of my automotive needs!
The article does a poor job pointing out that Gas powered vehicles experience very similar reductions in efficiency in the cold weather!
If it is not, then you will have to take the battery off the car, so watch the video below to see how easy it is. Once you have taken off the battery, take it to a safe area with plenty of ventilation and away from kids, pets, naked flames and sparks.
Whether you have a trusted technician who works on your vehicles, or you prefer to do the work yourself, let ACDelco help you keep your cars and trucks running strong, long, and efficiently. Our Models of Multi machine welder+battry charger+car starter are new in the marketing in 2014. 1) Any of your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours by our experience oversea business seller. Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as Europe, Africa, South Korea, Middle East, and Russia and so on. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. 3-year-old Battery: More than 30% of vehicles with batteries 3 years or older experience battery failure. Heat: Whether from climate or high under-hood operating temperatures, heat accelerates corrosion in the battery. Compare the age of your battery with the average life expectancy of batteries in your part of the country. Visit an Interstate Batteries dealer that has the ED-18 diagnostic system and the expertise to detect problems with your battery and electrical system before your battery fails.
The ED-18 Early Detection Test not only determines if a battery is good or bad; it can detect if it is marginal. The Emergency LED Safety Flare is a great addition to personal safety equipment for any motorist in an event of a breakdown or accident. Most people don’t think about their car’s battery until they turn the key and nothing happens. Once you have cleaned your car battery thoroughly, including the terminals, help keep it corrosion-free in the future by installing anti-corrosion pads that fit around the bases of the terminals. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having to park outside in extreme winter weather knows that a car’s battery suffers as a result. While it’s not a common practice, there are several solar powered charging kits for car batteries. With temperatures dropping well below zero in many parts of the country this week, electric car owners are experiencing the most dramatic real-world cold weather test of EVs since mass-market battery-powered cars were introduced three years ago. Reduced range has pushed some electric car owners to leave their EVs in the garage, and drive gas cars when available, although most drivers are driving less—or not at all—generally due to the harsh conditions or outright driving bans, unrelated to range issues. Ironically, when Lee’s wife asked to use the family’s gas car instead of the EV, she was the one that ended up with range anxiety.
Another Nissan LEAF driver, who experienced a loss of power to his local electric grid for more than a day, used his electric car—which became his sole remaining power source—to charge his cell phone.
Owners of the Tesla Model S are faring best in the cold weather—considering that the luxury EV sedan has a much bigger battery than most other electric cars.

Ron Glogovsky, of Sycamore, Ill., said that he had “no fears at all” about driving his Model S in freezing weather. The confidence of Model S drivers in frigid weather underscored the need for all electric cars to have bigger or more capable battery packs than offered in the most popular affordable EVs.
While vehicles with larger batteries, or with active liquid thermal management systems, such as the Ford Focus, suffered less loss of range during this extreme winter, drivers of the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, had bigger complaints about “extreme” loss of range, especially when the cabin heater was in full use.
Kip Hayden, an i-MiEV driver in Bloomington, Ill., said that his electric car takes longer to charge, and uses energy faster in the cold.
Owners of plug-in hybrids, like the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, also said their vehicle's battery capacity was diminished. John Hansen, a Volt owner in Cottage Grove, Wisc., said “The battery range is definitely down, but still way better than a normal car. I wonder if the owners of a Leaf with a heat pump see an improvement on their energy consumption in this weather compared with the first generation Leaf. It's all in how you drive the car determines how much you'll suffer range loss during the winter. If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two).
How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot? The 12-volt batteries on mainstream cars are prone to failure in the first cold weeks of winter.
Better you get nicked once by the price and enjoy longer driving distances than you remember all the little compromises made regularly to keep your EV going.The problem of cold cars has existed for years. Try living on the central coast of CA, or in other areas of the country where its 15 miles to the nearest store nevermind a mall. A Mitubishi I-MiEV is practical for many, but is quite impractical for the family hauling 5 children to soccer practice, or the man towing his boat, or the man commuting 60 miles a day in sub-freezing weather on the interstate.
For now, Mitsubishi has determined that cutting $6k from the price of the I-MiEV is of greater importance to potential customers than increasing range at the same price. But in California especially with the charging stations, it starts to make sense and it makes a whole lot more sense when this isn’t your only car. I don’t always have friends around to chat with, my days are a little unpredictable that way. If I want to head up north into the beautiful outdoors I don’t want to fret about not having a charger nearby. Plus as you note, dumb things drivers don’t do like check tire pressure, or adjust dragging brakes. However, we don’t think about this reduced efficiency because it only causes us to fill up a bit more frequently than usual instead of causing us to get stranded by your reduced range.
It only cost me 80p for a bottle, and I got it from my local corner hardware shop.  That 80p saved me the cost of a new battery.
If your vehicle is a few years old, have the battery and charging system tested to be sure that your auto battery has the power to start your vehicle and that your alternator is recharging the battery as it should. The machine is single phase 220V input,with multi-functions:MMA welding,battery charging and car starting. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can talk to our customer service center about your sourcing requirements.
This may be as simple as looking for cracks in a belt or excess wear on the brake pads or tires.
Before that abrupt drop, the battery may start the vehicle but it’s performance has begun to decline. Instead of waiting until you are stranded, take the necessary steps now to ensure your car’s battery works properly and lasts as long as possible. While some people might think that’s a little over-the-top, it’s likely that such a neat freak understands that keeping parts like the battery clean actually prolongs its life. Sometimes these devices become damaged, whether by a car accident or just from corrosion built up over time. Batteries need to be reasonably warm to operate optimally otherwise you might notice your car will struggle to start on especially cold mornings.
Even though the various kits look different and have various features, all insulation kits aim to do one thing: keep a battery that is sitting outside in extreme cold temperatures warm enough to operate correctly. Unlike trickle chargers, these kits continuously charge your battery through a solar panel you mount onto your vehicle.
In other words, a lot of drivers in extremely frigid locales avoiding getting in a car altogether or took precautions when they did. While those strategies make a difference, they're optional in warm weather, but absolutely critical in a deep freeze.
If I lived in Saskatchewan, I might think twice about buying a Leaf until they increased the capacity of the battery significantly. When you drive an EV, “your mileage may vary” includes cold weather as well as hard acceleration and late braking. Air-cooled Volkswagens and Porsches took longer to heat the cabin than cars with water-cooled engines.
Playing statistics, a 50 mile range covers most Americans daily commute, and since most American households have multiple cars, the I-MiEV is practical for most of them.
Tesla has taken the opposite approach, dropping the more limited range Model S from production, but not dropping the price. If the car knows the final destination via navigation, maybe it gives you a confidence indicator that you’ll make it.

People buying a Tesla now are showing off (a little bit), helping underwrite the future, and also helping themselves (the HOV lane access).
Buying Honda, Hyundai, or Toyota econobox rather than a Volt or Leaf is the true fool’s errand. Although some of the vehicles put the batteries in the heated area of the car to make them more efficient, but then you need special batteries that don’t off-gas in the closed environment. I want a diesel commuter myself for now but with my wheelchair I need a truck or van and those diesels are workhorses which defeat the benefit. There is no battery swapping, Tesla is lying about that outright to get the maximum amount of subsidies. Conversely, some people claim that denser air (or humid air in rainstorms) has the potential for more energy, or so they say. And it is very seldom that I travel more than 100 miles in a day, so its range of up to 300 miles, is still very adequate, even in wintertime if reduced by cold! The main point is cold weather makes all vehicles less efficient, only EV owners feel it more due to range anxiety.
ACDelco SUV, truck, motorcycle, marine and car batteries have some of the best warranties in the industry, and our alternators are 100% performance- and reliability-tested to help provide you with a quality, proven product.
Our advanced ED-18 system measures conductance, or the battery’s ability to deliver current, to predict at what temperature a battery may fail to start your vehicle. For the best results you need to remove the battery’s connections and clean the terminals as well as the clamps, since any corrosion can reduce the amount of electricity going to and from the battery and eventually lead to corrosion that eats through the wires. If your battery isn’t properly secured it could slam against the car’s frame or other parts in the engine bay, potentially rupturing the battery and allowing the acid inside to spill everywhere.
Look for a charger that automatically shuts off once your battery is full, otherwise you can reduce the battery’s life by overcharging it. Just because a warm battery is a good thing doesn’t mean you should try to score a heated garage since that luxury can also lead to rusty car parts.
Do your homework about the various kits before you make a purchasing decision, just like you would with any other automotive accessory. Solar charging kits aren’t for everyone since they obviously have their aesthetic drawbacks some car owners will find distasteful. Sam Villella, owner of a Tesla Model S and a Chevrolet Volt in Minneapolis, Minn., said that he has not curtailed his 130-mile round-trip to work every day. As temperatures dip below freezing, you could lose 25% of your electric vehicle’s precious range. Perhaps they’ll get battery costs down and fast charge networks are already planned so we can make the distance trip within a decade using electricity. Tesla SuperCharger stations, the holy grail of charging, are few and far between in the Northeast today, but there still are 220V chargers and they can top you off. With an electric vehicle, the basic human comfort of warmth subtracts from how far you can travel. The trick is to still check up on the battery and swap out the pads as needed, otherwise they won’t keep the corrosion in check as well. Avoid the mess and the hassle of buying a new battery by securing your car’s battery in its spot now. It’s easiest to use a charger at night when a vehicle is garaged, but you can charge the battery outside during the daytime. Don’t be surprised if you see car battery solar charging technology creep into production cars in the near future. Batteries are less efficient in cold weather, they don’t regenerate as well, and electric heating for the cabin, seats, and windows drains your range, too.The same thing happened when I drove a Tesla Model S. Go to work, take some co-worker to lunch, back to work, come home, go to a restaurant, the grocery, and back home–all less than a 50 mile trip.
TESLA also offers FREE ELECTRICITY from its charger network for original buyers of its car, like “Free Gas”! Some chargers will get the job done significantly faster than others, but they usually cost quite a bit more. The good news is automakers will likely hide solar panels in clever spaces on their cars so the solar panels actually look good instead of making an otherwise attractive car look ugly. During the afternoon with temperatures above freezing, the discharge rate indicated I wasn’t far off from that kind of efficiency. Trying to charge at the same rate that’s possible during warm weather can shorten the battery’s life. Driving at night as temperatures fell into the 20s (0C to -5C), I found the range fell noticeably faster than the distance gauge suggested at the start of the trip. The Nissan Leaf uses an electric heater to keep the battery warm; the energy comes from the battery, although the energy expended to heat the battery is outweighed by the additional power that becomes available.
Combustion engine cars give off enough waste heat to quickly warm the cockpit without hurting range. In both the MiEV and Tesla, as I saw range dropping, I dialed back the heat and put on a parka and gloves.Researchers are looking into different battery electrolytes that would be conducive to quick charging without compromising conductivity.
EV makers could also make thicker, less conductive window glass and better insulate the car. Both would also reduce road noise.How to maximize the range of your EVIf you have a garage, park your EV there since it’s warmer than outside. Even the infotainment system draws power and I’ve been in EVs that wanted to power down the head unit to conserve power.

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