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Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston performed the first penis transplant in the US earlier this month, The New York Times reports. If everything goes well, the recipient, a bank courier named Thomas Manning, will be able to urinate normally within a few weeks and regain sexual functions within weeks to months.
Last week, the planet Mercury put on a show for astronomers by trekking across the Sun for 7.5 hours. Garmin just announced the new Vivosmart HR+, an upgraded version of one of the company's flagship wrist-worn fitness trackers. Like its predecessor, the new version of the Vivosmart HR+ is water-resistant, has a black-and-white display, and tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be the next member of the Canadian Space Agency to go into space. Fox announced its fall and mid-season TV schedule this morning, revealing new information on a handful of highly anticipated reboots and adaptations premiering in the next year.
I was the first of my friends to have a system like that, and so when any of them came around to watch a film on my system for the first time, what did I put on? When Nintendo announced the Mario mash-up pack for the Wii U version of Minecraft, it revealed a slate of Mushroom Kingdom-themed content for people to play around with. The prebuilt world was created by developers Mojang and 4J using the various elements that come in the new mash-up pack. Lyft has agreed to more than double its settlement in a class action lawsuit in California after a judge rejected a $12.25 million deal as too small. The settlement echoes a similar deal between Uber and its drivers in California and Massachusetts. Video game movies are notorious for spending eternity in development hell, but this one's actually happening: here's the first trailer for Assassin's Creed. BBC’s Attenborough’s Life That Glows is an absolutely gorgeous look at the mysterious creatures around the world that have bioluminescent powers. Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. Superheroes have superpowers and exist in worlds where reality doesn’t exactly exist and have weird names and are totally not all the way human. A crowd of wealthy investors, transportation experts, media, and even North Las Vegas Mayor John Jay Lee, watched as a roughly 10-foot long sled shot down a short train track and then crashed into a pile of sand. Although we do not know the official details of this quite serious incident, we wanted to share the above photo to highlight the potential dangers of LiPo fires. Usually, the thought of going to Bracknell to test drive a Volvo wouldn't fill me with that much excitement. Fortunately this invite was a little different because it was to check out a car that to all intents and purposes looks and feels like a petrol car, only gets its power from the electricity mains. At a time when most energy efficient cars are either 'hybrid' vehicles like the Toyota Prius using a mixture of electricity and petrol, or smaller electric cars like the G-Whizz, the Volvo C30 Electric stands out for being, well, a normal Volvo C30 family car - at least at first glance. Open up the bonnet, for example, and rather than a big oily engine you are greeted with what can only be described as a giant fuse box with lots of neat orange cables.
As you might expect from a brand so closely with safety, Volvo has done a lot of safety checks already. This means, for example, ensuring that the passenger seats aren't pushed into the middle of the vehicle where the battery is situated if it's hit from the side. The first batch of production models will be available from next year, but with the Lithum Ion battery alone currently costing $80,000 I'm guessing the Volvo C30 Electric won't be exactly cheap though official prices have yet to be announced.
Those with their own garages will be able to use their own home's mains power but for those who have their cars parked on the street it's simply not practical to have cables running across the pavement! Because I enjoy reading and learning but find myself a relative novice to vehicle repair I’ve shared portions of these word for word from different website locations.  Feel free to check out these and other websites listed below and take the time to read your user’s manual. Most common problems are caused by terminals and clamp connections or by a loss of voltage, often caused by constant use on short journeys. Some of the most common reasons cars and trucks overheat are a faulty cooling system or low fluid level.
This problem may occur for a variety of issues, such as a dirty air filter, which can require the engine to work much harder and can cause drivability problems. Transmissions continue to get more reliable but there are still thousands that are about to fail. Clutch cables are under high stress, and abrasion can weaken the wire strands until they break; replace at the first signs of wear is the best answer.
As much as we try to avoid disabling accidents sometimes circumstances and other drivers are just not within our control. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The “Grab the Cat” scene from the movie Lethal Weapon 3 is being played out in training rooms across America thanks to a generous $4.4 million grant from the Department of Energy.
If you’re not familiar with the scene, first responders, Detectives Riggs and Murtaugh, are trying to disarm a car bomb, while a cat plays nearby.
Well that scene, minus the explosion, is just another of the unintended benefits brought to us by the award-winning designers of the Chevy Volt. Unlike old-fashioned lead acid batteries, the Chevy Volt lithium battery contains enough of a punch that it can kill you- and anyone else who is not grounded- if first responders cut the wrong wires or even the right ones, as Stephen Smoot reminded us last week on Townhall.
Before I even get in a vehicle, I always try to identify the safe cut points for extrication. In response, General Motors- after a year of sales- is considering ways to allow first responders to discharge the battery so they can have a safe working environment.
Yeah, well that’s all fine and good in the real world, but the Chevy Volt is a government program. Maybe that’s a lesson he learned as the last company he was CEO of, XO Communications, went into bankruptcy. In 1999, just three years before bankruptcy, mediabistro reports that Akerson’s average monthly compensation at XO was $15,045,578. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those OWS types who think CEOs should make minimum wage. Akerson’s flagship offering, the Chevy Volt, has all the safety features of the Pinto and the Corvair, housed in the elegant styling of the Gremlin with a 25 mile range- if you don’t use heat and air conditioning. Just exactly why are we putting first responders or anyone else in danger for this vehicle? The groundbreaking procedure, underwent by a 64-year-old patient whose penis was removed because of cancer, could be used to help injured veterans, cancer patients, and accident victims.
In what is known as a Mercury transit, the tiny planet passed between the Sun and Earth, appearing as a tiny black dot moving slowly across the Sun's bright disc. The new model comes with a GPS radio, and is now able to automatically detect and track your activities thanks to the inclusion of the company's Move IQ software. Today the company announced Spaces, an app for Android, iOS, and the web that's designed to make it easier to share, well, stuff from the web in group conversations.

Navdeep Bains, Canada's minister of innovation, science, and economic development, announced today that Saint-Jacques will travel to the International Space Station in November of 2018.
It was that mixtape — a 13-track collection of druggy and ecstatic hip-hop so goofy it sometimes sounded like nursery rhymes — that propelled Chancelor Bennett from underground Chicago upstart to slightly less underground Chicago upstart. Back when the film first came out in 1986 (30 years ago today), I’d just bought myself a large Sony TV and a state-of-the-art Sony VCR and amp, which meant I could watch films in loud, stereo sound.
The game will get 40 character skins, so you can dress up as Mario or Peach, and you can change the look of surfaces so that they will seem as if they came from the Mario universe. Drivers for the service argued that they'd been misclassified as independent contractors, rather than employees, and are set to receive $27 million under the revised settlement. The movie doesn't appear to take too heavily from any of the games in particular, but it's very much in line with the series' usual tropes — the plot sees Marion Cotillard send Michael Fassbender back to the time of the Spanish Inquisition to alter the genetic memories left by an assassin ancestor.
It details the lives of fireflies, glow worms, fungi, fish, squid, plankton, and other creatures, and shows how they use their glow-in-the-dark abilities. But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? Hyperloop One, the LA-based startup striving to realize Elon Musk's pipe dream, conducted it's first public open-air test in the Nevada desert Wednesday. It was an inauspicious way to kick off what's supposed to be a global revolution in transportation.
This aerial view, courtesy of a drone, captures something not often seen: a pod of false killer whales (which are a species of dolphins, of course) chasing and hunting down a shark in the waters near Sydney, Australia.
Johnson hopped onto Instagram this afternoon to confirm reports that Black was joining the Jake Kasdan-directed reboot, which is scheduled to land in theaters sometime next summer.
Of course there are lots of differences that the boffins from Gothenburg could bore you stupid about over a pint of overpriced Swedish beer. And running through the centre of the car under the floor is a big heavy Lithium Ion battery, like you find in a laptop or in a mobile phone, only much, much bigger. You only have to type 'Lithium Ion Battery Explode' into YouTube to see the dangers of using electricity which means that a lot of work has gone into ensuring that if the car is hit that the battery doesn't go up in flames. So far 11 vehicles have been crash tested but there are bound to be many more before the vehicle goes into mass production in 2014. Obviously that doesn't make it the quickest car in the world, but it does offer much better performance than today's electric cars. For the rest of us mere mortals without money to burn I think it will be at least a three year wait before this particular electric dream becomes a reality.
For electric cars to really represent the future a lot of work has to go into building the infrastructure first. At every service, check that terminals have been cleaned and protected from corrosion with a layer of petroleum jelly or grease.
While there is little you can do to maintain the alternator yourself, you can watch out for signs that tell you when your alternator is faulty. During hotter months, your vehicle’s cooling system has to work harder to prevent engine overheating. In high heat and humidity, vehicles are prone to problems with exhaust gas recirculation, which sends a portion of the exhaust back through the engine to help reduce emissions.
Every engine needs oil between its moving parts not only to reduce friction but also to carry away heat.
As cars become more and more complex, electrical faults are responsible for a greater number of breakdowns.
Most people fail to have their transmissions service and fluid changed and components adjusted. Make sure that you replace plugs at the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Construction projects, confusing signs, impatient drivers, cell phones and a whole host of other issues puts us more at risk than ever before. But since all of us are shareholders in GM, and since XO did go into bankruptcy and since Akerson was the knucklehead who decided two years ago to increase production capacity of the Chevy Volt by 50 percent, you do have to wonder if the guy has the extra capacity to learn anything. It's an event that happens only about 13 times a century, so astronomers were out in full force with specialized telescopes to observe the transit. That means you could take off for a run without hitting any buttons and, when you return, have an accurately-mapped record of your workout.
These are called "otoacoustic emissions," and they happen when the specialized hairs on and inside the cochlea — called hair cells — vibrate either spontaneously or in response to auditory stimulation. His star rose quickly as the months passed, performing at big festivals and collaborating with artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Jeremih. A series-length contemporary version of The Exorcist starring Geena Davis and Alfonso Herrera will possess Fox's Friday nights alongside a new season of Hell's Kitchen, and a new take on Lethal Weapon starring Damon Wayans will lead into new episodes of Empire on Wednesday nights. This is roughly 17 percent of the $156 million sum that attorneys say the drivers could have recovered had they been recognized as employees. He also confirmed that Kevin Hart is part of what he termed "the Jumanji Breakfast Club," a casting that's been rumored for weeks.
The weirdest thing about it was it was so quiet that I hadn't even realised I had turned the engine on. Volvo reckons its performance is roughly similar to a 1.6 litre diesel engine car which sounds about right. Of course there are lots of differences that the boffins from Gothenburg could bore you stupid about over a pint of overpriced Swedish beer.\n\nOpen up the bonnet, for example, and rather than a big oily engine you are greeted with what can only be described as a giant fuse box with lots of neat orange cables. Look out for a flickering of your battery warning light on the dashboard for instance, keep an eye out for dimmed headlamps and dimmed dashboard lights when the engine is idling and it your car turns over slowly or takes longer to start you may have a problem. Tire pressure – If a tire is under inflated extra strain is put on the tire wall which can lead to failure. Check your car’s fluids, such as engine coolant, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, washer fluid and engine oil regularly. In the summer, this flow can build up in your intake manifold, causing blockages and drivability problems. Oil is the primary means by which the rod and main bearings are cooled, as well as the pistons. This causes increased stress and wear and tear on transmissions leading to premature failure and expensive repair costs. As he watches the bomb’s timer begin to hyper-accelerate, he realizes that he’s cut the wrong wire.
Scientists have known about these emissions for a while and they use them to screen newborns for hearing problems.
Acid Rap’s long-awaited follow-up, Coloring Book, came last week, and it’s easy to feel the time that’s passed between the two.
Neither show has a specific premiere date yet, but they're on track to start airing sometime in September. Those four minutes were a movie; a beautifully crafted, adrenaline-filled, self-indulgent tribute to the raw speed and power of flying heavy metal.

But it turns out there’s more coming to the game than just tools for creative Mario fans: there’s a whole new world to explore that pulls together elements from virtually every Mario game for a huge dose of nostalgia.
On display was proof that Elon Musk’s dream of a transportation system that breaks the barriers of speed and time was a step closer to reality. After all one of the biggest challenges will be providing enough points where you can charge the vehicle. Car batteries rarely signal failure ahead of time and often occur at the most inopportune time, such as during a getaway. Other dangers of under inflated tires include longer stopping distances, reduced handling characteristics and increased wear on the tread of the tire.
Evaporative leak: Evaporative emissions are caused by fuel volatility, or its tendency to change from liquid to gas. Don’t wait until your dashboard warning light comes on or you find yourself pulled to the side of the road with a steaming hood.
The best way to help prevent this type of problem is to make sure you get your car checked out when the first symptoms of a problem show up, if you start to get an intermittent fault or starting your car becomes a problem, get it looked at right away, don’t wait for it to fail completely. But now, an Australian startup called Nura claims to have created headphones that can pick up and analyze these emissions to optimize the listening experience.
For one thing, Coloring Book was released as a two-week Apple Music exclusive instead of a free download, as his past mixtapes were. The news comes via Peter Rojas, who tweeted that this headset will be “less powerful” than a Vive or Rift, but won’t require a phone to power it along like the Gear VR. Hot summer months are the worst conditions for your battery, although personal experience in cold high maintain valleys leads me to conclude that cold or any extreme temperature will have detrimental effects on the longevity of your battery.
Tire gauges are inexpensive and easy to use, but most garages will check your tire pressure at no cost to you. A rise in outside temperature can cause an increase in pressure in your gas tank, which must be vented to prevent the gas tank from deforming. If you do wind up in this situation, turn off your air conditioning and turn on your heater. In short, the headphones work like self-regulated equalizers, customized specifically to a listener's ears. Android VR will definitely be announced next week, and from what I’ve heard will be less powerful than the Vive or Rift. Volvo claims the C30 Electric car can currently has a range of 150 Km and needs to be charged for around 8 hours using conventional AC power mains (there is a 1 hour quick charging point on the car but as yet there aren't any places where this could be used.)\n\nAs you might expect from a brand so closely with safety, Volvo has done a lot of safety checks already. A red ignition warning light plus a rapid rise in engine temperature could indicate a broken belt. Damage to tires – This can be caused by hitting something or running over something sharp. They are vented from your gas tank into a charcoal canister on your vehicle, which absorbs the fuel vapor and stores it until the engine is started and the vapors can be purged.
Although it’s hot, it can help remove heat from the engine and use the additional fans to cool things down until you can get to safety. If accurate, that means the familiar ‘Okay, Google’ command would be available throughout your home, all the time. These pieces are engineered to keep your battery cool and divert fresh air across the battery to extend its life.
Stop straight away.  If your alternator is not charging the battery you will need to get your alternator checked. Oil starvation is almost always fatal to any engine, and is usually the result of a failed oil pump, a plugged oil pickup screen inside the oil pan, or a low oil level.
Always an added bonus!\n\nThis means, for example, ensuring that the passenger seats aren't pushed into the middle of the vehicle where the battery is situated if it's hit from the side. Anything that’s blocking or restricting flow causes you, or your engine, to have to work harder to get the same level of oxygen. If you suspect engine damage may have been caused by a low oil level, check the dipstick to see how much oil is in the pan.
You can do this with a simple battery tester that plugs into your vehicle’s 12-volt receptacle. Check the operator’s manual and adjust pressures as required to suit different speeds and loads. The easiest way to check if your thermostat is not open is to feel the upper radiator hose.
Consult a specialist tire dealer if any damage is visible; most tires can be cheaply repaired by a service station whereas letting problems drag out will likely result in having to purchase new tires, and that isn’t cheap. When checking tread depth, look for uneven tire wear – the wheels may be misaligned or need to be rotated. If your vehicle is losing coolant there will not be enough left in the vehicle to keep it cool. This is easy to diagnose as the radiator will be low on fluid and there will probably be a pool of coolant on the floor of your garage. Check that the jack and wheel-removal tools are in good condition and that the key or removal tool for locking wheel nuts is accessible. Look for leaks in the most common places like around hoses and around the welds of your radiator. If you cannot find the leak you might need to take it to a shop to have the cooling system pressure tested.
While some newer vehicles have tire-pressure monitoring systems, most cars’ computers will not detect this problem. The water pump is a vital part of your cooling system since it is responsible for circulating coolant through your engine. With a faulty water pump your vehicle will not run for more than a few minutes without overheating. The mechanical fan will run all of the time but has a clutch which makes it turn faster when the engine heats up. With the car turned off the fan should not turn too easily especially when the vehicle is warm. If you suspect a clogged radiator you should take it to a shop to have it professionally cleaned. It is very important to maintain your cooling system with annual maintenance and replacement of additives such as rust inhibitors, coolants and antifreeze.

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