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The starter relay has an ignition ballast resistor bypass circuit built into it, in order to provide full 12v at the coil when cranking. As an aside to this, the Ford manuals are a real pain as nowhere do they give a wiring diagram for a '68 Mustang with factory tach. If anybody gets stuck on this like I did, diligent research reveals that there IS a diagram for '68 Cougar with tach, which is near enough to explain the differences.
Out of interest, and hopefully not for future reference, if this happens (key out and car keeps running) how do you stop it? A friend of mine (who is a lot more skilful with a soldering iron) offered to fit it for me. As to fuseboxes, I sincerely hope I never get a fuse blow as I have a Shelby centre console fitted. Exact same date code in bottom along with same numbering scheme as the one posted by Matt (Cookie) for the 68. When I wired in the OEM Rally pack on my 65 the tacho is effectively a well damped ameter that went in the pink ignition line to the coil. In order to squeeze out every last minute of battery life, everyone seems to have their own superstitions. This one might have been developed by the big manufacturers in order to shift more of their overpriced chargers. Sure, they might not charge your smartphone or laptop as quickly as the matching brand, but they’ll still do an amicable job without leaving any lasting damage on your device. Our reliance on technology such as smartphones and laptops leaves us craving an ongoing connection to the digital world. Apple have previously recommended you switch your device off overnight at least once a week.
Before you decide to run your phone down in order to let it put its feet up, a word of warning. Ultimately, batteries won’t last forever, and their condition is maintained over a finite amount of cycle charges. Essentially, the best advice is to keep it unplugged when it’s not in use, saving it from being plugged in for months on end at your desk, which would lead to a slow deterioration in its condition. To lessen the effect heat can have on a laptop’s battery, you could remove it and run the system purely from the mains.
On the opposite end of the thermostat, severe cold temperatures will also do lasting damage to a battery’s capacity.
You’ve probably heard the occasional horror story of phones exploding or user’s getting nasty electric shocks whilst using a charging smartphone.
If you stick to trusted charger manufacturers, you shouldn’t run into any potentially dangerous scenarios.
Will Hinch Hey, Will here reporting on all the latest news and releases in the tech world for the Ebuyer blog.
If you like the sudden realisation that Facebook knows more about you than some of your closest friends, you will love the new Slideshow feature. So you are saying that after 30 minutes the top battery indicator lights go out and the blinking green changing light goes on.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive Newsmembers contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. In the EU, EV drivers carry charging cards that allow them to use public charging stations. Our Smart Charging technology ensures an efficient use of the available power. Through our cloud-based management software and support service, we help you with the tracking and management of your charging station(s).

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Vivian is EV-Box's Creative Marketer, responsible for building EV-Box's brand identity and social presence. EV-Box is the international market leader in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures and related cloud-based services, with an installed base of over 38,000 charging points worldwide that serve individuals, businesses, facilities and major public charging networks. I had recently disconnected my battery to start removing an aftermarket alarm that was on the vehicle.
Although new, it looks a cheap imitation and I've read about problems with these, so I suspect this. I've had both happen - the motor still running with the key in my hand and the starter motor continuously turning over.
Running out of juice at vital moment, you’re left helplessly stuck at the side of the road with a broken down car. But it’s true, if your charger goes kaput, the most efficient option would be to purchase the relevant charger from the same brand as your device.
Similarly, restoring a device can give your battery a lift, and lead to an extended battery life. Your battery will actually stay in much better condition if you charge for shorter periods more often, rather than longer periods less often. If you’re getting nervous when your phone is on 100% charge but still plugged in, don’t be. Batteries remain at their peak whilst charged between 40-80% (hence why they come around half charged when you buy a new phone). Apple have previously stated that you shouldn’t leave their MacBook range of laptops plugged in for all of eternity.
A battery’s capacity will diminish if exposed to extreme heat over long periods, and this can become common if you’re constantly running your device through rigorous tasks. Bin that age-old myth that a battery lasts longer in the freezer and don’t take your laptop with you on your next trip to the Arctic.
Whilst they do crop up, it’s likely to be down to a dodgy charger rather than actually using the device.
Away from writing, I enjoy cricket (but I'll never play for Yorkshire), video games and getting ribbed for supporting Barnsley FC. You don’t need to match the charger manufacturer with the device, just avoid counterfeit.
But there is something weird happening on Mars' surface -- and it's something that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the universe. Over 750 restaurants will be participating in the Dutch National Restaurant Week between March 30th and April 10th.
All of our charging stations are connected with the EV-Box management software, which registers all charging sessions. While your guests charge from your stations, you’ll recoup the electricity costs with their payments. We help you avoid overcapacity and maintain innovative charging that doesn’t affect other electrical devices within your facility. Graduated from Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam and The New School in New York, Vivian has a keen eye for the latest developments of the Interwebs and is an avid admirer of animation. If the problem happens again, I will change back the original SR to see if that is indeed the problem.

If this relay contact sticks, it can keep the engine running even if you turn off the key and disconnect the battery as other have stated. If this sticks, it'll keep the ignition feed to the coil live at 12v and will continue to run even with the key removed.
I had the idea to tap the relay on the second issue but didn't think it was involvedIin the first fault.
If RS do one that will work then that will be good or dig around and see if you can find one NOS.
Contrary to popular opinion however, investing in a cheaper, more versatile charger made by a generic brand will do your device no harm whatsoever.
A smartphone’s battery won’t continue to be charged after it’s been maxed out, it’ll just bypass the battery altogether.
So, as much as you can help it, it’s best to try and balance your phone’s charge to keep them in those boundaries as much as possible.
For laptops this is an even more prominent issue, as batteries are generally housed near components that generate no small amount of heat. The max output is 15W, meaning you can gas up three phones or one phone and one tablet at a time.
I would listen to this a thousand times over that Fall Out Boy disaster they released last week.
When power to the 12v sockets gets interrupted after 30 minutes the ignition is turned on, the light goes blank and the power light(green) starts blinking.
While topping off our tummies, wouldn’t it be nice if we could top off our electric tank too? In addition to residents and workplaces, EV drivers can now charge everywhere they go; shopping centers, theaters, car parks, and even at hotels and restaurants.
Google Maps, Yelp, and EV Charging apps such as ChargeNet, EV drivers will soon be able to locate your charging station and restaurant just one tap away. EV-Box settles the charging costs with card holders that have charged at your facility, and you’ll receive the revenue made from these charging sessions on a monthly basis. The revenue made on your charging stations can often cover and even exceed your monthly costs during high seasons.
A quick fix is a sharp whack with a non-conductive tool, that'll free the stuck relay and cut off the 12v coil bypass feed. When I fitted the Pertonics unit the old tacho would not not work so I fitted a modern tacho. If you’re going to be moving it around a lot (going ear to ear, turning it to watch videos constantly) please unplug it. To charge the battery itself, plug an additional built-in USB into an adaptor or directly into your computer, and you’ll be back at full power in two to three hours.
I'm sorry I'm still confused why you think your car is not getting a charge after the 30 minute time frame. Pretty much every electric car can charge around 20-25% over lunchtime, so you can easily get to your next meeting without ever worrying about an empty car battery.
Short of broken screens, charge ports that stop working is the next most common repair I do.
It turns out that the reason that you haven't been able to find one specific to the 68 Mustang with tach is that this diagram doesn't exist.

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