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I had already disconnected 1 hose when the core leaked all my coolant into the ventilation system, so I only had 1 hose, this 1 nut, & 3 connectors on this side to remove. First, remove the 2 nuts below the ventilation box at the front edge of the carpet of the passenger footwell. With the kick panels & knee bolster removed, the steering shaft bolt, column brace nut, & lower dash fasteners can be removed.
There's no need to disconnect the wiring or vacuum lines on the driver's side since this provides enough access to work. The box can be placed back onto the firewall, the 3 nuts re-installed, & the 2 hoses re-connected. This is the top stud that causes so much trouble, but it SHOULD remain installed in the inside ventilation box..
This post is created for those who wish to modify their 4G13 and 4G15 from mild to extreme machine. This post is created for those who wish to modify their CAMPRO from mild to extreme machine.
Toyota MRS also known as Toyota Mid Ship Spider by the American has been released since 1999.
Volkswagen has a variety of Passat 3C 2005 – 2010 models are available in the global market.
An Aerial Adaptor is needed when replacing the original factory fitted head unit with an aftermarket head unit. This car ISO harness lead is required when replacing the original car radio with an after-market car stereo without the need to cut any of the existing wiring.
Slide the DIN cage into the Radio Housing and secure by bending the metal locking tabs down. Connect the wiring harness adaptor to the original harness and slide the VW antenna adaptor onto the first cable.

Aerial: In the VW Passat an aerial cable with Fakra connection in it in addition one needs a Fakra aerial adaptor. Original is OEM-Radio built-in the VW Passat, These adaptors will allow you to remove your original factory headunit and replace it with an aftermarket unit.
The VW Passat has many upgradable features and one of the very popular is the factory audio system. One needs of course a suitable adaptor as well as a VW car stereo fitting kit for the dashboard. Pull the head unit from the VW Passat dash and disconnect the wires from the back of the radio. The antenna connections pull out by squeezing the tabs I’ve shown in the picture below. This will convert your VW Passat 3C standard Fakra aerial connection so you can connect a aftermarket car stereo. Plug the wiring harness adaptor and antenna into the rear of the new stereo and slide the whole assembly into the dashboard until it clicks into position. The kits are suitable for the fitment of any standard DIN size or Double DIN size CD or DVD player. Versandkosten) Mercedes C Klasse W 203 2000 - 2007 geeignet fur den Einbau in den vorderen Turen von Helix, Deutschlands Markenhersteller im Lautsprecherbau mit zahlreichen TestsiegenMercedes C180, C200, C230 Lautsprecher hintere Turen MS5xNeuer Preis: 65,00 EUR (inkl. Versandkosten) Mercedes A-Klasse W 169 ab 2004 - 2012 geeignet fur den Einbau in den vorderen Turen von Helix, Deutschlands Markenhersteller im Lautsprecherbau mit zahlreichen Testsiegen car stereo newsFord Fusion Lenkradfernbedienung nachrusten ohne Can BusDie Ford Fusion Lenkradfernbedienung nachrusten ohne Can Bus und alle wichtigen Tipps dazu wenn Du ein neues Autoradio einbauen willst.
Im Ford Fusion von 2005-2012 kann man das Werksradio gegen ein anders Autoradio austauschen und die Funktionen am Multifunktionslenkrad mittels eines Lenkrad Adapters wiederherstellen. Es geht dabei um das Werksradio von Jeep Commander 2006-2007 mit dem MP3 Player (siehe Foto unterhalb). Es ist […] News FeedOpel Meriva Radio Steckerbelegung CD30  Der Minivan Opel Meriva wird von ca.

THIS WOULD CAUSE THE HEATER CORE TO BECOME AN ANODE OR RECEIVER AND IT WOULD PROMOTE THE ELECTROLYSIS, OR ANY STRAY VOLTAGE TO USE THE COOLANT AS THE GROUND PATH. 4. Electrolysis involves an ion exchange between the heater core and engine coolant which can result in a breakdown of the heater core material. Place the positive probe of the meter in the engine coolant and the negative probe on the negative battery post. Adjust engine throttle to 2000 RPM to properly get coolant flow and true electrolysis voltages.
If more than .4V is recorded, flush the coolant and recheck (follow guidelines in TSB 98-23-16 for Cougar). If the condition is still present after the grounds have been checked, it may be necessary to add extra grounds to the heater core and engine. A hose clamp can be used to secure a 16 AWG stranded copper wire to the heater core inlet tube.
Extra grounds to the engine should be attached between EXISTING FASTENERS on the engine and body sheet metal.
If the condition is still present, add a restrictor (part F1UZ-18D406-A) on the inlet hose with the arrow facing the direction of coolant flow (toward heater core).
Using the thermostat opening, carefully fill the engine with the proper clean coolant mixture until observed at the engine side heater hose connection.

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