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Toyota 4Runner Battery Replacement Guide With Instructions, How to Change and Install a New Battery in a Toyota 4Runner SUV Truck. The Prius has two batteries: A high voltage battery for running the car, and a low voltage battery for running the computers. Finally, if or when it’s time to replace the hybrid battery pack, pricing is reasonable.
Toyota Camry Battery Replacement Guide and Instructions, How to Install and Change a Dead Battery in a Toyota Camry. How change battery toyota camry key fob ehow, A toyota camry can be opened with a regular door key or a smart key.
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This means that the battery sends electricity to the engine for a short period when the engine is being started.

New vehicle batteries last 3-5 years on average, assuming they’re cared for properly. A drive that only lasts a couple of miles puts a strain on your battery, as it’s hard for the battery to recharge the energy lost during starting.
If you can keep your vehicle garaged, your battery will probably last a few months longer (at least if you live in a climate where there are very cold or very hot temperatures during the year).
The low voltage battery is basically a standard car battery, which means you’ll want to replace it every 3-5 years. Many first generation Prius owners have gone over 200k miles without any substantial change to battery performance. The plates are submerged in a solution of roughly one third sulfuric acid and two thirds water.
Just grab the brush inside the tool, scrape away any corrosion (dried white residue), and then coat with petroleum jelly. If you can avoid these super-short trips, your battery will maintain a full charge and that will extend battery life.

Tests by Consumer Reports have found that the batteries on ten year-old, high mileage Priuses had not lost any of their power or efficiency.
Currently, most replacement Prius batteries are sold for about $2500…not cheap, but not so expensive that a vehicle with a bad battery must be scrapped. We all know what purpose it serves, but few of us know how to take care of it or how long it should last. The chemical reaction between the solution of sulfuric acid and water and the lead plates produces electricity. The flow of electricity from the battery to the engine and from the alternator to the battery are nearly equal.
If the corrosion is really bad, you’ll want to remove the connectors and clean the terminal using the larger part of the tool.

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