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At the same time, JunoPowera€™s JUMPR can also charge your mobile devices on the go, since ita€™s a portable battery of course.
I'm a little skeptical since it says it works on all 4 cylinders and most 6 cylinders and maybe more, which translates to borderline. I just reread the website and it does in fact say "almost all", so I guess they are covered.
Actually might be nice if they made a smaller set of cable clamps for motorcycles where the batteries can be difficult to get to. Far away from home, and definitely nowhere close to a repair shop, dead car batteries mean can be a scary thing to endure a€“ more so considering the helplessness we can feel from the experience. Armed with a 5V 2.1A USB port, it means that smartphones, cameras, and tablets can all be juiced on the go as well.

The JUMPR is a sleek, lightweight external battery that houses an impressive 6,000 Milliamps capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes. Sure, you can call road side assistance or something comparable, but that means more sitting around and waiting.
Heck, the JUMPR even happens to pack along a built-in LED flash light too!Now, in order to jump start a car battery, users will need to use the unita€™s proprietary jumper cables, which connect to the JUMPRa€™s 12V USB port.
The multi-functional battery also features a 5V 2.1A output able to charge power hungry devices such as smart phones, cameras, and tablets.
Well folks, if you happen to have the JUMPR, youa€™ll be able to fix your problem in a jiffy.As its name so happily implies, JUMPR is a sleek and portable 6,000 mAh external battery capable of bringing back your car to life.
Specifically, it can be used to jumpstart that dead car battery a€“ giving drivers a backup solution in case they ever find themselves in that unfortunate situation.

Relying on one of its USB ports, which deliver 12 volts of power at 300 amps, ita€™s enough to certainly jump start 4 and 6-cylinder car engines.
The handy device even features a built in LED flashlight in case you need to work in the dark.

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