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Loving the arse end on this, look really clean without the exhaust bit and how its painted. All my TSi engine problems started on New Year’s day after parking it on a steep driveway for the first time, the car was turning over but wouldn’t start and showed “Stop! I had the car recovered once again to a local WV specialist garage Vasstech, who almost instantly said over the phone when I mentioned TSi “Oh that will be a timing chain slip!” They did have the tools for the job but would initially poke a borescope camera down the spark plug hole to inspect the cylinders. With a little online research I found this was indeed a known problem and there were people going through the same pain as me.
Apparently this is an admission by VW that they acknowledge there was an issue with the timing chain on the engine back in 2012. So it was time to start the dance with VW customer services (0800 083 3914) to see if there was any chance of a goodwill gesture.
I’d already done some initial research into having a reconditioned or low mileage engine put in the car at my own cost, which was looking to be in the region of ?2500.
While in search of a trustworthy company to do the engine swap I stumble across Statller located in Sheffield via a Golf Gti forum. With the various bits of ammo I’d collected from other people and around the internet I called back VW customer services who informed me that they called the garage and they weren’t willing to drop the price of the head being removed. Spend ?860 to find out that I need to spend a further ?6K with VW for a new engine hoping they will take pity and give decent enough good will gesture to make it viable. All of these things I can ill afford to do, and it seem that I am just going to have to take the hit one way or another courtesy of Volkswagen and their timing chain design flaw. All of the garages that I approached for a quote informed me that they had contacted various engine reconditioners on their books; I was surprised to find out none of the recon firms were willing to work on the engine and none of them stocked or would supply a reconditioned engine, let alone with a warranty. This 1.4 twin charged unit was installed in VW, Skoda and SEAT cars with various different states of ECU tunes. Get yourself a new engine from ebay, run 5w40 oil from a brand name, change it every 10tkms, always use the handbrake and never park the car in gear.
My engine (CAVD) has over 150tkms hard kilometers covered, and still running smooth and powerfull.
Thanks for the tips Tommy, in the end I had a used engine fitted (CAVE) from a 2012 Seat Ibiza Bocanegra that had a rear end shunt, with 22K miles the clock. Who ever you decide to go with, ask them to swap things like the oil filter mount from your old engine so the service parts stay the same. J400uk there were no rattles or suspicious sounds coming from the engine or timing chain before the chain slipped. Hey Louis, if you’re going through the process of getting it changed, I would highly recommend you get the tensioner done at the same time as the chain; this is usual practice when replacing timing chains and belts on any vehicle.
Hi Adam these engines also suffer from piston breakdown I own one due to buying of a customer. Another thing to note, quote Adam “They Said the timing chain can slip a tooth due to an issue withe the tensioner when the car is not running but left in gear and rolls backwards, which obviously puts the whole thing out of sync and it’s only a matter of time before the engine chews itself up.
I have a 2008 VW Touran 1.4 tsi purchased in March 2012,, I decided to purchase a three year RAC warranty package which covered all electrical and mechanical parts for ?350.
My troubles started when the engine management light came on and refused to extinguish, the timing chain was the last thing I thought it could be as the car initially drove normally , over the next few weeks the performance got worse culminating in a loud grinding noise whilst going up hill.
Why dont they provide a warning light thats of use on the dash display unlike the permanent engine warning sign thats been displayed for last 2 yrs Manifold runner flap ?
The car stood in a parking lot (no inclination) for 6 days and when I moved it, the stuttering on the first 1 – 2 metres was still there. Could it be that it never was a problem with the DSG gearbox but that it of signs to come (the stuttering)? I’d love to hear from David on what he told the VW dealership SG Smith in Sydenham and would probably try to go down the same route. Same issue with my twin charger 1.4 170ps golf 07 plate two years ago had chain fault but was diagnosed strait away by vw garage as the EML came on and said about timing chain tension sensor fault they took 2 weeks to do it but all engine rebuilt on good will so was well chuffed. I think if you have you car serviced at the garage and are a regular they defiantly look after you better.
I love my car but I think its time to get some thing that you can trust or cheaper to repair.
The car has now been with VW Vertu Group (Lincoln) for the last 2 weeks and so far I was unable to make them understand that this issue is a well-documented issue with the 1.4 TSI engine plaguing thousands of customers worldwide.
Within a few thousand miles i had noticed a nouse from the engine on start up and the occasional mil light on. When i researched this and checked the scanned codes it turned out to be a stretched timing chain! Here we are: car went in running, Green Flag did a roadside diagnostics and said it was intermittent and drivable, after VW phone advice I insisted on it being towed in, now no compression and complete remanufactured engine needed. Unsatisfied worker at the airport decided to take revenge for the dismissal by completely destroying a parked airplane. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013 which give you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item. Will usually dispatch within 1 working day of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab.
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By clicking 1 Click Bid, you are agreeing to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. After some years out of the spotlight we've decided to re-introduce an old friend and do a little shuffling of projects over here at Eurotuner. At the same time we had been running our budget-build Project 2.Slow with a little more of a track-oriented bent. With Josh moving up in to the nosebleed budget world of Porsche ownership (and no we're not at all jealous of the mint 911 GT3 he just picked up, we swear), it was the perfect time to retire 2.Slow and transition Project GTI back into the full-time mix.
With all this in mind it seemed a perfect time to put in some miles behind the wheel of our GTI to get re-acquainted. Before we could hit the road however we needed to put some new winter shoes on Project GTI. Continental tire also happens to be the solo tire supplier to the Rolex Sports car series, so it was particularly fitting that we embarked with related rubber on Project GTI. While a sport suspension provides improved aesthetics and handling, which is great when you've got an immense distance to travel. On the dyno at NGP Racing, Project GTI has shown as much as 226 horsepower and 287 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels, and with the frigid 15-degree temperatures it certainly felt like all those ponies were showing up for work. Up top it just keeps pulling like a freight train, and it's in almost no time at all that you are reminded that traveling at triple-digit speeds through the dark of southern Virginia is a bad idea. With temperatures dipping to a brutal 10 degrees Fahrenheit for the first half of the trip, it was better to keep the car moving despite our fatigue. Even so we did fall asleep with the engine on and the heat on full blast, waking up soaked in sweat rather than freezing cold, which is only a marginally better option we'd say.

After 24 hours of racing with about 6 more tacked onto the beginning and 4 more onto the end, we crashed hard in our seaside hotel room. If we had to choose only one tire to run all season long, summer or winter, the impressive combination of handling and traction from the Continental ExtremeContact DWS would definitely be at the top of a very short list of truly great tires that can do it all. Thoroughly back in touch with all the pluses and minuses of Project GTI, we came up with a few areas that we can definitely improve, even while maintaining the car as a daily driver. Keep that freshly built engine of yours running strong and true with these engine building tips. I bought it second hand from an independent garage and owned it around 18 months, covered 11K miles and had the oil and filter replaced twice. Oil Pressure Low.” After a few attempts of starting it I had no option to have it recovered to the nearest garage. My worst fears were confirmed when they called back, apparently in the first cylinder he checked the bottom of the spark plug was crushed and he could see one of the valves heads sitting in the top of the piston.
I was informed that I would have to take it to a main dealer for an initial diagnostic costing ?49.99.
They were very informative and also called a timing chain issue before I even had a chance to mention it.
The thing is by now I already knew that even if I did get a goodwill gesture from VW for any work that needed doing, it most probably wouldn’t be financially viable.
VW played their cards well pricing the initial inspection work expensive enough to make it too much of a gamble for me on there being a possible future so called gesture of goodwill! Getting this far has been exhausting and I hope my experience may of helped you in some way.
If your car has 40K miles plus it may be worth getting that timing chain checked or even changed before you end up out of pocket like me, you never know VW might give you a goodwill gesture towards the cost Ha!
I have immediately noticed the pins in the wiring loom plug are in different places.starting to think it won’t run with the pins been in different places?? I’ve been running the car for roughly 5 weeks since the engine swap and still haven’t made my mind up.
I then had the water pump go and that cost me ?450 and now I believe the engine has finally died and siezed.
The replacement engine is still running fine 1000+ miles in, I’ve considered remapping it from 138Bhp to around 180Bhp but heard that this can result in cracked pistons if not done correctly. Very beneficial as was considering a 2008 A3 1.4 TSI for my wife as thought it might be more fun than a standard 1.6SE but now will stick with the simple option!
The initial cause of my engine death was not a stretched chain, but a known flaw with the tensioner allowing the chain to slip a few teeth when in negative load i.e.
I recently rebuilt my full engine with new valves, pistons (Modified ones), head gasket, chain, tensioner, guides etc can do this proper full rebuild to other people in this position for ?2000 plus vat that’s all labour and parts.
Had a 2010 Ibiza Bocanegra for three years now and in the last few days the engine died on me…happily whilst I was traveling at 30mph in a town centre!
If you read about the disadvantages of hydraulic tappets, engine startup rattle is one of them and is considered normal. I then drove the car for another 4 miles but already noticed a stuttering at around 40 – 50 mph. Really annoyed that the VW guys at Lookers didn’t check the car thoroughly (for ?75) and seriously annoyed generally at the moment just having spent our savings on a car with a dead engine having driven it for 300 miles. But would rather check all my options first as I’ve not got money to spend on an expensive repair.
Reading all of this breaks my heart as I suffered the same fate as most with regards to the death of my Golf GT TSI 1.4 engine. Being able to read German has helped in the Odyssey that followed the breakdown of my VW Touran 2008 Reg 1.4 TSI. In Germany, its estimated its been a customer EVER DAY that complained to one of Germany’s biggest car magazines (Autobild).
Albans since 12th September, with VW Customer Care involved – phone calls chasing for all this time. After being fired, a former employee went to an excavator and started him destroying a jet of the Russian airline UTair. Some dolt in a car that is probably four times the vehicle they should ever need was filmed making an ass of himself while endangering not only himself, but everyone around him, for the sake of the show. Mittiga Tuning (Rome, Italy) built a darting hot hatch capable of leaving most other econoboxes with one choice: eating its dust.
Find out more about your rights as a buyer - opens in a new window or tab and exceptions - opens in a new window or tab.
You've read and agree to the Global Shipping Programme terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase your maximum bid amount. Project GTI has been with us since it turned its first wheels in anger back in 2006, and it's been good to ET photographer Josh Brown as a daily-driver streetcar. More aggressive suspension tuning and aggressive brakes (to make up for the lack of power) meant it handled like a dream, but it was admittedly long in the tooth.
So with 300,000 miles on her tired old bones, our 1995 Golf Sport will no longer be developed.
Project GTI's Mk5 chassis is stronger, safer, more comfortable, it's 2.0t FSI engine easily twice as powerful, and it does all this with the same fuel economy as our old 8v. It also just so happened that we were called upon to support our sister mag European Car in their coverage of the 2013 Rolex 24 at Daytona.
As it was Josh had been running a mix of Fifteen52 Tarmacs and Continental Conti SportContact3 summer tires. Lowered on its Vogtland coilover suspension, Project GTI could have very well become road trip hell.
Horsepower becomes more important over a long trip when the hammer needs to come crashing down at a moments notice.
Putting your foot down in lower gears either smokes the tires or lights up the traction control light, depending on your choice of VW's ESP being either off or on. The option was to either park with the engine off and wake up freezing in a matter of minutes, or keep the motor running and the heat cranked and hope not to die of carbon monoxide poisoning.
By the time we were in Georgia things were bright and sunny enough to warrant a quick car-wash detour to knock off the grime.
Project GTI, earning it's slumber after the long drive down, was resting comfortably in the parking lot waiting to hit the road come Monday morning. With the stereo cranked the miles rolled by and before we knew it the temperature was back below freezing and it was time to enjoy the comfort of our own beds. We've even seen some cars running ExtremeContact DWS at weekend track events, and doing well too, which is really saying a lot for the versatility of the tire and its tread design and compound.
Brakes, suspension and more will all see changes, along with a little more power from the stock K03 turbo as well.
Maybe with a little luck we'll be able to trim that Daytona trip time down to 12 hours flat by 2014. I was told from his previous experience there was a high likelihood that the majority of the 16 valve in the rest of the cylinders would have been bent or broken.
I arranged for the car to be towed (again) to the main VW dealer, I was quickly called the same day and informed they would have to pull the head to review the full extent of the damage and what caused it, and the pleasure would cost me ?860 O_o. The car was worth ?6500+ working, it was now either worth scrap value, ?500 trade in or a couple of grand maybe to anyone who fancied replacing the engine themselves.

In one fell swoop I now only had one realistic option left; source a second hand engine from some sort of insurance write off. For me I had a cracked piston and managed to get a family friend to replace the piston but when we started the car, it was running really rough.
The engine and work have a 3 month warranty which gives me little more grace to decide whether it’s staying or going. The garage I took it too (closest to where the car broke) Beleive it seized due to lack of oil but i only had the oil changed 4 months ago and have done very few miles in the car since then and topped it up only a few weeks ago.
Checked the car in as much as a private buyer can (2 people, 2 checks over 2 days going through a list of things to assess). After the first 2 weeks I then went to VW Lookers (Battersea Park) to ask them to check the car through. Waited for the RCS guys (came after only 20min) and one look in the right spot was enough to see that the crankshaft completely fell out the engine. I’ve already been invoiced by VW Vertu (Lincoln) for ?800 on achieving absolutely nothing in getting in back onto the road but am taking up this issue personally. They’ve actually lobbied VW into giving an official Goodwill response which gives no less than a 50% contribution towards the costs with engine repairs. VW Customer Care decided on Tuesday not to accept any fault with the part that warranted any recall or customer notification. I was told there is no appeal process and that to write to Alex Smith the Director in Charge of Customer Service will not change anything as all letters are directed unseen by him back to the Customer Care department. Last couple of years a variety of flares and over fenders appeared on the market mostly for Japanese cars.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. The AC works, it has heated seats, and having had the car in the ET family since new, we know the history.
Good stuff when the weather is warm, but decidedly less-so when the temperature dips, and even worse when there's snow on the ground. No sooner had we fitted our all-season rubber that it began to snow the day before our departure. Project GTI covered in salt and filth, dodging ice and snow, us full of Redbull and the hope of warmer weather some 850 miles south, thirteen hours ahead was our ultimate motivation. Here project GTI has quite a bit of help, thanks to APR Stage 2+ programming with an APR high pressure FSI fuel pump and turbo-back exhaust, aided by a VF-Engineering intake system and Forge Motorsport Twintercooler. In 6th passing is as simple as adding throttle, no need to change up gears unless you really want to. Sleeping in a car with the engine running no matter the circumstance never strikes us as the best idea. The thought of that bright southern Sun baking the salt into Project GTI's paint was more than we could bear.
After what seemed like way too little sleep we were back up and heading north, not stopping until the fuel light came on somewhere in South Carolina. Of course with the Conti DWS on the GTI, there really wasn't any question of the car's ability to make it, only our own.
Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. After talking with other mechanics I already knew that this engine is a bit of pig to work on and can take 6 hours plus just to strip the head, but even so ?860!
My thoughts instantly returned to me parking it on that steep drive, and the recovery service man turning the engine over and over again trying to get it to start! By this time I was pretty fed up with the car, it had taken 2 months to get to this point due to the fact that my mechanic could only work on it once a week and sometimes not even that. Then the car basically just stopped and I rolled onto the next available driveway (luckily on a friendly builders yard). If the car is younger than 6 years and less than 200,000 KW is more, if its younger than 3 years and less than 3 its its even higher. Summer tire compounds quickly stop being able to deliver proper traction when it's cold, even if there's no slippery stuff on the roads. It wasn't much, but it reaffirmed that we'd made the right decision in rushing to update our tires.
Luckily, despite the 75,000 hard North Eastern miles the Vogtland set has managed to escape with all facilities in tact.
I told VW to hang fire doing any further work for a few days while I contacted customer services again. I decided to get it diagnosed by a VW specialist and they came back with the variable valve timing mechanism being faulty. I would only replace the chain and tensioner if you can hear it rattling, if you’re unsure or overly concerned get it checked out by a VW specialist first. When several mechanics have all made reference to it being a known fault my concern is that VW have turned their back on this engine and just moved on to the next project.
When I drove the car for the first time, the seller’s daughter made a comment saying the engine is broken.
I tried desperately to get friends, family and passenger to verify whether they could hear the same sound I was hearing to no avail.
Absolutely the ride is sporty and a bit firm but it is by no means harsh or overly abusive. Anyway, a month ago my MOT and Service was due so being none the wiser sought to also have the cam belt changed. If we were committing to help cover the race for EC, not getting there because of a snowstorm or poor road conditions was simply not an option. The fact it still handles well and copes with all this says a lot about choosing a quality suspension over a cheap one.
Following a couple of calls to my garage and others I was advised my model did not have a belt but rather a chain which would not require replacing until 70k+ miles.
So I asked the seller and didn’t get anything out from them other than that the car is working fine. I still haven’t decided if I should sell the car straight away or keep it for a year and then sell it.
It had all necessary papers and the services were done at regular intervals (but not by VW). I thought a full service and MOT would remove the grinding sound but to my disappointment it didn’t. Fast forward to last Saturday whilst driving (having not driven her for a week) she ground to a halt. They had the car for a day and asked whether the gearbox fluid & filter had ever been changed.
He remarked that the engine seemed to have lost all compression and this was the first time he had ever encountered such a fault, He then proceeded to plug in a diagnostic laptop which revealed a camshaft error code with no specific explanation as to what was wrong. He dutifully towed me to the nearest garage who advised that it would cost ?250 to open the block to fully diagnose the problem.

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