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You’ll first want to ensure the vehicle is off, in park, and remove the keys from the ignition. Car batteries are typically very heavy, between 40-60 pounds, so keep this in mind when lifting the battery out. At this point you’ll want to clean off any residue or corrosion in the battery trap, from the hold-down strap, and the terminals of the cables. Once everything is clean and completely dry, place the new battery in the vehicle’s battery tray. Optionally (but recommended) you may spray each of the new terminals with a small amount of anti corrosion solution in order to get the most out of your new battery and to prevent having to clean off corrosion early on. Carefully re-attach the cables to the terminals, taking care to place the red cable on the red terminal and the black cable on the black terminal. Once you’re confident everything is done, secured, and in place snugly, do a quick once-over. We hope this guide properly explained how to change a car battery so you can save some money by doing it yourself instead of paying for someone at a garage to change your car battery.
About Latest Posts Lee Porter Latest posts by Lee Porter (see all)Car Polish and T-Cut, What’s the differences? Changing a car’s battery is the easiest thing to do and many people just go ahead and do it themselves.
Before you go ahead and change the car’s battery, you would have to make certain that you get a battery that is similar in make and model to the previous one that you have used or get one that is prescribed in your user’s manual. Once you have gotten the battery, you would have to pop the hood and secure it with the long lever that is in place.
You would then have to use a cleaning solution to clean the battery cables and the terminal to ensure that any sediments or corrosion is removed. Next secure the battery in place with the battery clamp and then secure the terminals to the battery with the nuts that have been provided.
Always remember, you have to replace an old battery with one that is new and one that is similar to the old one.
Thanks to everyone who continues to submit DIY's for the E60 M5 - I would be lost without these forums. I started the car and drove it for a bit, and everything seemed fine despite not having programmed anything. The problem I worried about was that I don't know my Kenwood radio code and disconnecting the battery would lock me out. Then with the jump leads still connected throughout the process my good lady removed the MGTF battery leads from their terminals but kept the jump leads, coming from her car battery, connected to them. As she held the leads out of the way, I then lifted out the old battery and put in the new battery.
Did the same with my ZS for the same reason, did you (or the wife) put the battery clamp back on OK. I bought a stainless steel one but it didnt clamp down correctly, only advisory I had on the MoT, battery insecure.
Leigh you like to make a simple job harder, why not get any old pair of wires 'coloured' and connect to earth, anywhere even exhaust if you so desire from your charger, and the pos,+ to the fusebox at the brown's entry point.
To be honest, the quote above just lost me and I thought that my idea was as easy as it could get. Another great tip added to the Pearls of wisdom pages Tipper and also incorporated into the guide on page one. The process is virtually identical for all makes and models of vehicles unless you have a specialty hybrid or electric vehicle, at which point you would need to refer to your dealership.
Place the strap you previously removed back over the new battery as it was before and secure the clamp via the method you previously used to remove it, making sure it’s securely in position and doesn’t move around at all.
You may need a wrench in order to loosen the bolt enough to wiggle the cable free from the terminal.

Secure your new battery in place with the hold-down strap you previous removed and ensure it’s tight and snug as you don’t want the battery moving around or shifting while you drive. Try and move the battery back and forth in place to ensure the hold-down strap is on and secure. Visit Car Cosmetic’s blog to find more helpful tips and guides to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape!
If you have been looking for information on how to change a car’s battery all by yourself, then you have come to the right place to learn about it.
Even if your battery comes with a five year warranty, you will have to keep a track on the charge unless you wish to be stranded in a remote place.
Once both the cables are out, you would then have to remove the clamp that holds the battery down. Next, you would have to place the new battery back in the socket and connect the terminals to the right end.
If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of the car about the battery that would suit your car.
In order to make this replacement, you will need a socket wrench and about 10 to 15 minutes.
Completely unscrew and then remove the negative (black) terminal first, and cover it with plastic.
Pop open the red plastic cover on the positive (red) terminal, completely unscrew it and remove it from the battery. Use a pick or something similar to carefully remove the vent tube cover on the original battery and place it in the same spot on your new battery (the H8-AGM has two vent tube holes, but the car only has one vent tube). Reconnect the positive (red) terminal and replace the plastic cover (it pops off the old battery easily). I started getting "high battery discharge" or whatever the low battery warning is, so I put a tender on it, and all is good now. No idea exactly how old it was but it was leaking a bit of acid and the car was taking longer and longer to start in the morning. With the jump leads still on, carefully connect the cars battery leads and tighten the nuts onto the bolts.
I wonder while you had her disconnecting the terminals while still connected the the other car, did you have her stand in a bowl of petrol while you and a Fag just to add to the risks! I was a bit concerned at first because the new battery is around a third of the size smaller than the old one. In order to change your car battery, you’ll want to first make sure the vehicle is off with the keys removed from the ignition. Once that’s loose, you should be able to lift the battery out of the tray it sits in by lifting it up and out. Most new batteries come with plastic caps over the terminals; one on the red and one on the black. Once tightened, wiggle it back and forth to check that it’s tight enough and won’t come loose during road vibrations. Prop the bonnet up using the rod in order to lock it in place while you work under the hood.
Otherwise, lift from the bottom and place the battery safely outside of your engine compartment. You may use battery cleaning solution (also found at your local garage) or a simple mixture of water and baking soda.
Do each cable in one-step; only moving on to the black cable after the red cable is completely on and tightened down properly. If you have any issues starting your car, go back and double check the terminals and cables are connected and tight.
You would first have to concentrate upon the black cable which is the negative outlet from your battery.

Always make it a point to connect the black cable to the negative terminal and the red to the positive end of the battery.
If you car does not start once the battery has been changed, then there is a high possibility that one of the terminals is loose.
The process is quite easy, but you have to follow the simple steps we show you, to do it properly. Anyway, I figured that if I connected some 'jump leads' to the wifes' car, during the battery changeover, there would be constant power and the radio, sound system, whatever you prefer to call it, would not lock me out and require the code to get back in.
Open the bonnet and prop it up as we’ve covered in a previous guide on how to open your car bonnet.
You don’t want to remove the nut entirely, instead, loosen it enough to where you can wiggle the wire off the terminal. Locate your battery; in most cases it will be on the right-hand side of your engine compartment. A few gentle taps to the side of the cable after loosening the bolt should be enough to remove the cable.
If there is heavy corrosion crusted on the cable connectors, you may need to use a wire brush or look into a battery cleaner at the shop. Before you fix the terminal, you would have to spray it with a solution that would prevent corrosion.
Locate your battery; it’s a large rectangular object with a red and black terminal with some heavy duty cables clamped to either side. If there is significant resistance and the bolt is sufficiently loose, wiggle the wire up and down to free it up.
Next, you’ll ideally want to lightly spray each individual terminal with a coat of anti-corrosion solution. While you’re done at this point, it’s a good idea to go back over each step to make sure everything is snug and secure while maintaining a good connection to the terminals. It will be large and rectangular with two thick cables coming from the battery terminals which are colour coded Red and Black. In some cases, major corrosion can make it very difficult to remove the cable in which case a Battery Terminal Puller is recommended and is sold at most garages. Clean the inside of the cable terminals using a piece of sandpaper or another abrasive tool, for better connectivity.
Using either battery cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water, clean off any corrosion residue left over in the tray where the old battery was. While this is an optional step, it helps your battery to last longer by avoiding corrosion buildup you’ll find on most old batteries and prolong the best connection. If the battery cables move around, you may not have a good connection and it may not start due to a weak connection. Hence, to prevent any kind of a damage to your battery, it would be best if you could use a terminal puller that would be available in any auto parts shop or you can buy it online at for example Amazon. At the end, connect the positive cable of the battery first and then the negative one and you are done.
If you can’t find it there try looking in the boot, on some models the manufacture decided to placed it there to safe space in the front.
The cable should come off easily unless you have corrosion damage, at which point you’ll want to look into a battery terminal puller; however in most cases that’s unnecessary. Using a wire brush, clean off the battery connectors to free up any rust or corrosion to ensure a good connection to the new replacement. Repeat this process for the red terminal and set each cable to their respective sides of the battery allowing room to perform the next step.

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