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There is a rumour going around that Renault will be increasing the cost of the ZOE significantly after 30 June, in other words there will be new prices from Friday. The report is as yet unconfirmed, but of course it ties in with the start of the next sales quarter so it is credible. It also matches our experience of the prices rising every couple of months so far during 2016.
These were all about two months apart so the next increase occurring in early July would be consistent with these previous events. The Flins factory in France is the sole location for production of the Renault ZOE and we’ve now learned that each and every day approximately 160 ZOEs roll off the Flins assembly line. If we assume Renault means 7 days a week, 365 days a year (that’s probably not what Renault intends to mean in its Tweet), then annual production for ZOE would stand at 58,400 units.
However, it’s more likely that Renault’s Tweet is implying a typical five-day work week, with various break here and there for factory overhauls, holiday shutdowns, etc.
In that scenario, the implication would be approximately 200 days per year at 160 units per day, or 32,000 ZOEs produced annually…still a rather decent amount of EVs per year.
Renault itself has previously stated that its production goal for ZOE is 35,000 units this year, up from 20,000 produced last year.
The 50,000th Renault ZOE has rolled off the production line at its specialist plant at Flins. Since 2013, Renault has been the only carmaker to have a complete all-electric vehicle range with Twizy, ZOE and Kangoo Z.E.
Most recently, the ZOE was voted second best vehicle overall in the Auto Express Driver Power survey – one of the largest motoring consumer surveys in the UK, and has also been crowned What Car?’s ‘Best Electric Car under ?20,000’ for three consecutive years. However, I was still shocked to receive a retweet on my Twitter feed this week that seemed to go beyond the usual debate on the pros and cons of electric cars. I’ve concluded that there are two issues here that caught my attention – the message itself, and the way the message was communicated. If you’re spending a lot on petrol, then you can pay for the car with what you save on petrol and car tax. We are offering a Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav on 2 year PCP; this stands for Personal Contract Purchase and is currently the most popular way to buy a car because of its flexibility.
Fuel included: you get free electricity over the two years as listed above (this is at the Economy 7 rate but you are not required to switch to Economy 7). The standard colour is Glacier White (other colours add ?10-?20 per month, contact us for details). The Dynamique Nav rapid charges in about an hour, an upgrade to the Nav Rapid is ?500 (or ?21 per month). The Renault ZOE Dynamique Nav is a very high-spec and well-connected car – like a smartphone on wheels. Built-in fast charging (at 7kW) – this is optional on many other electric cars where the standard is 3kW.
Renault didn’t waste time getting busy in 2016, as the French company increased electric car sales in January by 104% over a year ago to 1,886.
Over the past three years, January has been one of the slowest months of EV sales for Renault, so looking ahead this could be a big year for the French automaker. The Geneva Motor Show is ground zero for all things automotive for Europe, and a major launching pad for new offerings – plug-in or otherwise.
The IDS Concept (a 60 kWh, 200+ mile all-electric car that we feel is a thinly disguised look at the next generation Nissan LEAF), is one such European debut that Mr. And while on hand, Ghosn made some comments about the future of the plug-in technology – what it means to Nissan, the automotive segment, and the fact that VW’s recent emission scandal has accelerated the urgency to convert to a plug. Apologies that it’s been a while since I wrote an update on life with our Renault Zoe, bought on PCP and undergoing the rigours of everyday family life in south-west London. Since delivery 10 weeks ago it has covered 1000 miles, mostly in the hands of my wife, who traded her eight-year-old Ford C-Max for life on the electric superhighway. The experience so far has been overwhelmingly positive, the Zoe slotting in to our lives seamlessly.

Yes, I choked at first, but the point is a 25-mile run is as far as we’ll typically do. You are invited to join in driving over Julier- and Berninapass with zero emissions in an all-electric Renault Zoe R240. News and comment on the Renault ZOE (the world's most advanced mass market car), other electric cars, climate change, and related subjects. Digital Rights Management [DRM] software in Zoe electric car allows Renault to prevent a delinquent account from recharging their car.
Renault cars are introducing a concept that the entertainment industry has been using to prevent piracy.
Renault, the French car manufacturer, is using DRM in their Zoe model batteries now, and you should never fail to make a payment if you depend on it. It means that if your payments aren’t current, Renault can shut down your battery and render your car unusable.
Renault Recalls Twizy Electric RunaboutRecall affects the urban electric cars built between January 27 and May 1, with most of the vehicles were sold in France and Germany, as well as in Switzerland. Twizy Electric Car Gives Lime a New Advertising TwistLime, a home improvement company in Essex, uses the Twizy to help advertise his business. Twizy EV: More Than Skateboard, Less Than CarNY Times reporter Serge Schmemann tries out Renault brusque little electric runabout in Paris but comes away not entirely impressed. Renault ZOE Preview provides a realistic glimpse of the forthcoming mass-market Renault electric car of the same name. Renault ZOE Preview's fluid, sensuous lines demonstrate that electric cars can not only be attractive but that they can also be enjoyable daily drivers. ZOE Preview is evidence that 'zero-emission' cars can combine sensuous, reassuring, sculpted styling with the promise of real driving enjoyment. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. We are able to offer a brand new Renault ZOE at very low rates allowing you to save on motoring expenses while driving away in an affordable brand new car. You put down a deposit, pay an affordable monthly fee (less than many people spend just on petrol), and drive away a new car with fuel included. And because the ZOE was the most popular pure electric car in Europe in 2015, such growth has considerable impact on the overall market.
So it was no surprise to see Nissan-Renault CEO (and Avtovaz Chairman) Carlos Ghosn making an appearance, and doing a little ‘show and tell’ with his company’s most recent hotness.
So if you really worry about emissions, the only solution is the electric car because here you have zero emission, you have nothing to measure.
There have been no worries about range, or charging times, or space, or ride quality (all supposed shortcomings), just general joy at the instant torque, silent running and modern high-tech kit list that makes the ?150 a month lease with battery a steal.
We just have to charge it more than we expected – but even that is painless, and at roughly two hours to 80% full not remotely inconvenient.
As I said at the beginning of this series, electric cars aren’t for everyone, but if they suit you they really suit you. Harmful substances are trapped in the cabin filter to ensure that cabin air stays clean at all times. The traffic is unmistakeably Parisian, a clotted, cacophonous mayhem of diesel-dusted Renaults, Citroens, Peugeots and Piaggios.
Guillaume Berthier, Electric Car Sales and Marketing Director, presented Sylvie  with the keys to her ZOE at the Flins plant near Paris, the only ZOE site for global distribution. A total of 18,500 ZOE vehicles were sold last year for a market share of 20% in Europe and over 55% in France. However I prefer to see them as complementary: the tension between these industries is an example of the many energy transitions we are starting to experience as a society as we move from fossil fuels to renewables, and from pollution to clean air. The ZOE is essentially a Renault Clio with an electric motor – only even better looking! At the end of the two year term you can choose to pay an optional lump sum and keep the car, or you can just give the car back and upgrade to the latest model.

An upgrade to 43kW charging is available for ?21pm, allowing charging to 80% in about 30 minutes.
In this second video, you can watch how to mount snow chains and visit the beautiful remote village of Obermutten, Switzerland, with zero emissions in an all-electric Renault Zoe R240. ZOE Preview is also ideal for out-of-town journeys thanks to its 19-inch wheels and reassuring, profiled flanks.
We take the crowded Pont de Sevres up and over the Seine and as a chauffeur-driven Citroen C6 draws alongside for a moment its cool, pin-striped passenger swivels round in his seat to have a closer look at us.
It was Sylvie’s children who encouraged her to choose a ZOE and she intends to use it every day. In the UK, 4,058 ZOEs have been sold since launch, with sales up in 2015 by 102% compared to 2014.
Having a foot in each camp gives me, I think, an interesting and exciting position from which to watch things unfold, and, to an extent, to promote a much needed change. But none of those things are an issue, so on we motor – even when the sub-zero temperatures reduce full charge range to an eyebrow raising 55 miles.
It almost qualifies as gawping.The attention is not just because our ride is unusually pristine and polished.
With 50,000 people now proud owners of the ZOE, Renault has found that 98% of customers are satisfied with their 100% electric-in-use vehicle. I’m clearly sympathetic to the view that we should all be driving electric vehicles for the sake of public health and our future climate, never mind peak oil. Hence a little rump surgery is due, which will elongate the production ZE body by 15cm compared with our standard Fluence bodyshell. The Fluence ZE is already beautifully set up, with enough compliance to shrug off scabbed surfaces and little hint of a rear weight bias in sharp corners. We had expected more body roll, given that the Fluence carries its bulky battery high up compared with many other EVs.
Instead of spreading the heavy cells out along the floorpan, as Nissan does with its Leaf EV, Renault has packed its cells into a big, oblong box, filling a void between the high parcel shelf and the floor. The design is no doubt a consequence of Renault’s decision to pursue battery swap-stations, which will need to be able to pull out the battery as a unit from beneath the car, without requiring too big a chassis-weakening aperture. As it is, the battery case, once bolted into place, is a stressed member, according to Stein.As well as offering admirable poise, the Fluence also serves up surprising acceleration. Power assistance is electric, obviously, furnishing us with a light and rather tight-lipped helm.
Visibility is good, marred only slightly at the rear by the rising waist and high rear deck.The controls feel remarkably unremarkable. The gear selector simply offers park, reverse, neutral and drive, the handbrake is manual, throttle response is linear and predictable, and regenerative braking is unobtrusive and feels a lot like petrol-engine braking.
From a standstill in D, forward creep is perhaps unusually strong, but otherwise the only clue to the electric powertrain is the pin-drop silence of its delivery. A little green car-shaped symbol on the dashboard informs you that all is well with the electrics.
Above this swingometer sits the much more relevant trip computer, which can be set to show a variety of measures including the all-important range prediction.At the start of our run the prediction said 67km. Fifteen minutes and 5.1km of Parisian cut-and-thrust later it said 62km, so it is at least consistent. Somehow, they must squeeze the same standardised, wheelie-bin-sized battery into a smaller bodyshell, also carry at least four adults, and then find some room for shopping under the hatch. Quarts and pint pots come to mind.As revelatory as our drive in the Fluence ZE was, the Zoe will surely be even more of a surprise.

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