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The rise of the machines continues this week with news that the Associated Press (AP) is expanding its baseball coverage through automated stories generated by algorithms.
Ericsson recently released rankings of connected cities based on their use of information and communication technology.
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If you wish to receive a notification each time a new post appears on High T3ch, feel free to subscribe. Today's Big Deals Our Favorite Xbox One External Hard Drive is $22 a Terabyte Right Now The Western Digital MyBook is the best Xbox One hard drive you can get.
Download iMap Weather Radio, an iOS and Android app which either tracks your location or follows a set of locations you select. For drafting an emergency plan before the storm strikes, download the Insurance Institute’s Your Plan app.
Finally, every emergency preparedness kit should have a flashlight — make sure the batteries are fresh and you know where to find them in your home. But try to preserve the environment — don’t cruise your car just to charge your phone. This may seem like an eleventh hour step, but some people choose to power their mobile devices by sucking the remaining charge from their laptops.

Harness the power of the sun by connecting your fading batteries to a solar charger like the Solio Bolt. Although your house may be dark, storefronts and other public areas sometimes run on different grids that enjoy power. It might be a good idea to pick up a backup battery for your mobile device, whether you’re experiencing a blackout or just out at a concert with a low charge. EDT), mission controllers will transmit command product "ji4040" into deep space, to transition the solar-powered Juno spacecraft into autopilot. Ring is an easy to install wireless doorbell that captures video when it detects motion or someone presses the button. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can quickly, easily and cheaply turn it into part of your emergency readiness kit by downloading a few useful apps. It delivers the latest forecasts and National Hurricane Center data on the storm’s path right to your iPhone.
But for a quick backup solution, download a Flashlight app to turn your phone’s camera flash into a solid beam of light. You can find very inexpensive versions compatible with most portable devices on retail sites like Amazon.
This option from K-Tor, called the Pocket Socket, generates up to 10 watts of electricity at 120 volts.

There’s plenty out there for iOS and Android alike, but this free Flashlight app (ad-supported) is a favorite for iOS that doubles as an emergency beacon.
For something a little more functional, try the Kensington PowerLift backup battery and dock, which doubles as a stand for your iPhone. I didn't love that you had to use the little extension cable to connect your headphones, but otherwise that thing was aces and I paid about $40 for it.
And if you'd like to have a viewfinder that hold your phone like Cardboard, but will hold up a whole lot better, Mattel's View-Master is iOS and Android compatible and still quite affordable. It's not on sale, but if you've been struggling to secure your own trusty astromech droid, Amazon has 'em back in stock. Kirk for $1 The life and times of Starfleet's greatest Captain in his own words can be yours on Kindle for just a buck. IGN's Daily Deals is your source for bargains on things you actually want from around the Web.

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