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Connect the positive (red) cable of the jump starter to the positive clamp that is connected to the terminal of the battery to be removed. Connect the negative (black) clamp to the car’s chassis or a solid non-moving metal component or body part.
Using the wrench, loosen the bolt that holds the positive clamp on the terminal of the battery you're replacing.
Unlike the positive clamp, the negative clamp does not need to be insulated while the new battery is installed.
This procedure is intended for vehicles with 12-volt negative ground electrical systems only. Iaci? iiauo aaoiiiaeeae, oano-a?aeau.A oae ?a aeaai ii ?aiiioo e ianeo?eaaie? naieie ?oeaie. I always think changing a battery is fraught with potential damage to ecu's as well as the faf of setting up the radio, so when our 807 needed a new one, I used an old battery to keep the circuits live and it worked.
Battery was a distress purchase from Costco, thought Bosch was a premium battery but found out later the S4 range (all they stocked) is budget with 680 starting amps compared with 750amps from the S5.

In order to avoid some damage to BSI and car's electronics, the best way is to follow recommended procedure to disconnect and connect the battery, see this link. Probably not possible with the 807 though as the battery is in the most awkward place they could think off !! I have 2 batteries in my bongo and I use it as a mobile battery charger constantly swapping charged for flat.
Is the problem with jump starting cars, the engine runs of the 'good' car, the leads are connected, the sickly car starts then the leads are removed but the alternator of the good car is pumping out amps to charge the sickly car's battery because its voltage is low and so the good car's circuits receive a spike as its diodes don't have enough time to react?
If the sound system loses power, preset radio station tuning will be lost and the clock will have to be reset. Connect it so as to not interfere with the loosening and removal of the battery clamp from the terminal. From my truck driving past I know you can't have enough amps when trying to start a diesel in cold weather. Doesn't that mean the alternator output could spike or does it give out a stable enough charge with or without batt?

The zenor diodes in the alternator hold the max voltage at 14.4 so even though the battery terminals are disconnected the volts remain stable. There may even be a security lockout that keeps the sound system from operating until it is reinitialized with a secret code. Has to be something like this to allow my T25 1972 Trailblazer to start without a battery as the capacitor gives the initial spark then the zenor diode takes over (not that there's much in the way of ecu's to damage). Settings for the car’s remote entry system may also need to be re-entered if the battery is disconnected. These problems can be avoided if you use a portable jump starter as a substitute power source while replacing the battery.
I have to disagree with the Positive OFF and ON first , just for safety's sake alone : ) Nice video quality .

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