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Ford Taurus Charging System Wiring Diagrams here are schematic diagrams of Ford Taurus Charging system, this parts function is for provide the source of electrical enegry while engine running and charging battery unit, this schematic diagrams show the charging system consist of alternator, regulator and interconnecting wiring. To check the condition of the battery under a load, put the meter on the battery terminals and have a helper start the car. Note: Doing these tests when both the car is cold and at operating temperature is best because the heat will affect the readings. Always turn on the lights for a few minutes and watch the battery voltage, if it suddenly drops to 10.x volts you have a bad cell. Check your Alt voltage with a fully charged battery, use a 6 amp charger, overnight is best, the charge will drop to almost nothing when its fully charged. It's a handy little trick if you need to leave your trailer by the side of the road for some period of time (or just want to draw attention in the campground, I suppose). Take a standard 2-pronged turn-signal flasher, and insert it into the 7-pin connector on the trailer between pins 1 and 7. I am not including a break-a-way battery in this senerio as it wouldn't last long and is a completely seperate circuit that runs parallel to the brake circuit. With a jump, the car turns over fine and will run forever with no difficulties, but no matter how long it runs for, the battery is never recharged. Except, when they were testing it at Advance, they hooked up a third lead which was not hooked up when I removed the alternator. I've attached two images, one of the bay where the alternator was, and one of the back of the alternator. If I have a post on here that has a dead pic PM me, I selfishly reorganized my photobucket in boredom. There were only two leads hooked up when I pulled the alternator off, and I don't know how many there were supposed to be. If you look in the picture on the left side of the alternator, you can see a larger screw and a small screw.
However, again if you look, on the far right side there is a white plastic plug with a male receptor. And the battery light has never come one since I've owned the car, except when starting the engine and when the key isn't fully turned. Look no further than Performance Chips Direct for the best performance chips on the market! You can pick up a Digital Volt Meter at any auto store, one capable of doing the job for $20 or so(Harbor Freight's $5 meter is fine too).

It is a good idea to do this especially for the AC ripple test, DC output, and diode leakage tests. Diode leakage can kill your battery over time very quickly as it puts an additional draw on the battery when the car is off.
I'm sure a lot of people will wonder why a DIY for something easy, but some don't realize all the variables that need to be right and can be easily checked.
Very true that diode leakage can really show up at a higher value when the engine is at operating temperature. The basic battery load testers look for two things and print out a paper telling you the status of the battery(if the cells are healthy) and also the state of charge. I installed flood lights on his truck with and without color filters and installed turn signal flashers in alternate side pairs to make them flash at non sequenced timing.
The battery is brand new, just bought it a week ago (standard procedure for me when buying a new car) and after a week of the starter cranking over slower and slower, it is now obvious that the alternator is not charging the battery back up. And the wires running from the alternator to the starter, and then from the starter to the battery all appear to check out. The missing lead hooked to the white plug, and the two screw-terminals were filled with the power and ground wires.
And if you need more description, for me to look at something in particular, or to take more pictures, just let me know.
If you've had battery issues or overall power problems, these tests will help diagnose any problems.
The diodes will leak more when the car is hot as mentioned, so a warm engine for testing is best.
THE BATTERY ACTS AS A BUFFER AND FILTERS OUT ANY SPIKES FROM THE REGULATOR, SO WITHOUT THE BATTERY, THE REGULATOR CAN BE DAMAGED!!! Andrews are reporting great progress in their work on the air-powered battery, which is being designed to replace the lithium cobalt oxide electrode in the fuel cell.
With a fully charged battery the voltage across the terminals should read 12.6V DC or higher with the car off. The ultimate way to check the status of the alternator is by removing it out of the car and have it bench tested for free at most auto stores, but a handheld digital meter will be able to do most of the same tests.
To check you will need to turn the car on, turn on the high beams and heater blower switch on high. Also easier to cut and paste a link rather than write a book when someone is having issues.

If the car has sat for a few days the voltage may drop slightly, but should never drop below 12.2V DC. The only other thing a bench test does is a load test, but a clamp-on ampmeter can give you a rough idea of what its putting out(it will not tell you max rated ouput of DC Amps at max RPM).
Put the red meter lead on the + terminal on the battery and black meter lead on the - terminal on the battery.
To check, set the meter to Volts DC and put the red meter lead on the + terminal on the battery and the black lead on the - negative terminal.
If you do have a battery malfunction indicator then that means there is a loss of running voltage and either the alt is out of the loop or bad. Battery indicator will not tell you if you have a bad battery, only when running voltage has dropped too low(from running off the battery perhaps).
Connect the positive wire back on onto the battery terminal, making sure the unbolted alternator wire is clear from any ground. What is lighter than air, after all?  But the batteries would be cheaper as well, as the battery cells would be made with a lightweight porous carbon. One last thing to consider is making sure the terminals are clean and tight as the cars electrical system can act strange simply if there is an issue with the connections.
If it is low at idle but comes within range at 3K RPM, then your battery is weak and needs to be checked for voltage. They just told you your battery is in a state where it should accept a charge but also needs charged up. The safest way is to use alligator clips and clip them between the meter terminals and the connections you are reading from so you dont have to hold the meter lead tip at the bolted wire on the alternator.
If the battery voltage is less then 12.6 VDC, the alternator may produce slightly higher readings.
Oxygen drawn from the air reacts within the porous carbon to release the electrical charge in this lithium-air battery.

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