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So the battery in my watch was dying (as indicated the seconds hand updating every two seconds instead of every second). I took it in to the watch repair place in sears but he couldn?t get the backplate off (neither could I for that matter; I tried to do it myself but it wouldn?t go). Again the ?knowledgeable? repairman wasn?t around so I had to drop it off and I returned several days later because I hadn?t heard anything and was missing my watch; but he still hadn?t looked at it.
Needless to say I was a little dumbstruck to hear this; how could a hermetically sealed watch need a cleaning??? When I got the watch home I took off the backplate and there?s a little sticker on the back stating that if you swap the batteries within 3 min then there?s nothing to reset; so what did I pay $62 for?!?! Interestingly enough, there?s also a little note about what to do if the battery is out for longer than 3 min. Here?s some shots of the watch and model number; my numbers are the same but I have a blue face instead of the silver one.
The red film is an insulator used to prevent the ?ve side of the battery shorting out with the metal plate (it?s +ve) so put it back in place if you take it out! Install the new battery by sliding it up against the rigid tabs and then slipping it with the flexible tab. If you change the batter quickly enough your date should be retained and there?s nothing to do but put the backplate on again (be sure you don?t pinch the o-ring). Install the battery so that the watch is working normally (ie the seconds hands is moving; it doesn?t matter if it?s doing the 1, 2, or 5 second thing, so long as it?s moving). Carefully place one end of your jump on the ?AC+? contact (top right in above photo) and then touch the top of the battery (+ side) for AT LEATS 3 seconds. The year is checked by pulling the crown out 1 click and then pushing it in again within 1 second. Follow a similar procedure for setting the month and date; just pull out the crown and then make contact between the jumpers.
Considering you were flying blind as it were, you did very well to get things back on track.

Secondly, when replacing the battery, after you do the "3-second short between battery +ve and AC terminal with crown at normal position", you have to pull out the crown all the way to the second click, and then push it back in to the normal position.
The 0 (phi) terminal is actually the first one and last one to touch (after pulling out the crown two clicks). It seems very complicated compared to the normal non-perpetual calendar watch, and I suppose it is, but once you have the instructions it's not so bad.
Seriously, I predict that in 20 years' time the only watches you'll be able to buy NEW will be mechanicals and light-powered. If the only tools you have are quills, you tend to see every watch as a story waiting to be written . I think you had someone who really did not want to do the job and priced it accordingly.
I only buy Citizen Perpetual Calendar watches with Eco Drive technology, never worry about battery (almost). Regarding the establishment; they deal exclusively in watches and it appeared that they have at least 2 people to work on them, so one would expect things to go ok.
Hi, This proceedure is fairly common with Quartz watches with Chronos or LCDs or other complications. It may be the IC but I suspect it is a bigger problem.correct battery is a 399 - i use Maxells as I found Renatas sometimes leaked.
Hi,Glad your Seiko is working now!A  I took my 7t32 to watchmaker for a battery change yesterday.
The seller realized he could not reset it,so he sent it to his local store and they sent it to Seiko Osaka, who cleaned and reset the watch and checked the gasket seal. I think its something to do with resetting the integrated circuit.What you need to do is, after installing the new battery (sometimes the small second hand moves straight away and sometimes it doesn't) touch the top of the battery (+) with some metallic tweezers and connect the other end of the tweezers to the AC contact. You will get most of the important tools like screwdriver, case openers, tweezers, spring bar tools, scratch brush and battery size selector. Using watch battery size selector, you can pick the suitable battery and replace with in no time.

This AC contact is usually a smal copper contact which is accessed thro the movement plate.
A  Could this be due the watchmaker didn't properly reset the watch or do I have a bigger problem? I tried to bridge the + and AC, and performed IQ reset, but no results: stop watch and alarm hands work, but main hands and alarm sound won't.
I bought this watch (7T32-7E10) from biggest jewellery chain in Finland in 1999 and it had no instruction with it.
The only Seiko wathces that I buy are: Spring Drive, Mechanical automatic, Kinetic, and standard quartz. Of course the watch is worth nothing, but it has a lot of sentimental value for me as I wore it during my 18 month military service, swam, digged trenches, shoot weapons and stuff. Gormekte oldugun resim kisi taraf?ndan Change Battery On Seiko Watch ile alakal? olarak isaretlenmis. Gormekte oldugun resim kisi taraf?ndan Seiko Watch Battery Change ile alakal? olarak isaretlenmis. Gormekte oldugun resimi kisi Change Battery On Seiko Watch ile ilgili olarak alakas?z isaretlemis.
Gormekte oldugun resimi kisi Seiko Watch Battery Change ile ilgili olarak alakas?z isaretlemis. Gorunen resime toplam kisi, 5 uzerinden y?ld?z vermis.Bu resime sende hemen y?ld?z?n? ver.
In all fairness to what battery type to use then go for the best ideally a replacement Seiko one although finding some without my Seiko dealer offering to send my watch off to Seiko UK for ever and a day was a long shot.

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