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CircuitsToday has provided a list of 4 great books to get a better theoretical and practical knowledge on the basics of electronics.
Connect a battery to the circuit in series with a ammeter.Now adjust R5 to get the required charging current. Input to the IC must be at least 18V for getting proper charging voltage at the output .Take a look at the data sheet of LM 317 for better understanding. Hi you can use for 8volt lead acid dry fit batteries (SMF) adjust output voltage for 9.6 to 10 volt, with R5 pot. Did anyone have built one for 8v batteries or would have the specs for the resistance value for such.
I am going to do a presentation about lead acid battery charger in one of my university courses, and your circuit really helps me, but i am not sure why you use BC 548, what direction of current flows around BC 548, and how does it works before and after battery fully charged.
Hi Chenwie a lead acid battery should be charged through constant voltage with the current limited 30% of the rated capacity of the battery or with limited 10% for 12 hours. I am bit confused about the charging LED indication, Can you Please email me the connections for showing the Charging LED indicator which lights up when in the charging is in progress. I have a 12V 5AH conventional (the one with cell caps where you may add distilled water) lead acid battery. Further, what is the minimum required transformer voltage and current to get at least 15V rectified DC and 1.5A maximum charging current?
Furthermore, can you provide me with a pictorial diagram of your battery charger circuit diagram?
Finally, do you have any updates on how to add LED indicators in this battery charger circuit diagram? I have a Well Understanding of Lead Acid Batteries charging after reading certain circuits over the internet.
This gives 1.2mA as the max current going into the collector of Q1, which will only be this high at the start when you charge a 100% flat battery. A search on the element14 website for through-hole LEDs with forward current If=1mA comes up with one 2mcd, three 3mcd and one 10mcd LED! Can we use 12-0-12 transformer insted of 15-0-15 transformer.because my transformer is 12-0-12. If you have only a 12 volt transformer use a rectifier and 2.5 ohms 10 watts resistance in series with the battery to be charged as a current limiting resistance, no filter capacitor is also required.
Hello, I find this circuit and its explanation very interesting and explanatory in its entirety. Hi Fredz it can charge only one partially discharged 12 volt 40AH battery and not for even a flat battery. Hi Hari 4nos BY127 as bridge is ok but 12 volt may not be sufficient, you require 0-15 volt transformer. Hi Nidesh C2 & C3 are ceramic disc capacitors with working voltage of 40volts or above. Hello peter we appreciate all the schooling and guidance but how do we get in touch with u for practical and theory lessons and can somebody study on line and get a certificate or diploma maybe even degree in the electrical and radio telecommunication?
Hi Abhi the DC voltage will become low and as the battery voltage builds up your charging current will become too low and the battery may not get fullt topped up. If you have only 12-0-12 2A on hand then use 2nos 1N5404 and a 2.2 ohms 10watts resistance and charge no other electronics is required. Can I use a 12-0-12 (2A) step down transformer instead of 15-0-15(3A) step down transformer?
Hi Seetharaman, what ur saying is I could have a slide switch, if slide switch is moved toward ther 12 volt indication, than with the 2 rectifiers and 1to 2 ohms as current limiting resistance, would be able to charge the 12 volts battery. Hi Patrick With a 12 0 12 transformer you can charge a 12volt car battery with just 2 rectofiers and one 1 to 2 ohms current limitting resistance. HI Seetharaman, IS there a possibility of adding a toggle switch for 6 and 12 volts charging and toggle switch for slow and fast charging in this circuit. Hi since this is regulated voltage charger with a flat battery at the start of charging the current will be at 3amps, gradually decrease and once the terminal voltage reaches the rated voltage the current will reduce to minimum and it will be just doing the topping up function, hence no additional circuit is required.
I need to build my own power supply for 220 volt ac to 12 volt dc around 30 watt is ok,it must be reliable for LED signage,,can I be assisted? Setting up a webcam sight illuminator over your laptop's webcam will certainly “enlighten” your online conversations. A car Lead – Acid battery is composed of series of plates immersed in a solution of Sulphuric acid.

When the battery is connected to the load, the discharging process takes place in which the sulphuric acid in the electrolyte combines with the active material on the plate. Car lead acid batteries can be classified into two types namely Starting or Cranking battery and Deep cycle battery.
Lead acid battery can be discharged either at a slow rate for long time or at a high current for a short period. The charger should be connected to the AC socket only after it is connected to the battery terminals.
What are the merits & demerits of 2V tubular plate lead acid battery compare to 12V tubular plate lead acid battery for solar system?
We need to test different types of Button cell batteries like lead acid, Ni-Cad, NiMH, Lithium ion, Lithium Polymer, Ultra-capacitor.
We are little confused with fast charge and discharge rates of voltage, Current in C-rates.
Recent QuestionsTimer for Varroa Mite Treatment electronically controlling a 220V heating wire To run Microwave when power supply isn't there, what type of battery can I use Problem with playing back voices how can an AVR get a generated sin wave by matlab,using serial interface and realize it using DAC? Here is a 12 volt lead acid automatic battery charger that shut off the charging process once the battery attains full charge.
If the terminal voltage of the battery reduces below the set level, say 13.5 volts, the circuit automatically turns on to the charge mode.
Charging current as well as the power to the circuit is obtained from a 0-18 volt 2 Ampere step-down transformer. When the terminal voltage of the battery increases to 13.5 volts, pin 3 of IC2 gets higher voltage than pin2 and the output of IC2 becomes high. Before connecting the battery, set the input voltage to IC2 using a fully charged battery or variable power supply. It’s mandatory to use a step down transformer since it provides galvanic isolation from the mains.
As baterias recaregaveis de NI-MH acabaram por se tornar muito comuns, consideradas como as sucessoras das baterias de niquel-cadmio.
Depois aprofundaremos sobre este tipo de bateria, agora vamos falar sobre o carregamento, o ideal e ter um carregador dimensionado para as baterias e pilhas de NI-MH e sua corrente. Este simples circuito e de um carregador de bateria para baterias e pilhas de niquel metal hidreto ( NIMH ) que requer o carregamento regulado. Este carregador de bateria de NINH e capaz de carregar baterias de 9 Volts a 12 Volts, com uma corrente de 140 mA. I need the charger circuit urgently because the charger of my e-bike has got damaged and I need to charge the batteries.
I was wondering if it would work with a 14AH SLA battery, and approximately how much time will it take to charge the battery completely if I increase the charging current with R5 POT. You can ask for a 224K capacitor instead, that’s the same value but in picofarad instead of microfarad.
It used this same LM317 charger ciruit and for a charge indicator they simply cut the circuit at the transistor’s collector and joined it up again using a red LED. The transformer T1 steps down the mains voltage and diodes D1&D2 does the job of rectification.
Once the battery terminal reaches around 13.6 Volt, the charger will only start trickling, hence no problem. This will be the simplest charger watch for the terminal voltage once it reaches 14 volts terminate the charge, as the peak DC voltage can reach 12 X rt2(1.414). To charge a 6 volt battery you have to add one thyristor after the full wave rectification with zener and transistor to limit charging voltage at 6.9 volts.
The starting battery is known as SLI battery (Starting Light Ignition) and it is designed to give a heavy current to start a load such as engine. This cycle is usually a discharge from 100 % to 20 % change followed by recharging from 20 % to100 %. For example, a 10Ah lead acid battery can be discharged at 0.1C rate and will give 1 Amps current for 10 hours. This prevents the chance of fire get in to the battery if there is a shorting in the terminals. If there is any corroded material, it may creates high resistance that results in terminal heating or reduce the flow of charge. The low voltage AC is rectified by the bridge rectifier comprising D1 through D4 and made ripple free by the smoothing capacitor C1.

Mas as baterias de niquel-hidreto metalico tambem chamadas pela sigla Ni-MH em comparacao com as baterias de NiCd tem uma alta densidade de energia mas menos ciclos de recargas.
Algumas dicas para o carregamento que vai prolongar a vida util da bateria e nao deixar a pilha esquentar muito durante o carregamento e tambem nao deixar a bateria passar do seu tempo de recarga. O carregador fornece 140 mA de corrente para a carga da bateria, seja rapida ou lenta ( depende de sua corrente ) .
For your charging requirement of 12 volt 44AH battery a charger of 14.2 volt 12Amps is the requirement.
Current limitting can also be achieved by limitting charging current at 30% of the rated capacity of the battery. In the negative plate, lead oxide is attached as the active material while on the positive plate, pure lead is attached. The electrolyte in the battery is sulphuric acid- water mixture and has the specific gravity which is the weight of the sulphuric acid- water mixture compared to equal volume of water.
A 12 volt Mono block battery has 6 cells (each gives 2 volts) but a 2 volt tubular battery has only one cell. For charging purpose, 18 volt DC is used while to power the circuit, 9 volt regulated DC from IC1 is used. Charging current to the battery cut off and the relay remains as such since the battery voltage(13.5V or more) keeps the voltage at pin3 of IC2 is higher than that of pin 2. With flat battery it will start at 12 amps and it will start tapering of as the terminal voltage increases slowly. The LED will glow brighty to start with and slowly it will dim down as the battery is nearing its rated charge limit. During this chemical reaction, hydrogen atoms in the sulphuric acid combine with oxygen to form water.
Deep cycle battery on the other hand has thick plates and is designed for a number of discharge cycles. For example, if a battery is discharged 50 % per day and recharged to 100 %, its life increase to twice than a battery discharging and recharging occasionally.
If this happens, the battery will not hold sufficient charge and will discharge very fast through the load. The battery voltage crosses the gassing voltage level if one or more cells are damaged or weaker. The charging current passes to the battery through the NC (Normally Connected) contacts of the relay. If the battery takes charge, current to pin 3 of IC2 will be low since most of the current drain occurs into the battery.
As a result, positive plates release electrons and the negative plates accept equal number of electrons. Battery rating is based on the constant discharge rate for a particular time; say 10 hours, till the terminal voltage reduces to minimum. Therefore it is better to discharge and recharge emergency lamp battery and inverter battery daily to increase its life. When the load increases, this linear relationships losses and the battery suffers internal loss of energy and heats up. Equalization is done by giving slight overcharge to the battery even after the terminal voltage rises to maximum. So higher voltage appears across the good cells and may increase the voltage above the gassing voltage level.
When the battery voltage increases above 13.5 volts, no more current passes into the battery, so that the voltage at pin3 of IC2 rises and relay turns on.
During charging, the energy from the external power source causes the chemical changes in a reverse manner so that battery regains its charge. The hydrogen produced due to this will recombine in the sealed batteries but sometimes escape in flooded lead acid batteries leading to fire and explosion if there is any spark.

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