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Have you ever found yourself hovering on the edge of an online catastrophe, trying to resolve some issue at work via your VPN link, while your laptop’s battery level continues to sink down to 0%?
There are a number of different aspects to consider when you’re looking to prolong the battery life of your laptop when you’re using it on the go. In this article, I’m going to explain how the charging process works when you’ve got your laptop plugged into your car’s battery (lighter socket), and how you can manipulate that setup to reduce the amount of fuel you use to recharge your car battery, and increase the amount of time that you can use your laptop while running off just the batteries that are available to you.
It’s nice to have a 350 Watt inverter, which would be powerful enough to charge two laptops and then some. To understand how such a mobile charging system works and how to make it function more efficiently, it’s important to understand each component of the system and the part that it plays.
The electrical supply system of a car actually isn’t all that complicated, so long as you’re not talking about the engine timing system or the computerized chip that runs it – that stuff can get a bit intense.
Here is a very simple layout of the car’s power supply setup with an inverter hooked up like the one I have pictured above. This is an extremely over-simplified layout, but the main point here is to recognize what the major components are and what they do. The alternator is connected to your battery – a 12 Volt powerhouse of electrical current that feeds all of the systems inside the cabin of your vehicle, through a bank of fuses (not shown in the diagram above).
With an alternator to work with, there are some steps you can take to cycle through charging and discharging the battery – taking advantage of the life of your own laptop’s battery as well – to reduce the time that your car has to stay running, and to increase the length of time you can use your laptop without the engine running.
There are basically two modes of operation we’re going to play with when you’ve got your laptop plugged into the inverter, and the inverter plugged into your lighter jack. Once your laptop batter is at 100%, go ahead and turn the ignition of your car to the half-way position, so that the electronics in your car – like your radio, for example – still work.
In this key position, the alternator is no longer turning, so while you’re saving gas, you are now running completely off your car battery. If you have a smartphone that you’re using as part of your work in your mobile office, don’t forget that some cars have a second port inside of the center console between the two front seats.
So, you might have run the car for a good 20-30 minutes while the laptop battery was charging.
To extend the time that you can run in battery-only mode, make sure you’ve enabled the “battery saver” power option on your laptop. If you want to increase the time that you can run off your car battery, manually switch your laptop to power saver mode even though it’s plugged in. During this time, you’ll maintain 100% power on your laptop battery, but in the process you’re slowly draining power from your car battery.
A quick test to see how much power your battery has left is to quickly turn on the overhead light.
When you notice a change in the strength of that overhead light, it’s time to completely turn off the car ignition and switch completely to laptop battery. The cool part is that after performing this slow stepped-drain routine that allowed you to work for 6 to 8 hours before draining all available power, all you have to do is turn on the car ignition again, let the alternator perform its magic and recharge both your car battery and your laptop battery in less than 30 minutes, and then you can start the process all over again!
Ummm, using DC from the battery, converting it into AC and using the laptop’s adapter to convert it into DC again for the laptop is the best way to prolong the car’s battery?
Anay – I’m not sure where you got the idea anyone was trying t prolong the car battery?
At the same time, I do like your idea of using a 12 Vdc laptop charger and making the whole setup more efficient – that would definitely lengthen time available to be productive while mobile. Hm, interesting idea but that is not enough energy for a laptop, it can just damage the batter IMHO. Awesome tips Jim – although you might have misunderstood the discharge rate I was referring to. As someone who has been doing field communications and adding laptops to the mix for sustained camping and emergency (Code 3 vehicle and off-grid) operations, you do NOT want to do this with your car battery. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. The battery life of a laptop is an obviously important part of the laptop's overall performance.
A laptop with a short battery life is a nuisance, especially when you're on the road and nowhere close to a power socket.
I pride myself on being a fairly early adopter of social media, but the one network I have been really slow to get on board with is Instagram.
I don't have a Print Screen button on my keyboard, which means I can't take screenshots using the normal method -- hitting Print Screen, pasting the image into Paint, and saving as a PNG.
One of the most common complaints that people have with their laptop computer is that the battery just doesn’t last long enough.  Here are a few tips to get the very most out of your battery. The more you are asking your computer to do, the more energy your computer needs to meet your demands.  To reduce the toll on your battery, try closing all of the programs that you are not actively using.
Have you ever had an issue with your laptop’s battery?  Do you have any other tricks that help you get the most out of your battery? David Hartstein is the storyteller and measurement guy at Wired Impact where he routinely reads and writes about nonprofits and web geekery. One thing i didnt see mentioned in this article is the negative effects of over charging your laptop battery.
With this circuit, you can save on your electricity bills by switching to alternative sources of power. External devices like portable DVD writers, hard drives, USB hubs, etc can be real power guzzlers. The SSDs are newer breed of storage device that do not have any moving parts like hard disk drives.
If this guide helped you or we have missed an important point then let us know in the comments below. I think it stands to reason that hardware rendering could be a factor in power savings too.
Andy Graham's Mobile Office Blog 2011 - Perpetual traveler of 13 years explains Mobile Office needs and gear for the location independent lifestyle.
For the Mobile Office user, here is the 0 Best Free Apps For Travelers With Smartphone, whether a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, these are good.
Airtel Mobile Office from the fith largest telecom in the world helps a person connect their cell phone to their computer to allow internet access. This tutorial outlines a process where you will boot your computer from a USB Flash Drive and backup your Windows Operating System. List of benefits of an Executive Suite, this is when a person rents an individual office from a larger suite of offices and some services are provided. External Battery Chargers For Smartphones is a good idea if you are going to live overseas and run a mobile offices, this could help you during brownouts. Travelers can benefit by using an External Laptop Computer Battery Charger, one that will charge and extra battery outside the computer. How to find MAC Address a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. How to find proper Internet access in the first 3-5 days in a country, whereby you can stay in business and enjoy your location independent lifestyle. I purchased a Kindle Keyboard 3G to help me bridge through the first 3-7 days in country when I am still not sure how to access local Internet abroad.
What do you call an extra laptop battery, having two internet connections, you call it a got to stay in business system for a mobile office. I am a homeless world traveler, who perpetually wanders the planet: I purchased a Kindle 3G Keyboard to help me have Internet access globally.
Location Independent defined, and explained in the context of how LIP's use Mobile Office skills to work in location independent situations.
Mobile Office Gear - List of Gear carried by a person who lives anywhere, and can work anywhere, then all the other type of Mobile Gear.
Mobile Office Solutions - A list of problems and solutions for people who have Mobile Offices.
Information is valuable, the e-mail address to an important client can be worth a fortune, be savvy, use common sense and keep all e-mails. I have tried every optimization of the 3G signal of Zain or MTN here in Ghana, and I still cannot use skype to call a landline.
Choosing the proper Hotel or Apartment room is essential to establishing a good Mobile Office that allows the USB Modem for Internet to work. There are many names, USB Modem Stick, USB Wireless Modem, or USB Wireless Internet Modem, this allows access to the Internet over cell towers. I have used a USB Wireless Modem in over 15 countries, this page explains how to buy, configure, GIG usage needed as a Mobile Office Traveler.
Verizon Wireless effect on a Mobile Traveler, how does this telecom company provide services for the global traveler. USB Wirless Modems and BlackBerry work better for your Mobile Office when you are closer to a Cellphone tower, and not a the Radio Station. International travelers need two phones to save money, maybe a BlackBerry with Verizon Global E-mail options, then buy a local prepaid SIM Card overseas. Here is a list of Portable Applications USB Software that will help you manage your Mobile Office, you can carry your favorite utilities on a USB stick. To buy a USB Modem and use, it is best to find the main office of a country, buy their modem, and have their tech staff install and make it work before you leave office to insure continuous up time for Mobile Office. There is no brick and mortar location on the planet from which the person works, there office is mobile.
The person has a job that allows him or her to work separated from a specific building or group of people. When I walk into the Hotel I want to see the children of the owner working or playing on the Internet. I want the location of the WIFI router in the open and available to me, so I can reset or turn on if needed.
Mobile Office ComputerBuying a laptop for a Mobile Office needs to be coordinated as one purchase with other electronics. Cost less than 1000 Dollars, unless you are buying one you can drop on the floor made for jungle or construction sites.
Cellular Fax Machines - It is possible to buy 12 Volt Cellular Fax machines if you have need for immediate paper copies. Using an electrical socket that is being shared with a fan or air conditioner can burn up batteries or 220-110 converters.
Losing batteries, if you lose a Mac or off brand Smartphone battery, you will have trouble buying overseas.

Read paper books if you can buy, their are many French colonies where English books is hard to find, I highly recommend you stockpile e-books in your native language.
Concrete wall stops connection, in the majority of room a person needs to find a room no more than 50 feet or about 20 meters from the WIFI box. Internet Goes off in the morning at 6:45 in the city of Antigua when they are doing maintenance. Staff of hotel was cleaning the Internet center in the Hotel and moved the wires, Hostal Arequipa, Pucallpa, Peru January 2009. Key use is a problem, they password or key is not known by all the staff, only one person knows it.
The Wireless box is not in the open, there is no way to go and reset it by unplugging from electricity and plugging because in a inaccessible location like the managers office or owners room. If for some reason you needed a key, then later they remove it from the router, you must also remove the key from your computer. Accidentally flipped the switch for WFI on my computer, I thought the system went down, it was my computer. Problem:- If you plug or unplug into the same extension cord as the computer and disrupt electricity, the Internet signal can break. Verizon USB Wireless Internet Access Manager - I was using a Verizon Bold Tethered to my HP Computer to have Broadband Internet access in the USA. 24 HOUR INTERNET CAFE NEEDS- Ethernet Wire to connect laptop- Laptop connection- Good chairs- Less than one dollar per hour- 24 Hour Internet café that allows me to connect my laptop walking distance to a Hotel that is less than 20 dollars per night. INTERNET IN ROOM REQUIREMENTSThe best connection is when the owner and the family is on the Internet playing all day, this will guarantee they keep the connection functioning.
TYPES OF INTERNET COMBINATIONS OFFERED IN COUNTRIESBy the end of 2011 I believe the world will be covered with USB Wireless Modem Internet Access.
GUATEMALA This country has USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with TigoAntigua Guatemala Live in the Don Quijote Hotel and they have free WIFI it works better on second floor close to router. Sosua - I stayed at Freddy above the Auto Rental place, a room goes from 240 - 300 per month USD.Ethernet wire in the room, and Skype works most of the day. Boracay - Orchid Resort in low season supposed to work, there is a high season, middle and low season, at high season it could be too expensive. Pucallpa, PeruHostal Arequipa, fantastic SKYPE ready to fly signal, every IP number needs to be got from the desk and they really do not understand. Live in the Al Fasal Hotel and they have a free Ethernet wire inside the room, the room is less than 10 US Dollars per night. Mobile Gear - I do not use this gear- Bluetooth Wireless Headset, I purchased one and realized it would not work if the battery went dead.
Questions for AndyPost a comment below, and they will be answered or click on Contact to write a personal email.
Since I just skimmed over the massive content above now I need to read it carefully and retain what I'm capable of and bookmark the page for further education. This is opposite of the location independent group, who look at the person carrying the gear, while the mobile office trailers is about the building.
The world is not awake at the same time, the majority of people have some form of business relationship that requires one side of a telephone caller to adapt.
I am trying to discover the best Mobile Office countries or locations around the planet where I can work on my website or do research easily.
If signal from wifi source good at window or other location , repeat and boost the wifi signal for all your devices anywhere in your room. Purchased a new travel router for $25 that can recharge a mobile phone, repeat wifi for over 7 hours on internal battery. This is a situation that a lot hard-working mobile users often find themselves in, and the options available to keep that laptop battery charged are not as well-known as you might think.
If you’re camping, you might desperately attempt to locate an outlet available on the outside of a building somewhere. There are, of course, settings you can change on the computer itself to prolong its battery life when the laptop is unplugged, but beyond that, what about the process of recharging that battery? Keep in mind that when you’re using the unit, you will draw much more current out of your car battery, reducing the time you have available to recharge your devices before the car battery itself starts to drop too low. However, the electrical power system that feeds the power outlets inside of your car actually consists of just a few major components that you need to be aware of in order to fully utilize the system with your mobile office. So long as your engine is running and turning the alternator, this 12 Volt car battery will continuously charge, and stay charged. If you previously drained the laptop battery at all, then you’ll see the laptop battery charging up at this point.
This runs everything, including the power jack (lighter port), directly off your car battery.
You’ll see that when the key is in this halfway position and your inverter is plugged into the car’s power port, the power light on the inverter will still be on, indicating that it’s still receiving input power from the car.
Some people can own a car for years before realizing that they have this second source of power. How long this can go on depends upon how old your battery is, and what other systems you have running. Is it nice and bright, or do you notice that it’s fading a little bit and not quite as bright as normal? Keep in mind that between running the car for about 30 minutes, running off the car battery for 2-3 hours, you’ve already worked for nearly 5 hours without even draining a single bit of your actual laptop battery life. Here, it’s critical that you’re using power-saving features, like dimming the screen display for example.
Have you developed different tricks to prolong the amount of time that you can work off your batteries? The only goal is to discharge each stage in steps – rather than, as most people do, just turn off the car and switch entirely to laptop battery only. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. Your best option is probably to take your computer to a local repair guy and see what they can do for you.
This circuit works to charge 3 types of rechargable batteries that are lead acid, Ni-Cd and Li-ion.
The output of the solar panel is fed via diode 1N5402 (D1), which acts as a polarity guard and protects the solar panel. Mount RCA socket on the front panel of the box and wire RCA plug with cable for connecting the battery and LED based lamp to the charger. It’s significance can gauged from the fact that most notebooks have function keys dedicated to this purpose. You process, hard drive, graphics, etc all consume different amount of power at different load levels. Some users have reported small to negligible saving in battery life by turning by off Aero. People with duel graphics switching also should think about using Intel graphics rather then a Nvidia or ATI solution. Just a normal guy, WordPressor, and an internet addict who wants to share small tips and tricks that will make computing easier. Mobile Office 2011 -- The USB Wireless Modem has arrived, and by the end of 2011 I believe you will be able to buy a prepaid SIM modem in most countries on the planet. Computer Bag Mobile Office - Mobile Office gear carried in a computer bag for short trips inside a city.
Mobile Home or Caravan Mobile Office Gear located in a Caravan or Mobile Home, this person could be going on an extend vacation, a great way to have a mobile office.5. These Digital Nomads are usually equipped with a portable computer, smart phones, USB Wireless Modems, battery backups and various equipment and Internet connections that functions internationally.
We need to define mobile office skills because gear being used globally is different than gear that works best only in the USA. Most common Mobile Offices are towable offices built on an axled iron frame for easy relocation. If they are playing, then I feel safe the Internet access will always be working, the owner will need to keep them happy and the Internet working and I benefit by and can operate my mobile office. These are they only computer brands that are even in my consideration, and the Mac is a 100 percent no go. Generally in the worst possible electrical situation there will be electricity by generator for one hour. Normally I use my "Debit Card" and connect it to the accounts, this is not a "Credit Card." I do not want the ability to have unlimited amounts of money deducted. Please renew your ATM card at least 3-6 months prior to expiration and try to carry two cards from separate system. This phone is become obsolete, a person can now buy phones in continents for as little as 20 dollars. Try to read the labels on the charger, this will allow you to relax and understand you are safe.
In African people who live in the countryside come into the village and pay 25 cents USD to have their cell phones charged.
It is highly, extremely dangerous to use a credit card overseas outside the five star network made for business travelers.
You cannot leave your present hotel until you have already searched for WIFI ready hotels in the next country. Canary small WIFI detector that tells you secure or insecure, but do not trust the report, cheaper, but not really going to finish the job. House in Bangkok, the hotel has four routers on each floor, and I can pick up more than one. This is hot, I can use this in the best room, the Mom and Pop hotel, family and work from my room.
Khao area there is a 24 hour Internet café in front of the Erawan House Hotel, that will allow you to connect your computer for 50 Baht, about one dollars per hour,. USA has some type of edge technology that you can put a card in your computer and have access anywhere in the country. I am not able to toggle easily between Bluetooth and external so this would cause many problems for telephone calls.
Like Bill said, this is a lot of information I am going to have to bookmark it and implement it bit by bit.
You have your own private network for sending files between devices, since your using a router you have another level of security on public networks.

Fancy ultrabooks and macbook airs do not have a Ethernet ports anymore, plug Ethernet cable into asus and asus into usb on laptop to act as adapter. Use as a WIFI receiver ( Because laptops have a poor WIFI antenna around the screen ) just plug into usb port of laptop. If you’re traveling, you might stop at a rest area and hope that the roadside facility is equipped to handle technology-laden travelers like you.
What is the smartest and most efficient way to keep your laptop battery charged without putting a tremendous strain on the charging system – like your car’s own 12 volt battery?
It is basically the voltage rating of the laptop power supply, multiplied by its rated current.
Your alternator will be buried somewhere in your engine, usually recognizable by the copper coils visible in the holes along the side of the housing, and operated by the engine via a rubber belt. While you were driving your car around, or running it to charge up your laptop battery, your car’s battery was also fully charged by the alternator.
This is a convenient way to keep your smartphone charged even though you’re using the other power jack to power your laptop. Depending how new your laptop battery is, and how much you’ve got running on the laptop, you can actually run in this state for anything from 1 to 5 hours.
If the goal were to prolong the car battery, that would be the way to go, and avoid discharging it at all. An ammeter is connected in series between diode D1 and fuse to measure the current flowing during charging of the batteries. If you use this circuit for charging a lead-acid battery, replace it with a normal pulsating DC charger once a week.
In his free time he enjoys listening music, watching House MD and playing third person shooters.
This will radically change this Mobile Office page and will be concentrating more on how to enter a country, stay on line, purchase a USB Prepaid Modem and never miss a day of work from your Mobile Office.
On Site Trailer Mobile Office Gear located in an trailer put at a site, normally a construction site.
Mobile Office users normally have telephone numbers that can be forwarded seamlessly around the planet without callers knowing they have changed locations, and seamlessly functional Internet access. Example, while a Dell Computer is fine inside the USA, warranty work is difficult internationally. This will allow you to rent an incredibly cheaper room, but have a signal that is not as stable. Hewlett Packard or Compaq is the only brand that has worldwide repair, Acer and Sony will soon. To continue to do business you may think about traveling at first only directly south of your home country in the same time zone, so you can call, think, adapt to living outside your country before you try to learn to be truly mobile.
This is a dangerous operation, if you need the originals, then the only source of knowledge on this is in the shipping or sailboat community. Example: Cirrus and PlusCredit Cards - Carrying credit cards that allow unlimited access can mean you are robbed unlimited, yes you can solve these problems when you go home, but the plan is to not go home.
The blue-tooth control of my contact list on the telephone makes it worth me having the Quad Band unlocked telephone of my own. Acer, Sony are becoming international players, Nokia is the most common cell phone on the planet. If you live in the same village, you will have electricity at least 12 hours per day, the worst situation are on Island where they turn on the electrical generator from Sunset until about 10 pm.
I realized the signal was too low, I went and reset the routers on my floor, it appears I was picking up the signal from the floor below, and the distance and concrete was too much.
WIFI and normal machines, because all the computers had password connection, I was not able to check to even see if there was a connection to diagnosis the problem, whether the WIFI router or the connection. ETHERNET in hotel room or when not an Ethernet wire there is WIFI Wireless router access.3. It is located behind the Wat or Temple on the small road that leads away from Khao San Road and the path to the Peachy Guest house.
Can also have usb extension cable to move asus to best reception spot and have laptop where u want. I have a hotel in bali with reception on the patio outside of room but very poor inside, now by placing the router outside it will re-broadcast the wifi for all the devices in my room. However, if you really want to be prepared for high-powered computing when you’re on the go, there are certain things you can do to ensure not only that you have power for that laptop anytime and anywhere, but also that the power lasts as long as possible. A unit like a 350 Watt Inverter also has its own cooling fan, so this will unfortunately draw some extra energy from your car battery as well – but it isn’t enough to be concerned about. You can use your laptop in this state, drawing off your car battery, for an hour or more very safely. In my own experience, for the short-term use of several hours, this shallow cycling technique works extremely well.
Plus, our focus here is more on software, and it sounds like this is more of a hardware problem. The photovoltaic module or solar cell explained in this post is capable of producing a power of 5 watts.
Some other less obvious tweaks is to set your CPU to throttle itself to less then 50% speed. Managing two large Travel Internet sites I need to work anywhere, necessity has forced me to find Mobile Office solutions.
This allows the five dollar per day Hotel room with ease.- Normal cost should be less than 50 dollars per month for about 5-8 Gigs of Transfer on a pre-paid account, and it will cost about 10 Dollars for the modem. ATT as I understand, only does about 90 countries, you are buying the access more than the type or brand of Smartphone if you want to have a Mobile Office anywhere. Best to use the ATM, and keep it in the room, then take money out once per week, note, if you want to live in a room for more than 10-20 dollars per night, you are going to have 100's of problems.
In this time, you need to be able to charge all your batteries and you need to work at the same time.
Reservations go into a folder called "Reservations," if possible, I will print off into a PDF file that goes on my Thumb drive Memory Device in a folder called Reservations, and sometimes receipts.4.
The better the light, the better I am able to read without my glasses, in direct sunlight I do not need glasses. This is propagating around the planet right now, I believe by the end of 2010, it will the standard. The Erawan House has WIFI, the cost including the WIFI is from 850 to 950 Baht per day, only rooms First choice 309, second choice 308 and 301 last, they should work, but please check.
If you plug a 3g stick modem for internet into this device it will send wifi around the room with no computer. Diode D2 is used for protection against reverse polarity in case of wrong connection of the lead-acid battery.
Pure DC voltage normally leads to deposition of sulphur on the plates of lead-acid batteries. An SSDs are much faster than traditional spinning drive and can breath new life into your laptop.
La Fonda Escondida - 24 Hour - Room rented for 2000 Quetzals per month with WIFI inside the room. The difference between minimum and maximum brightness can be as large as 1 hour of battery life. What I always found interesting is that if you ran Windows 7 on a Mac with BootCamp the power consumption was dreadful but OS X managed much better with the Mac hardware.
Car Mobile Office Gear carried in a car, a good example would be a traveling salesperson that covers a five state territory. They may also use mail forwarding companies that scan and forward normal postal mail to e-mail accounts.
It connects to my computer with Bluetooth, if I wish, I can transfer a word file and send through the phone.
I will paste the page into this and trying to get all the logos and other data to show of reservations. AC, TV, CableHONDURASThis country has USB Wireless Modem Internet Access with Tigo same as Guatemala, the same Modem with work. I think these new streams of content you are broadcasting may be more popular then anyone can imagine and hope that popularity translates into new income streams for you as well as your book and designer backpack production projects.
A reasonable expectation but why Windows 7 cannot deal better with Mac hardware is a big question? Mobile Office skills has allowed me to create two large travel sites while working as a Digital Nomad. You can use either pencil-type Ni-Cd batteries or rechargeable batteries as the power source.
Otherwise I have a travel agent send me, but I have a file full of faked e-tickets, and e-mails.5. The goal is to be as efficient working from a Mobile Office worker in temporary locations as a person who works from permanent locations.1. Contracts - If I enter into a contract, I make an on line folder in Yahoo and save the contract to the folder. I did find out that neither your blog nor my website is accessible from Vietnam, China and Myanmar due to their censorship of the news and internet. Downloading emails and not remove, I will try to download these e-mail folders and not remove from the server to my fox mail client, so I can do other things.
Note, if you have many contracts, I am not sure what do I think you should pay a CPA to manage this, and get the license of the CPA to take precedence over the liability. Each country has a different bundle of available services, therefore some countries are better than others. I will try to explain the best combinations of services needed and then prioritize which countries provide these services This Mobile Office is with zero long-term commitments, you do not sign up for Internet access, you do not rent an apartment, there is nothing installed in your room that requires a contract.
Please think and be clear here, if you have to pay monthly this is not mobile, it is living in the country which makes working easier, but not worldwide mobile.

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