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Also if you have a power regulator that can adjust voltage and current, it also can use as a charger.
You have source code and you can adjust currents or charger functionality according to your needs. Second project is : A Charger For Deep-Cycle 12V Batteries (project is not for deep cycle bat, they just call project like that.
You can even make small smarter improvements of this charger with selecting resistors by manualy or by some controller or uC and by this select output voltage for charging. When you make battery chargers for LA batteries make sure that they are safe, and can be left alone unattended long time, that chargers have full control of start and stop also like voltage and current. I have a few uninterruptible power supplies that can be used to power a computer (like this one).
One issue is that if you connect the fully charged battery to a lower charge battery, you can get a high current flow. If you want to connect two batteries, use really heavy duty cable, like automobile starter leads to connect them. I haven't opened up many UPS's lately so I can't say what they are commonly putting in them these days.
As for the wire upgrades, I never did, just got (made) crimp on connectors that plugged into what would normally plug into the battery. A few times during a extended power failure, I recall hooking the battery up to a standard car charger as well as the UPS, as the battery ran low I would start up the generator and rapid charge (as much as I could), the marine battery, once charged would shut down the generator and again run off the battery.
A very simple battery charger circuit having reverse polarity indication is shown here.The circuit is based on IC L200 .

I want to ask the reason of using 1.5A FSD component used in the above schematics and its little bit introduction. I would like to resurrect an old charge car batteries and provide it with a new charging circuit. I wanted to know if at this circuit you can add a few transistors (eg 2N3055) to increase the charge current. Hi Vijay the following circuit will be best suited for you it can charge up to 150AH battery.
What are the Ohm(s) and watt(s) of R2 and R3, and define the formula using the correct values of R2 and R3 including V5 and Io. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The above circuit claimed have ability to prevent battery overcharge that make electrolyte lost due to evaporation. Am so greatful for this charging circuit diagram thanks a million, pls send me the part list.
Hi thank you very much to publishing the car battery charger circuit diagram, would you please give me the components specific value and correct parts number. I think most of them have current limiting built into them, so putting a larger battery in them than what they are designed for will only result in them taking a lot longer to charge it. This circuit will eliminate the problems by monitoring the battery’s condition of charge through its retroactive control circuit by applying a high charge current until the battery is completely charged. For voltage regulation and current limiting you can use LM338K with applications for higher current ratings, or any similar IC for that purposes, even switchers.

PCB should be protected together with parts on it with protective coating to avoid humidity, acid and others things to destroy PCB, tracks and parts on it. R2 & R3 are in parallel enable you to make the required value by using standard preferred values. When charging is complete, it turns on the red LED (LD2) and deactivates the charging circuit.
They are the connections of the transformer to the circuit board, and those supplying current to the battery being charged. Again, depending on how they are designed, even that might not be a problem, but if you have a relatively dead car battery and a UPS that lacks decent current limiting, you could end up drawing more current from the UPS charger than it was designed to output which could damage the UPS. These connections should be made with cables having a large cross-sectional area to prevent voltage-drop and heat build-up when current flows through them. If you are connecting discharged battery and it is not taking the current it may be limiting the current check that. Good chargers with transformers can be transmitted from generation to generation of users, but switcher will work until some fan stop because bad quality or dust.

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