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Just over two weeks ago I introduced our 2013 24 Hours of Lemons racecar, a 2001 Buick Regal.
Majority of the important work on the Buick has been completed: cage, seat, F-body brakes, kill switch, brake ducts, transmission cooler. Yes, that park bench is our rear spoiler, because a racecar isn’t a racecar without a spoiler, ask any four-year-old. Andy sourced a battery cable from a wrecked E36 BMW which allowed us to place the battery in the trunk. Weekend Edition – A 1990 Saab 900 SPG Project Car on Craigslist – Another 24-Hours-of-Lemons Candidate? Yeah, at minimum I'd re-torque them at your first pit stop to see if they have loosened. It's very important to not be to impulsive about these things, otherwise life ends up one big mad rush.
At least I got the notice next to it for free by pulling it off a dryer that had just been delivered to a nearby laundromat. I have it on good authority from Judge Phil that the best bribes are a) Red Sox memorabilia and b) pickle-flavoured vodka, if you can find any. In all seriousness, 3 Pedal Mafia gave the judges a bottle of Naked Jay Big Dill at last year's Hooptiefest.
Given that our vehicle is well within the budget and has zero blatant performance upgrades, we should be ok with just the vodka.

I would assume B unless you have a bad C class(meaning cars that aren't truely awful) the C class Bar has been raised, or lowered according to how you look at it.
If you see a confused tall guy with this heep, come over and say, that will probably be Andy. I bought a huge box of the used NASCAR ducting for like $45 shipped, whereas brand new it was $50+ for less than half the length that I bought. GT1000 12V SBS40 High Performance Lithium Ion Battery with 24 Amp hours capacity for Sports Cars, Auto Racing, Race Boats and Other Applications - Superior and Safe Lithionics Lithium Ion Batteries.
We (specifically three friends and I) will be racing at the end of the month at the Halloween Hooptiefest At New Hampshire Motor Speedway. It’s amazing that it costs over $5000 to race a $500 exotic such as this, but no one ever said that racing was cheap.
He does business with the company that Andy and Justin work for, he saw them working on the car and loved everything about it. I confirmed with the Gods of Lemons racing and this is cool as long as the tires are within spec. He also installed a fuel-injected cylinder head on it from a later Cherokee and he made his own skid plates. Normally you try to do the test at normal operating temperature but we had radiator issues. It’s set up for easy removal in case it becomes a safety issue or if it hinders our performance. We had to swap the transmission at 1 in the morning and forgot to re-torque the lug nuts on one wheel. I think I can get some drainage tubing from Walmart's rv section for much less than that.

Other types of ducting from the hardware store may be cheaper, but I was using cheap dryer ducting before and it just fell apart during every race. The ducts survived the last race (in 110 degree temps) without a scratch, and did their job as the brakes never overheated. Spare junk yard transmissions ranged in price from $300 to $1200 (test unit from supercharged Pontiac (stronger)) and were at least 300 miles away. It’s slightly lifted but not yet locked, but it has a LSD from a Mustang Cobra in the rear.
New braided stainless steel brake lines were installed on all corners and the braking system bled.
Andy used that trailer and his Jeep to move from Massachusetts to school in California, and back to Massachusetts. Thankfully I had converted my BMW from the idiotic stock wheel bolts to extra long studs with nuts, and the nuts were at least finger tight.
Basically, a spare transmission was out of our budget but we are discussing the potential of buying a whole spare parts car, many of which are available for as much as the said transmissions, but time is our enemy. While I didn't have any problems with this, I was never comfortable with the idea (especially knowing how I drive) so I ended up ditching them.
Hopefully we won’t bend this car during the race and our second race will be cheaper.

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