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Did you know that car batteries need to be maintained above 12.4V to ensure sulphation does not occur? The AA Solar Panel Car Battery Charger is ideal for vehicles that have occasional use, or are used for short journeys as it extends battery life by keeping the battery in a good state of charge.
Modern vehicles have a small but constant battery drain - Modern vehicles can now have upwards of 30 body control modules (computers), plus alarm systems, immobilisers and lock monitoring.
Battery life is shortened if it is not kept charged - A 12V battery that is not correctly maintained above 12.4V can suffer from sulphation. Peace of mind - Vehicles that are used infrequently or do short trips are prime candidates for discharged batteries.
The AA Solar Panel Car Battery Charger plugs directly into the EOBD plug socket inside your vehicle (standard on most cars, petrol from 2001 and diesel from 2004). Please provide us with your name and details of your order and we will provide you with a returns form to complete and return with the product to us. When returning the product it should be accompanied with a copy of your receipt confirmation.
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Intro: Solar Car Battery Charger DIYHere's how to charge your lead-acid car battery with a solar panel. Step 4: Christmas Lights as Current RegulatorsIf your panel is too big for your battery, you'll want a current regulator to keep from boiling your battery. Your battery can be damaged if you charge it too fast, so don't get a panel that's too big for your battery. Some solar panels are made just for the purpose of maintaining batteries in vehicles that are parked a long time. Could I charge the batteries while I was using it and charge the batteries while the scooter was not being used? I do like these ideas as I get to events that I can't get access to power but I would still like to use my laptop.
Another question: when you are using your laptop with the solar panel and the batteries, do you use the power inverter and the laptop's AC Adapter to power the laptop? I am aware that not all laptops use 12 volt DC input but you can get DC to DC converters that output 24volts which then can be regulated to the laptops preferred voltage requirements.
The upshot it that you get more than a few hours worth of operation over an inverter method.
You cannot expect to boost 12V to 24V then reregulate again and have it be much better efficiency. YMMVIs an auto power cable a cable that will run a laptop directly from a car's battery? If you took a discharged 12 volt car battery and hooked it up to a single solar panel like the ones on offer in maplins, it would take about 6 months to fully charge the battery to a usable capacity.
If you have a 15 volt output from your cell and it outputs 15 watts, your current output is 1 Amp per hour, on a small cell like a 7 Amp cell will take about 7 hours to charge assuming that your cell gets adequate light.

A solar battery charger is really a well-known transportable gadget to charge pretty much anything, such as rechargeable power packs, digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, PDA, MP3, plus more.
The solar panel takes in sunlight and converts it into electricity, providing a steady low maintenance level charge to your battery. The solar panel provides a steady maintenance-level charge to your vehicle’s battery.
If this is your first time using solar power, the solar vehicle charger will quickly help you look at the advantages of this neat and endless power source.
In general solar panel technology programs are created to deliver electrical power for a excellent while providing you do proper servicing and consult a solar technology expert to assess your preferences from the beginning. That doesn't mean, however, that it can't keep you out of a complicated situation.It's no fun when you turn your car key in the ignition and hear a clicking noise instead of an engine starting. This charger has overcharge protection and comes with cigarette lighter adapter, battery clamps, and suction cups.Those few models should get you started on your way, but don't limit your possibilities.
These units all consume valuable electricity from the battery (up to 0.02 of an amp per hour). Sulphation is the number one cause of battery failure, something not covered under warranty as it is not a manufacturing defect. The solar charger will trickle charge and maintain a 12V vehicle battery while the vehicle is parked by converting light energy during daylight hours into 12 volts DC. There is built in discharge protection as well as reverse polarity protection and the Solar Charger will not overcharge your battery. On receipt by us of the returned product(s) we will give you a full refund or arrange to send you the correct product(s), whichever you would prefer. We will refund the full price of the products as soon as possible following your notice of cancellation, no later than within 14 days.
It takes in 12 volts DC from the battery and produces 110 volts AC that I can plug my sewing machine, laptop, etc into. Consult the battery manufacturer's data to see how many amps it can handle, both while charging and discharging. They don't go over 13.5 or 14 volts and don't ever produce enough current to damage the battery. I'm driving south so I just set up the panel and drove into the sun, peeking over the panel. Your cell voltage potential needs to be significantly higher, typically a solar cell needs to out put at least 15 volts to charge a battery. Try it that way before worrying about a charge controller.Hi, Could you setup a solar panel to completely or partially run a trolling motor?
Solar electric battery chargers are lightweight and foldable units that can be used when the sun’s rays is going.
This ensures that your battery remains topped up even if you don’t start your vehicle very often. Many people commence modest with solar chargers and progressively improve their using solar power when you purchase sections because of their house.
You might even close your eyes and think to yourself: "Oh, shoot!" (or something like that).
More companies than ever are producing portable panels that are reliable and cost-effective.Check out our pages on folding solar panels and flexible solar panels for some higher power options.

Whether we might use it up fiddling with the GPS system too much or just generally mucking around the car, the towing bill that we will inevitably have to pay just takes all the fun out of it.ICP Solar has come to the rescue and produced a solar panel that will help to charge your car battery. This means that over the course of a week or two with no or little vehicle use the battery can become discharged.
The unit is maintenance free and will protect the battery against the discharge process that occurs naturally within a lead acid battery. The 'THINFILM' technology allows a wider spectrum of natural light to be absorbed, meaning the unit can still generate electricity under cloudy winter conditions. Once the product has been confirmed as faulty by the AA we will either replace the product or provide a refund; please inform us which option you prefer.
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If you happen to have a big panel and a little battery, there are tricks further along in this instructable.
It looks like an army of bears and gramlins ate the insides of your car, then got themselves eaten by a dragon that was too fat to fit into a black hole, then shifted through time and interdimensional space to barf it back up, minus the fuzzy stuff that goes on the floors. Solar battery chargers certainly are an excellent portable program, which is often useful for hiking, camping, and any other outdoor actions. Over time you may also plan to make all your residence strength employing solar power systems and batteries to store it.
Begin small using a photo voltaic car wall charger and you’ll see how useful solar technology could be. Taking a little time to find a solar charger for your car now might save you a lot of time, money, and frustration later. The new “Sunsei SolarCharger” will keep your car battery charged using energy from the Sun. This technology also enables the solar panel to handle the intense heat of the summer sun with little power loss due to the rising temperature.
If we receive an order after 2pm for a next day delivery this order will be dispatched the following working day. I then sniff to see if there's a burning smell, which means I need to pull over quick, open the hood, and put out an electrical fire. If the voltage suddenly jumps to 17volts I suspect the jumper cables that carry the solar panel current to the battery have gotten disconnected.
Please note that 'next working day' orders placed before 2pm on Friday afternoon will be delivered the following Monday (except bank holidays). With its ‘Trickle-Down’ feature, the solar panel will never overcharge the 12-volt battery in your car.This neat little gadget may end up saving you quite a few bucks. Orders placed after 2:00pm on Friday afternoons, or on Saturday or Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday and delivered on Tuesday (except bank holidays). When current flows the voltage drops due to internal resistance in the panel. If your battery voltage gets to 14 volts or if you hear a bubbling sound when you put your ear to your battery it means you're overcharging your battery. I mean…one of my biggest issues is sitting at a car show with my lighting effects on but having to turn it off shortly after to prevent my battery from dying.

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